Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

How To Start Blogging Get Paid And Stay Home

Everyone talks about it, and some are doing it, but how can you start blogging, get paid, and stay at home? It is possible, and I will show you the different ways you can use a blogging platform to accomplish your goal.

In this post, I will list how to make money blogging and find the training you need to learn.

Life Is Harder Today

Today more than ever it is hard to make money, keep food on the table and pay the bills. I was a single mom years ago and had many feelings of hopelessness. It was scary to wonder where the next meal was coming from and whether I could put gas in my car at the end of the month.

In addition kids need so much money just to go to school. Inevitably, I would dig in my purse to find the cash to give my kids for that project or lunch for the day. Not to mention, in our world today, it is so much harder than when I raised kiddos.

I wanted to be home with them or have more time or take my children on trips to build memories. It just wasn’t possible years ago. But today, the Internet has opened new doors and changed the way moms and dads raise their families.

I also know that pension and social security are not enough to keep up with the bills. The medical bills that Medicare doesn’t pay will deplete years of savings. Then again, there is nothing to show for the hard work, and, in reality, all one has left are feelings of devastation. 

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What Is A Blog?

A blog is kind of like sharing you with the world. You can write about anything that interests you. Some blogs talk about politics, others about sports, some about health, some about movies, and even blogs about pets.

There are lots of growth opportunities right now. More people than ever before are using the Internet, not to mention, the more readers you have, the more traffic to your site. Now is the perfect time to start a blog.

As I mentioned earlier, there are avenues open today to begin a blog and make money, so let’s look at what is needed to start a blog. 

Requirements For How To Start Blogging, Get Paid And Stay At Home

  1. Computer-Most homes have a computer of some sort today. It doesn’t have to be the best, but it will need to connect to the Internet. If you don’t have a home computer, you can do this from your phone or iPad, which is not ideal, but it will work.
  2. Hosting site-a hosting site is a company that makes it possible for your blog to show on the Internet. There are numerous hosting companies like; Bluehost, Host Gator and Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Content Management System-to build your website, such as; WordPress
  4. A niche – a passion, an idea, a dream, or something you know about and want to tell the world about
  5. Domain name-this is usually a .com that allows you to be a unique site on the Internet. With these five items, you will build your blog and reach the world.

But that is not all you need. Once you set up a blog, how do you make money?

The Laura Method

How Do You Monetize A Website To Make Money?

There are many different ways to monetize your website; with this in mind, I will go over 4 ways to make money.

  1. Keyword research tools – are a way to let Google and Bing know you are good enough to compete with the best bloggers in the world. Use the target keyword to draw in free traffic.
  2. Google ranking -The top search engine on the Internet is Google. Google will search your blog and put it at the top of page one when people search for your passion. When Google ranks you high, the world will trust you and see your work, and you will make money with your blog sites.
  3. Affiliate marketing-example; let’s say you have a passion for dogs; you set up your blog to sell dog items while letting the public know how to take care of dogs. You will need to find companies that sell what you promote. Then you become a partner with these companies, post these affiliate links on your site and make a commission on what your readers buy from your site.
  4. Pay per click-this is company ads placed on your website that you get paid for when people click on them.

Where To Find Training

This step is a bit more complicated. All hosting companies offer training. Most of them provide support groups, FAQs, forums, and tutorials. If you are a novice at blogging, you may do fine with this type of training. But if you are starting and a newbie to Affiliate marketing, you may need step-by-step instruction.

Here are 3 ideas that offer different solutions to blogging and making money online. 

  • Training course like “The Laura Method” is for the more independent beginner with a step-by-step guide and training modules with detailed instructions and easy access to support. All you need is 4 courses with 28 lessons.
  • Hosting and training platform like Wealthy Affiliate – is a platform with full training, support, step-by-step training on building a site, and they also offer a free website. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find your niche, how to set up a website, how to write content, how to get ranked, and find the perfect keyword.
  • Hosting company like Bluehost or Host Gator – These are good companies with a hosting plan for the person who knows how to set up a website, write good content, find the perfect niche, set up SEO (search engine optimization) to get noticed by Google and the list goes on and on.

Does all of this sound foreign to you? I mean, not only did I need a website, but there was something about blog content that made it all seem like a spaghetti soup. All messed up and slimy, but with knowledge and training, my spaghetti turned out very well indeed.


If you want to start blogging, get paid, and stay home, you are in the right place. Yes, it all sounds confusing to many of us at first. The need for websites, hosting, keywords, niche, and so much more can be daunting.

Training is the key to a successful blog that will make you money. The three areas I listed above are all excellent training platforms. Each has a unique set of values and knowledge to offer.

The Transition

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I know you have heard “start now,” and you think this is a ploy to get you to sign up quickly before you have time to think about what you are doing. While this may be true for many, in this case, it is not as it appears. I am urging you to get started soon.

But you can take time and check out each method I listed. Anyone can begin a blog and make money from home, but not everyone is willing to take the first step. Don’t let that twinge of fear deep in your gut stop you from changing your future.

Blogging is a business that takes time to build. If you’re going to quit your job and stay home with your family, you may want to become a blogger and work at your day job at the same time. You can stop your work when your blogging journey takes off, which is a short time for some, and for others, it takes longer to build your empire.

The time you put into your business is worth every second because, in the end, you will have freedom, money, and more time. I want to be honest and transparent; this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a business and a job with a setup process you can do from home, not to mention you will have flexible hours to your needs and time availability.

So, don’t wait. Get started soon and be on your way to confidence and strength, knowing you have security because you built your empire the way you wanted to. Knowledge is the answer to give you the strength to move forward.

There are blogging sites going up every day. Let yourself be one of those who begin their road to success. 

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

6 thoughts on “How To Start Blogging Get Paid And Stay Home”

  1. Great post, Laura. I think a platform like Wealthy Affiliate is essential for beginners and even those with moderate knowledge. I thought I had decent knowledge going into it, but I realized there was SO much I didn’t know…that I didn’t even know I didn’t know! Lol. Having access to the resources at Wealthy Affiliate has made all the difference for me.

  2. Hi Laura, I found your article to be very informative.   I am in the process of building an online affiliate marketing business myself.   I opted to learn how to do affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate myself.    I feel like being able to follow a structured training has sped up my process considerably.   When I first became a paying member, I felt like there was no way to lose since website hosting for up to 25 websites was included as part of the package.  

    I also felt great comfort when I first signed up for the free trial.   Due to the large number of scams on the internet, I refuse to sign up for any free trials that require my credit card number in order to join.  I’ve heard about too many people that have gotten billed even though they didn’t want to be a member.   With Wealthy Affiliate, that is not a risk since they do not request your credit card information when you join.     I am very greatful because I have gotten so much out of my membership.  

    Sorry that I started rambling here about Wealthy Affiliate.  Yet, I truly believe it is a great way to learn how to do affililalte marketing as a way to get paid by blogging.   Best wishes.

  3. Hi Laura, I enjoyed reading your post and I like how you listed all the steps needed to start a blog.  For a few years I have had an interest in starting my own blog, and wondered how people do it and get paid.  At the start of this year I really did more research and discovered Wealthy Affiliate and took the plunge.  What really got me was that it was completely free , so I had nothing to lose.  After doing some training I really got hooked and wanted to keep learning, I became a premium member and I am building my online business.  When I first joined I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and affiliate marketing, I have learned so much, and have even made some money.  

    • Jenny, thank you for stopping by to read this article. Our stories are so similar. What Wealthy Affiliate has done for me is a blessing in my life. 


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