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How To Hire A Business Coach – Tips And Key Questions

With all of the scams on the market today, it is important to ask questions and get a good feel for what a business coach will offer. I will give you some tips and key questions to help you know how to hire a business coach. 

This article will refer to an affiliate marketing business coach and mentor. It is important to protect your assets and conserve your money. But an affiliate marketing coach will pave the road to success. 

How To Hire A Business Coach?

Hiring an affiliate marketing business coach is like interviewing someone for a job. Are they qualified, experienced, and have the right skills to coach you. Not to mention, will you and your coach work well together?

A potential coach is an investment and can be a lifelong coaching relationship. 

Tips To Consider When Hiring A Business Coach For Affiliate Marketing

When I became an affiliate marketer, I fell for a couple of scams that drew me in with the shiny object syndrome. They looked and spoke well but didn’t deliver on their promises. For this reason, I want to give you a few things to consider when hiring a business coach. 

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  • Where did you locate the coach? – Is it through a referral from another marketer, or was it on Google or another platform? A friend or fellow marketer is a more trusted way to meet a coach. A Google search can produce scammers but don’t rule out this option. There are many legit coaches on Google.
  • Look for a coach that will allow you a one-time session. Be aware of long-term contracts without more information first.
  • If a coach promises you will make money, also be aware. No one can promise this because you are also a part of the mix. If you choose not to follow their suggestions and guidance, you will not make money. 
  • Read reviews, and if you can’t find any, ask if they have any. If all reviews have the same type of comments, be aware because they may not be reviews from real people.

List Of Questions Before Hiring A Business Coach

  1. How many years of experience do they have? They do not need 15 years of experience with affiliate marketing, but they do need more than 2 or 3 to help you.
  2. What type of coaching do they offer? Do they have actual experience in affiliate marketing, and is it niche-specific?
  3. What type of coaching experience do they have? Do they have a website? Have they had their own affiliate marketing business?
  4. Are they going to work with you as my coach or just provide coaching services? Don’t waste your time interviewing a person you will not work with.
  5. Do they offer affordable coaching? How much do they charge per session? Are there any hidden fees like extra charges for special training?
  6. What are their goals to help you? Are they willing to help you where you are in your business? Is your personal growth at the top of their priority list?
  7. Do they have time to work with you, and do they want to work with you?
  8. How will the coaching sessions be held, for example, by zoom or phone calls? You will want to hire one that offers zoom where they can screen share or in person.
  9. Does their business coaching meet your personal goals? For instance, do they record each coaching session, and when is the coach available to you? Be aware of empty promises.
  10. What sets them apart from other coaches? Look for an honest, down-to-earth answer, not a bunch of big words and marketing jargon. 
  11. What type of clients do they work with, and what is their coaching style?
  12. What kind of person do they enjoy working with the most? In other words, what is their ideal coaching client? You are looking for a firm answer that tells you they will hold you accountable.

What Are Your Goals?

You matter, so it is important to look at what the ideal business coach looks like for you. A successful business may hinge on your expectations. Are you looking for a perfect coach, which is not a possibility, or a qualified coach who allows room for mistakes? In other words, is it an average person who has the knowledge, has worked in the coaching business, and has fresh perspectives to help you?

Do you want someone else to build your business or a person who will hold you accountable and train you to build your own business?


WOW, 12 questions just seem like a lot, but you don’t have to use every one of them. Pick which questions benefit you and even incorporate a couple of them together. 

The most important part is to follow your gut. Do you feel good about your choice of affiliate marketing coach, and can you try one session to see if the 2 of you are a good match? 

The benefits of coaching can change your business. You will work closely together for a long time, so make sure it is a person you want to gain business knowledge with as you head down the path to success. 

The Laura Method

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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