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Ignite Review – What Is The Secret Formula – Is It A Scam?

As an affiliate marketer, how many “shiny object” programs have you bought? Maybe you did it to promote the program, or maybe you bought it to make money fast. Ignite is a new software produced by Matt Bush and launched on JVzoo. Matt states that Ignite can make you $500 a day repeatedly from the programs you bought and couldn’t use. I will do an Ignite review to determine if Matt’s statements are true.

Can you make $500 a day repeatedly from software that Matt developed? Is this for real, and can you finally make money online?

Or is Ignite a scam, and once again, you will lose your money to another dust-gathering product?

Let’s take a closer look at Ignite. We will cover:

  1. Who are Simon Warner and Matt Bush
  2. What is Ignite
  3. Ignite Review
  4. Upsells
  5. Is Ignite A Scam?
  6. My recommendations regarding Ignite

Ignite Review

Program Name: Ignite

Founder: Simon Warner and Matt Bush

Price:  $47

Who Are Simon Warner And Matt Bush?

Simon Warner is the affiliate manager of Ignite; in addition, he has had an average of 11 new launches per year over the past 7 years. I searched Simon Warner and found a Facebook page last updated May 16, 2018. And a second Facebook page last updated April 16, 2014.

I cannot locate more information on Simon Warner, although I did review one of his product launches recently named Content Artemis, which I did not recommend. Simon Warner produces and launches many programs and software developed by others, such as this one by Matt Bush.

mat says

Matt Bush states he was previously a mental health therapist and wants to help others. He states he misses helping people, so he is developing apps and software to help you. He shares with us that he has a social anxiety disorder and does not like to talk to people.

The Laura Method

Matt also says he has been in the marketing business for 15 years and has made 3.6 million dollars during this time.

Simon and Matt may be good guys, but we are here to review Ignite, the new software developed by Matt Bush.

ignite review product image

What Is Ignite Review?

According to the sales page, Ignite is a secret formula to teach you how to sell all of the products you have purchased from JVzoo and are now sitting collecting dust. In other words, Ignite will help you profit from all of the software you bought but did not work or was a scam.

Ignite Review

Matt does not give us much information on what Ignite will do for you other than help you make money off of scams or bad products you have purchased.

Instead of basing this review off of what Ignite can do and if it works, I will need to take a close look at the Red Flags on the sales page. Often a developer and the producer will keep things hidden so you will purchase the product. In this case, I could not find out what the secret formula is unless I purchased the product first.

It would be like buying a pair of pants off of the internet. You don’t have any information regarding size, color, or material, but you pay your money, and they ship your pants. What you get is a pair of toddler pants in lime green made from burlap. Now that sounds interesting enough but how will and adult wear these pants?

The sales page does say that you will have training on how to sell each product. Then again, it does not say what you have to do. To put it differently, will you get an app to sell the products you have purchased, or will you need to set up everything on your own by following the training.

You will receive what looks like 3 extra resources tailored to sell products from other vendors on JVzoo.

Some of the extra resources are12 pages (of what I am not sure), thousands of images, an avatar builder with scripts and videos made by DoodleMaker. However, the videos are probably like the first one we saw on the sales page that tells you absolutely nothing about the product except to “pay close attention.” There are more resources along these same lines which appear to be useless.

Red Flags Of Ignite Review


  • The secret formula is never revealed
  • The sales videos are only 1 minute long
  • You can only use this program for products “bought on this space” JVzoo
  • The income statements are photos only without proof of income
  • You are promoting products to others that did not work for you or were a scam
  • The testimonies are from other vendors and developers
  • Matt uses his 3.6 million dollar income to lead you to believe you can make this money also
  • States that “this page isn’t going to sell you anything” OF COURSE, IT IS SELLING! They want you to pay $37.
  • Bonuses that will teach you anything you can learn on the internet for free

OTO Upsells Of Ignite Review

There is not much information on what each upgrade offers and I’m not sure which ones are in which add-on or upsell. In other words, nothing is clear.

$47 Basic Program-FE Ignite– Copy, The  Exact Secret Formula Matt, uses to make money from products purchased on JVzoo. A list of 40+ recent JVzoo products that you own.

#1 OTO – Ignite Pro $47- Special upgrade with a DFY website all set up to sell your products. Also has the video for the services.

#2 OTO – Ignite EZ Special $67- Training and resources for EZ Magic Video and EZ Review videos (which we have not idea what these are.)

#3 OTO – Ignite Jumpstart $197- Hold hands with Matt as he takes you through building your own digital agency. All with live training and more resources. Kind of like skipping down the yellow brick road with Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. You know not where you go, but you have a hand to hold.

To get the complete program your cost is $358.

Benefits And Drawbacks From Our Ignite Review

As we move forward it is clear that the Drawbacks far out number the Benefits of this program.


  • Matt keeps a secret well-we never do find out what the secret formula is
  • It appears there is actually training in the basic package
  • Other vendors love this unethical approach to make them money


  • Ignite can only be used with JVzoo products that you have purchased
  • The website does not belong to you instead it belongs to Ignite
  • You are selling the same products to others that didn’t work for you
  • There is no clear understanding of what the secret formula is
  • See the list of RED FLAGS above

Is Ignite A Scam?

No, I do not believe Ignite is a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer. It appears to me that you will get a program that may work, but without more information, we don’t really know, but it is totally unethical to scam others with the same products that didn’t work for you.

secret formula pin

My Recommendations Regarding This Ignite Review

I DO NOT recommend Ignite to anyone. You would be using this program to sell the scams that you purchased and resell them to others. WHAT? You found these products to be bad or useless, so you will talk someone else into buying them. NO!

What I see happening is that you buy the program and then buy all of the other programs and try to make money. It is for the products you already have, but maybe you don’t have all the programs. So Matt and all of the other vendors make money while you are struggling to pay for all of the products and break even. I believe you will spend $500 a day, but you won’t make $500 a day.

Every person who develops new software believes their product is the answer to all of your problems. Matt Bush is no different, except he is proud of the fact that you can scam others just as you were scammed. No wonder the other developers like Ignite. They, too, will make money from you reselling their products.

The Laura Method

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