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How To Find A Business Niche With The Proper Mindset-Part 1

 One of the most challenging tasks for a beginning affiliate marketer is to choose a niche. I have thought long and hard about this problem to help you learn how to find a business niche. 

I want to cover a few key points today on how to find a business niche as well as the proper mindset.

  1. What is a niche
  2. What is your stumbling block
  3. How will you find the best niche for you

How To Find A Business Niche And What Is It?

 I am going to give you three different variations of what a niche is. Why? Not because you need all three, but because I do not know which one will resonate with you. To have a clear understanding of a niche is the first hurdle. 

Business Niche by definition 

Niche by definition in the urban dictionary 

  1. A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.
  2. An area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.

I chose the urban dictionary definition because the other dictionaries were too vague. 

business niche girl holding a sign that says find your niche

Niche In Business

 A business niche or marketing niche is a target audience. You select a product that targets a specific audience. You choose to market, for example, athletic gear. Your target audience is active people who exercise or work out. But your target audience could be the outdoors person. Or your target audience may be athletic comfort gear to lounge around the house. 

No matter which avenue you choose to take, you target a group of people who will be interested in your product, your niche.

This definition leads to narrowing down your niche, which we will talk about later. 

The Nitty Gritty of a Business Niche Definition

 A nitty-gritty definition is you as a beginner in the business world. 

A niche is a market you create. A niche does not happen; but instead, you make it happen. You find something that you are interested in or have a passion for and create a market for that product. You target that market with your niche blog. 

The Laura Method

Ok, a different way to look at this is, there are billions of people in the world. If you try to reach all of them, you will not interest in any of them. The diversity and interests of a billion people are too broad. 

But if you target only those who work out, you narrow it down to those who need workout clothes. Then you go a step further to those who need sexy workout clothes or comfortable workout clothes, you now have a niche that you created, and it will target people who will be interested in your product. 

You are now solving a problem such as people don’t feel sexy when they work out, or their workout clothes are uncomfortable.

All Three Definitions In One

You want to find an interest or passion that has a market as a best seller. Then you want to research this to narrow it down and determine what the problem is that you will solve. 

You want the consumer to come to your site because they searched for a problem, like workout clothes that you narrowed down to sexy workout clothes and find the solution to their issue. 

Then you want them to click on a product and purchase it because it will make them look sexy while sweating with messy hair and no makeup. 

What Are Your Stumbling Blocks To Finding A Business Niche?

   No Clear Understanding

The first one was not having a clear understanding of what a business niche is. But we have solved that problem. You can now grasp the real meaning and apply it to your business. 

Fear of Failure

You are so afraid of choosing the wrong niche that you don’t select one at all. You are worried you will fail and not make any money.


Perfectionism is huge. You go over and over the niche market and can’t find any guarantees that your chosen niche is the right one. 

So you second guess it and try to find another one or a more narrow one. Then you go to your community and ask 5 or 6 people what they think. The problem with this is everyone has a different idea. 

Now you have five different opinions and are more confused than before. In the meantime, it has been three weeks, and you are getting desperate to find the perfect niche. 

The pressure is on, and you don’t know what to do. What are the natural things to do? Give up and say I couldn’t do it. Nope! You got this one. Just keep reading.

Just let it go! Finding the right niche is essential but not so critical that you need to stress over it. You can change at any time you like. 

Poorly Defined Way To Search For A Business Niche

I remember the day I started affiliate marketing and tried to find a niche. It feels like it was only a day ago. 

I searched and searched for a clear way to determine how to find my niche. Everyone had a different idea, and my mind just would not follow through. I hit one of my stumbling blocks.

And to be honest with you, it wasn’t until almost six months into my business that I figured it all out. I had to change my niche once I understood the process better.

Now it wasn’t my training or the lack of support and help. It was a mental block because I was so afraid of finding the wrong niche. My mindset was wrong.

I wanted it to all be perfect the first time, and I wanted to make money now.

I had set unrealistic goals for myself and let them get in the way of my success.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick business. It takes time to create a thriving site with the niche you so choose. So what if it takes you three weeks to find the right niche. 

How To Determine The Right Business Niche For You

In part 2 of this post, I will outline how you can find the right niche for you. Until that article comes out, please think about these stumbling blocks. Do you have some that I did not list? 

Write them down and set your mind to move around them. When we find the right niche for you, I want you to have a clear picture of what your stumbling blocks are. 

Be prepared for awesomeness when you read How to find a business niche Part 2.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “How To Find A Business Niche With The Proper Mindset-Part 1”

  1. Hi Laura,

    Choosing a niche is very difficult. I found that the niche I chose was too broad. I thought that if I could appeal to as many people as possible, I would have more success. Unfortunately, I just created a lot of work in a niche with too much competition. I have found that the more focussed a niche is, the more success you will have within it.

    • Tom, I agree. Trying to drill down into a niche is one of the things that makes it so hard to choose and critique it. 

  2. I have a friend who’s in his 4th year now with deciding what niche to get in. I think you’re right that it is his perfectionism that’s getting in the way. Worse is, whenever he catches on me in Facebook Messenger, he’d repeated emphasize that the two of us are both struggling with finding a niche when in fact he’s only the one struggling with finding a niche. How can I help that friend?

    • I am not sure you can help him. It sounds to me after 4 years that he is using this as an excuse. He doesn’t really want to find a niche and is procrastinating so he doesn’t have to start an online business. Just my thoughts.

  3. OMG! Thank you for writing this post. It was just for me.

    You don’t know how much I had struggled to tire to figure out which is the best niche for me. I read some articles that stated that you should find a niche that is actually marketable but unique and that had me in a roller coaster of emotions. What kinda niche would be considered marketable and unique at the same time?

    Then I started to go through the Wealthy Affiliate program and Kyle basically said that it’s not necessary to find the perfect niche. You don’t have to be passionate about it either. Just find something that is interesting to you. So that helped me to narrow down and actually stick to one niche idea.

    But I was still faced with two stumbling blocks, I still didn’t have a clear understanding of what a niche was so I continued trepidatiously. I also had perfectionism: I felt that I had to finish the Wealthy Affiliate level 1 program first, then do research and start writing on my blogs (which obviously, Kyle and Carson encourages you to continue while you are going through the program).

    I’m only a month in but your article gave me a clear understanding and a peace of heart that its all a learning process.

    Sorry about the long comment. This really resonated with me haha

    • I love long comments and yours warmed my heart. I am so happy this post helped you to have a better understanding. Now you can move forward with increased confidence. 

      Don’t you just love Wealthy Affiliate and the training? 

      All the best to you with your new business and as an entrepreneur.

  4. I am starting my own affiliate marketing website. I am stuck on finding the niche part of the process. Your posts have helped me, although I am still nervous about picking the wrong one. If I do, how hard is it to switch to a different niche? Is it possible to have multiple niches? I appreciate the help! 

    • Travis, I see you read my part 2 post about finding a niche. If you follow these steps and research it, you will find the right niche. You may be experiencing some of the perfectionism and wanting a guarantee that the niche you choose is the right one. You can only do your best, research it, and make it happen. 

      I recommend you do one website at a time. Focus on one niche and then do a second site when the first begins to make money. Spreading yourself too thin will harm your business. 

      You can change at any time you like. When I first became an affiliate marketer, I chose the wrong niche and later changed it. I did begin with a new website, and it took time, but you can change at any time. It happens to many of us. 


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