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How To Successfully Sell Organic Foods Online With A Website

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to my series on Affiliate marketing programs and how to successfully sell products online. Today I will talk about the organic foods niche and how to successfully sell organic foods online. Stay tuned for many more articles on how to sell online.

At this time in the year 2020, the world value of organic foods is 142770 million USD and is predicted to reach 341510 million USD by the end of 2026. WOW! That is an incredible market for organic foods.

Where Will You Begin?

With our knowledge that organic foods are strong and on the rise, I would venture to say that organic foods are a profitable niche to make money online. But just saying it isn’t good enough. We need to take a look at what people are searching for and what the numbers mean.

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What Is The World Searching For?

There are a couple of tools, Jaaxy Keyword Research and Google Trends that we can use to see what people are searching for and what the trend is for organic foods.

How Many are Searching For Organic Foods Per Month 

When I take a look to see how popular a niche is, I use a keyword research tool. There are a few good ones, but the one I use is Jaaxy. It serves my purpose well and rarely steers me wrong.

I plugged the word organic foods into the search bar in Jaaxy to see how many are looking for this niche idea. Take a look at these results!

Trends Are Popular So, What Is The Trend Here?

We looked at the search results now let’s look at how organic foods are trending over time. Is it popular most or all of the time, and does it keep a high level of interested people? Let’s head over to Google trends to check this out.

google trends for organic food

What we see here is that organic foods (blue line) trend at 75% which is excellent. But organic baby foods, organic snacks, and organic meat have a fairly low trend. the meat is green. Organic foods are a good niche and incorporating the other keywords into this same niche is a good idea. It appears to me you can make money with a niche in organic foods. I did experiment a bit and change the word foods to food. It made a big difference in the three sub-niches.

How Do You Know What Your Niche Will Be?  

We have found some interesting and positive information with our research along with the searches and trends. Let’s take a look at how to proceed from here. What will your niche be? Will you narrow it down or broaden it to fit the market and create a lucrative business online. What you decide will depend on what niche you choose.

What are your options for the organic foods niche?

  • Overall organic foods
  • Stores with organic foods
  • Organic baby foods
  • Organic snacks
  • Organic prepared delivered foods
  • Organic drinks
  • Organic meats
  • Organic poultry
  • Farmers markets
  • Buying guides for organic foods
  • and so many more

All of these ideas may become too broad for one niche.   Your goal is to supply your followers with valuable information that follows the same subject. Such as organic foods versus organic baby foods. But you can use both on the same site if you are providing written information and how-to blogs.

If you use both, make sure your niche isn’t so broad that your readers lose sight of your purpose, which is to give information about certain organic foods.

As you determine which route to take,  keep in mind these tips.

Is There A Problem?

When your readers find your site, it is because they have a problem that needs a solution. We will cover this in-depth in the next section.

Do You Have Knowledge In or An Interest In Organic Foods? 

If you are reading this and want to make money with organic foods, then you probably do have some knowledge and an interest in it. If this is not the case, we will cover different niches as we move through this series.

A passion or interest in what you are selling makes your job easier. We all love to talk about something that makes us feel good and people love to hear what we say when we know what we are talking about. Not to mention it will make it much easier to find subjects to write articles.

When you love something you will stick with it when you don’t it is a burden.

Let’s move forward to the problem and the solution.

problem light bulb think and solution

The Problem-A Solution-A Happy Consumer? 

Affiliate Marketing is all about the problem and your solution.

Think about when you search for something on the internet.

  • You do so because you need information, that is the problem.
  • When you find the information you are searching for, that is the solution.

As the marketer, you are the solution. So if someone searches for how to do organic foods,  you want to have the right keywords to attract them.  You want to know who your audience is and anticipate their problem.

For example:

You write a post on Prepared delivered organic foods for meals You talk about what they are, different companies who offer a service like this, and what is the ease of ordering. Eventually, you link to where they can find these companies. You use keywords like organic foods, home-delivered meals, and how-to words that you find in your keyword research tool. Keywords are the things people are searching for the most.

A potential customer goes onto Google and searches for “How to find home-delivered organic meals” Google will show them your post because of the keywords. You have provided a solution to their problem; they trust you and will purchase from your link.

In the beginning, when you are planning your strategies be sure to search long and hard for every possible problem you can solve. Your search will help you to dive deep into your niche.

Once again, the problem-a solution-a happy consumer.

How Will You Get People To Buy Your Stuff? 

Know Your Target Audience. 

Take time to learn who will buy your products. What are the gender, age group, and interest of the people who search for what you are selling?

In the organic foods niche, are you relating to the working mom or the healthy workout person or maybe the mom who wants healthy snacks for her kiddos. Or maybe all three.

Searching, researching, and doing it again will help to lay the blueprint for your future income.

Review Products 

An excellent way to start is to review products. Let them see, feel, and hear each product with your words. Don’t leave out any detail.

Let your reader know that your product is better than your competition. People will pay more for a product that they can see is better. Use testimonials and first-hand experience if you have it to prove your point.

Always lean on the positive side by stressing the positive points of your product before you point out the negative of your competition.

Engage Your Audience

Ask open-ended questions that provoke a thought process. Lead them down the road to a purchase but give them valuable information before you throw a “buy my product” at them.

Just be you when you ask questions and do so as if you are talking to your best friend sitting in front of you.

Be Descriptive 

I read once that the millennial shopper wants all the information they can get their hands on.

The online shopper cannot feel, hold, or taste your product. It is up to you to use words to convince them. Explain the size, texture, experience, and use of descriptive words.

Leave nothing to the imagination. Be transparent and upfront about pricing, shipping, how to access links. Direct your audience to go to your link with a clear call to action tab. Instead of “shop,” you may want to use “click here to purchase your home-delivered meals.”

an array of organic foods

How To Successfully Sell Organic Foods Online 

Now that we have established what your niche is and if it is a trending one with possible traffic, it is time to get to the meat of how will you sell organic foods successfully online. We do have a few options that I will discuss. When we finish, you can choose the best route for you.

Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Affiliate marketing is a 3 part circle: you, the affiliate, and the consumer. Let me explain this better. In your niche, you will find companies that sell what you are promoting, such as organic foods. You become a partner with the company. The company supplies you with links to put in an article you write. Your visitors find your site, read your article, and click the link to purchase organic foods. Your affiliate partner then pays you a commission.

When you partner with a company, it is free because you are like a free advertiser for their products. But in return for free advertising, you will make money. In turn, you are happy with the income, the affiliate company is pleased with the sale, and the consumer is satisfied because you solved their problem.

Finding affiliate programs to partner with is a reasonably straightforward process. You can search Google or your favorite search engine by putting in “affiliate” along with your niche “organic foods” See the results here.

google search for affliate and organic foods

You can narrow down or hone in on one type of organic foods affiliate program if you choose.  In our next search, I changed the words a bit. Instead of organic foods, I put in the words organic baby foods. Check out the results below.

google search of affiliate organic baby foods

Another important aspect of searching affiliate programs is what to look for in a good program. Some networks manage many affiliate programs, all on the same platform. Some of these are well known like ShareASale, Pepperjam, and Commission Junction. These are just three, but the list goes on and on.

When you find an affiliate program, there are a few things to pay attention to, so you will know if the program is one that will benefit you with a good reputation.

  • How much will you make-know upfront what your partner plans to pay with each sale
  • When will you get paid-Knowing when your money is coming in is helpful. Does the affiliate program pay weekly, monthly, or another frequency?
  • How long is the cookie life-How long are your customer’s clicks recorded? Look for a longer cookie span such as 60 days or more, but don’t let this one be a deal-breaker. 
  • The ease of application-most applications is easy to fill out. You will need to put in personal information and detailed information about how you will promote their products. Is the application process clear and free to affiliate with that company? Affiliate programs should not cost you a dime. 
  • Do they provide adequate marketing information-Can you properly promote their products with the banners and links they provide?

Make sure you are providing the best experience for your customers. Use reputable affiliate programs that stand behind their products and exhibit a sound support system.

Dropshipping Method 

Dropshipping is a second method to sell your niche products. With this method, you don’t keep an inventory of products. You promote a product on let’s say a website your customer makes the purchase and pays you for it, then you pay the company for the product, and they ship it to the customer. It allows you to set your price above the product price and make a profit from the sale.

Examples of dropshipping companies are Shopify, Salehoo, AliExpress, and so many more. Here is a list of the steps to find a supplier and sell online.

  1. Decide on a niche-More than likely you have already made your decision.
  2. Check out your competition-you have completed this step above.
  3. Find a supplier-I will show you how you can do this in a bit. But the essential things to look for once you find your supplier is: are they easy to communicate with and willing to stay in touch? When your business grows, can they handle the increase in products?
  4. Create a website-you will need a place to showcase the products you promote. A website is an excellent way to begin.
  5. Set a plan for customer service-you are responsible for the communication with your customers and dealing with all issues.

Search For a Dropshipping supplier

Again head over to Google or your favorite search engine and put in the search bar “dropshipping” and  “organic foods.” And here it is. Please note that your results may appear different on different search engines or locations.

dropshipping organic foods search

Once you find a company you want to check out, here are a few things to check. You can choose more than one company and have supplies shipped from many suppliers if you like.

How To Determine A Good Supplier

  1. Reviews-check out the reviews on Google for the company you choose. See what others are saying about their shipping times, availability of products, and consistency.
  2. Reach out to the supplier-communicate with the supplier directly or per email. Find out what their missions and goals are to serve your customers. Find out what volume they ship and can they handle it when your business grows.
  3. Get your customer experience-order from them to see what your customer will receive, what the packaging looks like, the time frame of shipping, and reliability.
  4. Check out the competition-search for other dropshipping websites that sell what you plan to sell and order supplies from them. Take note of your experience and how you can improve the purchase for your customers.

Red Flags To Avoid

  1. You should not have to pay any ongoing or monthly fees
  2. Do not choose a company who requires a minimum purchase

Let’s move onto the next method to promote your niche.

Sell Your Own Organic Foods Products

Our third option does take a bit of overhead. You can create your own line of organic foods that you can sell online, or you can use a white label method.

The white label is you buying supplies and setting up an inventory from the supplier. You brand these supplies as your own. Not like saying you made them, but you can ship them under your label as a store would do.

As I said, this option is more expensive and not usually one chosen by the beginning entrepreneur. But if this is a good fit for you, then you can find suppliers by searching Google or your favorite search engine with the words, “Supplier: organic foods”

google search for organic foods supplier

With this information, take a look at the steps we covered in affiliate programs and dropshipping to find a good supplier.

Also, take a look at eBay or local selling markets on Facebook. You may find excellent deals for products here that you can make a good profit reselling.

You can market your own products on social media platforms in the form of ads, quizzes, free giveaways, and surveys.

Legal, Know Where You Stand

When it comes to selling food in any form the law may require you to have different things such as food licenses, permits, and certifications. You can be deemed directly responsible if the foods that you have prepared or grown cause illness or injury. Know the laws and know where you stand.

Where Do You Go From Here?

WOW! We have come so far. You have chosen a niche, searched for popularity and trends, learned all about the problem and what solution you can offer and gained valuable insight into how to promote your product.

Now it is time to take a look at what you will do next to move your business online and make a passive income.

Now is an excellent time to decide which method you will choose to successfully sell scrapbooking online. No matter which one you prefer, you can promote your business in the same basic ways. Let’s take a look at 4 of those ways.

Create A Website On The Organic Foods Niche

The most important of these four methods is to create a website. You can use your branded site to do Affiliate Programs, Dropshipping, or Sell your own products.

You may be a newbie to the internet world or a well-established entrepreneur. I am going to assume most are just beginning and explain a bit about the process of using a website to promote your niche. Creating the site is relatively simple. But you are more than likely wondering what you have to do on your new site to draw in traffic to see your products.

Your task is to write reviews and provide your followers with valuable information. When people come to your site, they come to see your products, but they want to learn about them first. Are your products the best, are they popular and do they solve your customer’s problems?

Set Up Social Media Groups Or Business Pages

After you create your website, you will want to make your products and content visible to the world. Social media is a great platform to do the job. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Word of wisdom from me to you. Don’t overextend yourself trying to manage all four platforms. Pick a couple and master them first. I prefer Facebook and Pinterest, but you may find any of these four helpful to promote your niche. You can run ads on each one if you choose. But better yet, you can post on Pinterest and gain followers free. As for Facebook, it is also free to set up a business page or start a group of followers.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you are the outgoing type and love to make videos, which I do, you can start a YouTube channel. Google likes to see a video that is associated with a website. Not to mention your followers will appreciate seeing your products up front and personal in a video.

Join Groups  And Communities With Like-Minded Interest

Facebook has many groups to choose from in your interest. In groups, you can find out what your target audience is and how to reach them. Go to Facebook to your home page. In the search bar at the upper left type in your niche. In this case, it will be organic foods. Here are three of the results I received. The list goes on and on.

image of community groups

You can also try different search words like organic foods groups that will result in different groups.

image of organic foods FB groups

Groups and communities are not a place to promote your site or your products. They are, however, a great learning platform and a way to establish authority. Be sure to interact each day and get to know the people in your communities and groups.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you have just finished a crash course on how to make money online with your passion in organic foods.  Now let’s put it all into action.

My 4 – Step Formula

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