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How To Find A Business Niche Part 2 – The Proper Research

In part one of How To Find A Business Niche, we discussed a proper mindset, whereas today we will move forward and talk about the proper research to find a business niche part 2. But first, we must recap part 1.

In part 1 of finding a business niche we talked about:

  1. A Better Understanding Of What A Niche Is.
  2. What Are Your Stumbling Blocks?

Your mindset when choosing a niche plays a significant role in your success.

I also asked you to think about your stumbling blocks and list any I may have missed. Now that you have had a bit of time to think about Part 1, let’s move onto:

How To Find A Business Niche -The Proper Research – Part 2

Go grab a piece of paper and pen because I will have you keeping notes to narrow down your niche while we research different aspects of making the final decision for your niche.

How To Find A Business Niche Part 2

Write down your hobbies and favorite pastime, your dreams, and your desires, and then look at the products you use in your house and everyday life. In addition, look at your surroundings for ideas or products.

Now write down things that have piqued your interest over the years or thoughts you have had about things to learn. Any of these can be your passion that may end up to be your profitable niche.

Examples:Gardening, Reading, Writing, Travel.

Take some time to follow this task before we move onto the next step because I want you to start on the right path.

The Laura Method


Next, we will step on over to Amazon.

business niche part 2 amazon search tutorial

Search for best selling items under the all departments tab. With this in the search bar, Amazon suggests other subcategories.

Choose the subcategories one at a time that matches anything on your list, then browse through the interests you have listed.

There are many different ways to search on Amazon, but your goal is to keep going down into a group of products to see if you can narrow down on a niche. You will see if there are products that match items on your list that are popular and sell well.

For example, I am going to use gardening for our search.

I sent you to amazon to see if any of the best sellers fit into your list, not for you to sell only amazon products. You have to diversify and sell from many areas to have a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Continue to keep notes. Each item on your list will have products listed beside them that are popular and best sellers.

You are compiling information to determine which niche will be one that you can easily promote (a passion or interest) and is popular but with healthy competition.

You can narrow your niche down to any of these subcategories. But first, let’s finish determining which niche is best for you.

Let’s move forward with these choices, although you would do that same process for all of the niche ideas you wrote down.

A Quick Note For Business Niche Part 2

Within the affiliate marketing world, there is much controversy over whether you should pick a niche in a passion or interest or one that has high ticket products. I believe that in the beginning, it is much easier to do affiliate marketing in a niche that is of interest to you.

Later, when you know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, you can set up another website to promote a different niche. At that time, you can choose a high ticket niche if you like.


We are going to head over to ClickBank next.

Clickbank is an affiliate site that has numerous products for you to promote. But today, we are going to use it to determine how to find your best business niche.

We are searching for products with high gravity scores in the niche suggestions you have listed. We will stick with gardening. (See Photo)

We are looking at the gravity marker because it indicates how many affiliates have successfully promoted products from an account. The higher the gravity percentage, the greater the conversion.

business niche part 2 screenshot of clickbank how to use
business niche part 2 gravity

A Moment Of Recap

Up to this point, we have brainstormed and written down a list of possible niches. Likewise, you went over to Amazon and checked the bestsellers in each niche to see if you can find some for each one.

You went to Clickbank to determine if the possible niches were popular and if there were items with good gravity.

Now let’s move onto our Google Search.

You may find these posts on blogging tips helpful.

Google Trends For A Business Niche Part 2

By now, you may have eliminated some of your possible niches. The ones that you have left are the ones that we need to see how they are trending.

Head on over to Google Trends, and I will show you how to see if a niche is doing well on the market.

When you get there, I want you to put the first niche into the search bar. I used gardening as an example.

What I found is gardening is seasonal and is trending down at this time because a gardening niche would be profitable but only during a short season. So I would not choose gardening as a niche.

What I want to see is a steady slow increase in the blue trend line or a constant high line.

I put in beauty treatment. Below the graph, Google has given  us some suggestions. One of those was pharmaceutical creams. I put pharmaceutical creams in the trends search and found a gold mine.

Google Trend Image

business niche part 2 screenshot of google trends

From here, you will need to find the problem and present a solution. If we are using creams as the niche, is the problem wrinkles or preventing aging? Is the problem improving lines or making wrinkles go away?

business niche part 2 pin

What people search for online is the problem, when they find your website and products, that is the solution.

Stop and think about what you search for online.

Today you were searching for how to find a niche. The solution is the information you found in part 1 and part 2 of how to find your business niche.

Remember that every time you search for a keyword and write a post with products in it, you are solving a problem.

A niche is only the beginning. Create a relationship with your followers and remember that consumers will ask WIIFM-What’s In It For Me.

Mindset is everything, so be confident in your selection of a profitable niche. Remember what I said in Part 1. Just choose one, and do not worry about it.

You have worked hard to get to this point and should be proud of yourself for working through one of the most challenging choices in Affiliate Marketing.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

6 thoughts on “How To Find A Business Niche Part 2 – The Proper Research”

  1. Your article is excellent with lots of helpful information. I read part 1 and left a comment also. I do have a couple of more questions for you about finding the right niche. Is it possible to start with a broad niche and have sub-niches throughout your website? Or does it need to be narrow from the start? Thank you for the help! 

    • There are many opinions on this, but I will give you my best answer. You need to narrow it down from the beginning. Trying to reach to broad of an audience will cause you to get off track. Find a problem that your audience has and give them a solution to that problem.

  2. Great information about Google Trends. I’ve had a website fail in the past because I chose a faddy topic and did not pay attention to how things were trending and I had missed the boat on that topic already. I haven’t really used ClickBank before, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to look into. Do you have a cutoff for what you’d recommend as a good gravity percent? Thank you.

    • Emily, Thank you for your question. I researched the answer to this question before I posted this article. I did not find a good answer, so I decided to use 70% as a  marker. I hope this helps. 

  3. Your article is beneficial. It is set up to make it much easier to finally decide on a niche, which can be oh so time-consuming. I still am not 100% sure which way to go, but you have helped me ‘Cut to the chase”. From my understanding, if I put in the work, the niche will take care of itself. Thanks for this

    • Paul, I am not sure that researching a niche will help it to take care of itself. When I followed the process lined out in this article, it helped me narrow down my niche. 

      I could more easily choose form 2 or 3 niches that would be good. 


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