How To Create A Blog With WordPress Step-By-Step

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WordPress, most of us have heard this name, but many do not know what it is. I will explain this in just a moment, but first, I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my experience. 

My Story, How to create a blog with WordPress step-by-step

I am a nurse through and through and knew very little about the internet, let alone WordPress. I am also a poet. I set the poetry aside for many years. When I decided to write again, I knew that everyone calls themselves a poet. Of course, I feel I am unique and have great wisdom to contribute to the world.

cartoon vector of nurse laura

But how would the world see wisdom with my poetry sitting on a piece of paper at home? So, one night at work as an ER nurse, I found out one of the other nurses had a blog. My brain clicked, and I realized I need to create a blog with WordPress step-by-step.

This girl was 30 years younger than me, so she had some idea what it involved to blog. Not me, I knew nothing. At that time, I was a member o a multi-level marketing business. I thought if I set up a blog, I would also become better at my MLM business. I am a bad sales girl. I never was successful at MLM.

My Blog Experience

Setting up a website on WordPress was a 3-month process at the time I developed my first blog. I have never taken computer classes, and I was NOT tech-savvy.

yellow emoji why am i so dumb face

So I went to YouTube and found a video that taught me how to create a website. I knew I had to have a website before I could set up my blog. I watched this video day in and day out for three months. I had to code every tiny piece. But in the end, I had a WordPress website to set up my blog.

I used the information in Wikipedia and broke it down for a better understanding of WordPress.

How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing?

What Is WordPress?

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WordPress is a website content management system. It is the most popular free software that puts your information blog on the internet.

When you create a website, WordPress is the shell, and you create the design for your blog. WordPress has the dashboard, which allows you to add pieces to make your site unique.

You choose a hosting company and use WordPress to create a website with that hosting company. 

The hosting company I use is Wealthy Affiliate who also taught me how to blog.

When I started blogging, I chose WordPress to be my core software. At the time, I did not know how influential they were. When I told someone about my blog, their response was, “Oh, you use WordPress.” That statement alone helped me understand how powerful WordPress is.

How To Blog With WordPress And Wealthy Affiliate

 As I mentioned above, I had a WordPress blogging site that I operated with GoDaddy as my host. 

One day I was surfing the internet looking for a review on a company that I thought may be a scam. I wanted to read up on it before I invested money. 

As it turns out, it was a scam, but I ran across a company called Wealthy Affiliate, a platform where I can blog with a WordPress website. WA is a platform for hosting like GoDaddy but with so much more to offer. 

Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I had spent many a day trying to learn how to SEO optimize my website. Only when you follow the optimization rules set by Google will you be ranked #1 on page one of Google. 

In my search, I found companies that promised the world to me. Each one said they would optimize my site for mn ae, they took my money and did nothing to help me.

Someone scammed me again. I felt lost in a sea of darkness. I knew I would never reach the world until I ran across Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate To The Rescue

I was skeptical and afraid to take a look. 

I did step inside, and they did honor their word that I would not need a credit card or financial information. I took a look around, but I left my website setting at GoDaddy. 

I didn’t want to move it if Wealthy Affiliate was not trustworthy. I learned my lesson with all of the previous scams. 

WA grey logo

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the first ten lessons of training and set up a website in under 3 minutes. 

Remember It took me three months to set up my first website. So under 3 minutes was a dream world. 

I stepped over to Wealthy Affiliate and snagged this video that will help to explain how I set my site up in under three minutes. It is only 16 min long and quite incredible. 

After you take a look at it, we can talk some more.

Steps To Create A WordPress Blog-Video

Creating A Blog With WordPress Step-By-Step?

Wasn’t that an incredible video? I was impressed with the ease and the step-by-step instructions Kyle presented. 

When I reached the lesson that taught me how to set up A WordPress blog website, I was so excited. It was beautiful. 

My skepticism was quickly leaving, and a new trust was taking its place. 

You have learned how to set up a WordPress website which is the beginning of your blog. Within the Wealthy Affiliate training, you will learn how your website is a blog.

You will learn how to make money with your blog and how to choose the right topic for you. 

You will learn how to write articles to reach the world and how to set up a blog roll for your website. 

little white man character sitting on a blue word blog

Have you considered an online business but you don’t know where or how to start? 

Have you heard of blogging but didn’t know where to begin?

Are you like me and not tech-savvy but want to learn and work to create a blog for Affiliate Marketing business?

You can do what I did and step inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Once inside, you can also take the first ten lessons before you decide if you like what you see. 

Wealthy Affiliate is different than any other web hosting platforms. Most platforms teach in the form of tutorials and support in the way of site tickets. 

Site tickets are submitted, and you wait for the answer from the community, and then the support team if you didn’t get a response from the community. Sometimes you wait one or two days for the reply. 

At Wealthy Affiliate, you receive training in the form of videos with written instructions and tasks to complete to help you learn. 

The support comes from experienced members who have gone through the same training you are dong.

Wealthy Affiliate is a world-wide organization. There is someone awake in the world at all times, so there is always someone available to answer your questions if you get stuck. 

There is a lot more to affiliate marketing than a website. Wealthy Affiliate trains you in optimization, monetization, and how to navigate your website once you set it up. 

You will learn all you need to become a successful online business person in affiliate marketing. 

Top 12 Questions Asked Regarding Affiliate Marketing

Your Options

You now see how easy it is to set up your WordPress Website Step-by-step with Wealthy Affiliate as your hosting platform. 

By now you may think this will cost so much money you can afford it and you are curious. 

I intend to be straightforward and honest at all times, so I have attached a link to the comparison chart and what benefits the premium plan offers as well of the price. 

Now you have all of the information you need to make a wise, informed decision. 

So before you go, I would like to let you know about my offer for a discount. 

When you decide to upgrade to premium within the first 7-days, I will give you a 59% discount on your first month. That is an incredible saving, and your first month will only be $19. 

59 discount on orange

There are no upsells. You can create your website on a site Rubix site which offers domains to use without payment. Or you may choose to purchase a domain of your own for around $13 a year. 

Any purchase you make beyond the monthly fee is strictly up to you and what you choose for your website. You will have a completely functional and ready site after you learn how to create a wordpress website step-by-step without extra money. 

I know this sounds a bit overwhelming, but with the training and support you receive, the process will become familiar to you. 

It is an exciting process. Do you want to set up a website and work from home? Do you want to create a passive income for your future?

I love talking to my followers. Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below, and I will be back with you shortly. 

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

10 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog With WordPress Step-By-Step”

  1. Thank you, Laura, for a piece of very good information you wrote here. Like you I did not know anything about WordPress when I started at WA, also did not know anything about the blog world. I started with so much fear, that I could not be writhing a line, but the WordPress from WA made everything so much easy, that I started talking about my life, my kids, my dogs, etc at first and then I saw myself writing about my business.

    If anyone is afraid to blog or do not know how to write a blog in WordPress, please watch Laura’s video, and you will see how easy it is.

    Thank you, Laura, for such a good and encourage post, we really appreciate.


    • Telma, It is so liberating to overcome fear and move forward. Congrats on your accomplishments. I be you are proud of yourself. Job well done. 

      And thank you for these wonderful compliments. Much appreciated. 

  2. Hey Nurse Laura, thanks for sharing your experience on creating a blog with WordPress. I’m not a nurse but I’m also in healthcare and like you I love to write, even before I knew anything about creating a website. 

    When I first realized that I can actually have a platform through which I can share my interest with web surfers, I got so excited. There’s just one problem, I had no idea how to create a website. Know what I did? I took a free course at Udemy but when I tried to apply what I learned, although I was able to create one, I got stuck along the way and was forced to put it aside.

    Thank God for Wealthy Affiliate. While looking for more convincing reviews on a program I was planning to sign up with to learn more about WordPress and making money with affiliate marketing, I stumbled on WA. I signed up on starter membership and within the first 3 days I was able to put up a good-looking website. I then found out how easy it is to build a website with WordPress which is included in the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • WOW, this sounds a lot like what I went through. Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible platform. They make it so easy to succeed with the training and support. It does take work but who cares about that. It is so empowering to have an online business. 

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this article.

    I too am interested in making a blog. I heard about WordPress but wanted to check it out some more before starting to spend money on domain and hosting.

    I heard that WordPress websites are not a drag and drop system, wouldn’t it be easier to work with a drag and drop like for example Wix sites?

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds very interesting though, I’ll check this out for sure.

    • WordPress is different than Wix. WordPress is a place where you set up a hosting site. Wix is a hosting platform like Wealthy Affiliate is. Wix is a great platform as well. It is geared toward the more experienced person. Someone who is tech savvy. I am not. Wealthy Affiliate has such extensive training. The training and the support are exactly what I needed to get my site off the ground and noticed in google. 

      This is a great question and I am so happy you stopped by to ask. Thank you.

  4. I love your post and thanks for sharing.Anybody who is starting out in Internet Marketing or Blogging will definitely learn a lot from you.The way you have set everything out is very simple and easy to follow, I have definitely learned a lot and look forward to trying out the steps you have outlined.Thanks again for sharing.All the best,

    • I am so happy. You know that is a goal of mine. I want to make things easy to follow. So you have paid me the highest compliment. Thank you. Please do come in a take a look around at the platform. I know you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased. 

  5. This is a great article about Wealthy Affiliate. I found the website by coincidence and I decided to give it a try as it is like you say, free. I tried it and I was hooked. I had no idea how to do anything with websites etc. I now have my very own and I see progress every day. Thank you for sharing and letting other people know that there are websites truly committed to helping you.

    • Oh, thank you. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a very caring place to adopt as home. We do love to help others help themselves. Daily progress is awesome. Congrats on your progress. Thanks for stopping by. 


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