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How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website

Now that you have joined a few different affiliate programs we need to talk about how to promote affiliate links without a website. . If you want everyone to buy your products, you will need to advertise or get them out on the internet. So today, we will go over a few places you can do this and what it all means.

If you don’t have a good solid understanding of affiliate marketing and what affiliate programs are, I will take just a bit of time to go over these 2 things. Then we will move onto the advertising.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a 4 part system to make money online.

  • You, the affiliate marketer- promote products sold by someone else like Amazon, Walmart, ClickBank, or any company that sells digital or physical products. You are trading with the company, and you are free advertising for them. In return, you make a percentage commission. Example: I am interested in mattresses, so I put different mattresses on the internet, and I link to the place that sells these mattresses.
  • The customer or consumer- The consumer goes to the internet looking for mattresses and finds your promotion linked to the company. They click on one. It takes them to the site that sells the mattress, and they place an order.
  • You make money– You make a percentage of 1%-75% for each sale according to the companies agreement.
  • Everyone is happy -The customer is happy because you solved their problem. You are happy because you made money.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is formed around an agreement between you and the developer of a program or product. Such as Amazon, Nike and Adidas are examples of products. In addition, software, plugins, and themes are examples of programs. There are millions of companies in the world that have millions of affiliate programs.

Companies set up an affiliate program on their site or through a network that you can join. They give you advertising banners, information and let you know what percentage of a commission their program will pay for a sale. Affiliate programs have many rules and regulations, but all are spelled out clearly in the fine print.

To find these affiliate programs, you can go to your favorite search engine and put in the term (we will use mattresses as an example) “mattress affiliate program.” It will pull up all of the affiliate programs for different brands of mattresses. But not all of these affiliate programs allow you to join without a website.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website

Now that you have joined affiliate programs without a website, you will need places to promote your links on the internet. After all, if no one knows you are selling these products, you won’t make money.

The areas we will talk about today are:

  1. Forums
  2. Social Media
  3. Ebook
  4. Purchase Website Space

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website On Forums

A forum is a message board where people throw around their ideas and views on issues. Some forums are niche-sensitive. When looking for a forum, keep in mind what audience you are attempting to reach. For example, you wouldn’t want to put your links on an exercise board if you sell mattresses.

You can follow this link to Wikipedia and get an alphabetical list of forums. There are 2 ways to make sure the forums you choose allow direct affiliate links. First, look at the rules for each forum and/or google search to see if it allows direct links.

The Laura Method

Quora and Reddit do not allow links, but MacRumors do. Be sure to follow the rules of each platform and research well before you begin.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website On Social Media

With 3.96 billion people on Social Media, it is a great place to advertise. Most platforms have paid ad-free advertising. We will talk about 3 of these platforms. There is also Instagram, but it is more difficult to place links. I will leave that one for the more advanced affiliate marketers.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website To Make Money FACEBOOK


Facebook is a way for us to connect with friends and family. But it has evolved into a way to advertise your products. Although Facebook does have some explicit rules, you can advertise your products as an affiliate marketer without a website.

You can place links on your personal Facebook page, but that may not be ideal. Earlier I mentioned a target audience. Your friends and family are a diverse audience. If you set up a business page or a group, or both, your followers will be a chosen audience interested in your niche.

Both forms of Facebook do take time to build a following, but when you have people interested, they are more likely to stay and make a purchase in time.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website To Make Money pin it


Pinterest is a visual board. You post pictures, otherwise known as pins, and link them to the page you have your products on. Women love Pinterest! In 2021 78.9% of the users are women and girls. So if you have a niche to target women, this is the place to be.

It is much easier to link on Pinterest than on Facebook, and you can build a following quickly. Your content has to be compelling and interesting, so people will click on it and save it. When someone saves your pin, you have expanded your audience reach.



YouTube has more than 2 billion users each month. You can easily start a YouTube channel to share your links on. It takes a bit of equipment to make a video. You can use your iPhone but the quality does matter to your viewers.

It is easy to set up a YouTube channel. Go to YouTube and search for how to set up a YouTube channel, and you will find step-by-step instructions. After you set it up, you will need to be consistent in uploading videos to gain the trust of your followers.

The more followers you have, the more your links will be seen. You can link almost anything in the description of a video.

tik tok


TikTok was the fastest growing social media platform in 2019 and 2020 and the fastest growing audience ever in social media history.

When you set up a business account, TikTok allows clickable links in your bio. In addition, TikTok is currently doing beta testing to allow a bold clickable link in your bio, available to users with 1000 or more followers.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website With An eBook

eBooks are a perfect way to get your affiliate links out to your audience. You can easily put as many affiliate links as you need inside of an eBook link then advertise it on Facebook or another social media platform.

eBooks are easy to write or source out to have someone write one for you. The most important part is researching what type of information you can give people and what people are searching for. It would be horrible to write a book that no one wanted to read. An eBook on mathematics for links to Nike shoes would not go over well.

However, a Book on runners, how to find the best running for you, how to prevent injuries, and more would link well to Nike shoes. So do your research before putting effort into an eBook project.

Purchase Ad Space From Other Websites

This form of advertising is expensive. You purchase space on a website that is established and has a high traffic volume. The more traffic a site has, the more likely your ad with your affiliate links will be seen. You choose a website that is related to what you want to sell.

How To Promote Affiliate Links Without A Website pin

You can bid on sites, use companies specializing in finding space, or go directly to the site owner. Space will cost $1 to $30 per impression. An impression is how many times your ad was seen. This is not how many times a person clicks on your ad or makes a purchase. Therefore, a space on a website can cost $100 to $30,000 or more for 1000 impressions.

There are other ways to buy space, such as a flat fee or charge per click or conversion. Remember, if you choose to purchase website space, do your research first. There is no guarantee you will have conversions, or in other words, no guarantee you will make your money back.

Lastly Tie Them All Together

Just joining affiliate programs is not enough. As you can see more clearly, your affiliate links to the products you chose have to be out on the internet visible for the consumer to see.

You will likely need to use most of these avenues and more and advertise to reach your audience. For example, you could write an eBook and offer it free to your audience on all social media platforms to broaden your reach.

The Laura Method

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