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How To Build A Website To Make Money

There are steps you can take to accomplish the task of how to build a website to make money. In this article, I am going to go through the steps it will take to build a website and what you need to do after it is up and running. I will list of steps it will take to build a website

Steps to build a website

1. Decisions
2. Domain
3. Hosting
4. design


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The first step will be to decide what the purpose of your website will be. Is it to make money, showcase your writing, or for self-pleasure? To begin setting up a website is no different than setting up a brick-and-mortar storefront. Would you go to a street corner, pick out a building, and open the doors for business? No, you would first decide what you want in your store. Then you would design the inside and outside to match what you are selling. Then you would open the doors after you set up inventory.

A website is the same. What do you want to put on your blog? What will your niche be? Do you want to sell a particular line of merchandise? So, you need to set your site design to reflect what it is you sell. With step one, you have decided what you want to do with your site.

I believe you can incorporate all three purposes make money, showcase your writing, and a personal self-pleasure into a site that will make money. We will go into that later.


Every website has to have a domain name because this is how the internet distinguishes your site from anyone else’s site.
Your domain is a .org, .com or a .net. There are other ones, but this is, for example, only.

Your domain name needs to be carefully chosen to match your site. For instance, my domain is I decided this to reflect how people can make money and resign from their full-time job. I wouldn’t want to choose a domain that said and promote an online money-making business.

You need to choose your domain with exceptional care as a domain will cost $11-$14 a year. So you don’t want to change domains often. And you want to choose a domain that will rank on google well. Use a keyword search tool like Jaaxy to research the domain before you buy.


A hosting company is a hosting service provider. All web hosts are businesses that help your webpage become visible on the internet. They have the services needed and technologies to store your site on specific computers called servers.

There are many leading web hosting companies available today. If you are a beginner, I recommend #1 because they offer step-by-step training on How to build a website to make money. If you are a novice and looking for a home with incredible support and training, I would also recommend #1.

The Laura Method

I will list a few web hosting companies you can take a look at and choose which is best for you. When I did research web hosting companies, I got an array of ratings. After sifting through the information, I found these to be the top 5 in the market.

stars rating 1.0.

a. Wealthy Affiliate (rating 10)

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 pick for web hosting. They offer the most sophisticated subdomain hosting platform with Siterubix. I will talk more about Wealthy Affiliate later in this article.

star rating 9.8.

b. Wix (rating 9.8)

Wix is one of the top web hosting platforms. They have training in the form of forums, knowledge base, and a personal call if needed. It is free to join with upgrades available that are reasonable.

star rating 9.4

c. GoDaddy (rating 9.4)

GoDaddy is also one of the top-rated. I did a personal review of GoDaddy. Many people love this company, but I was not impressed. Although they are the largest domain registrar. GoDaddy does offer a one-month free trial. The one thing I found with this company is the up sales never end. It cost more and more each passing month.

star rating 9.2

d. (rating 9.2) is one of the leading platforms also. is more for small businesses. They offer a team of experts to build your website for a fee. The DIY options are limited. But they do offer SEO coaching. No free options are available.

star rating 9.0

e. Esite123 (rating 9.0)

Esite123 has limited options. It has a great user experience but lacks some options other larger companies have. The biggest with this company is when you build your website, and it stays with this company. You cannot even export it to another company.
All of these sites rank at least 9/10 on reviews


In the first part of this article, I talked about decisions that are your niche. Now it is time to build your website and make money. With your host and numerous templates to choose from your fun begins. You get to set up each page with photos and messages for your readers. You get to decide what format your readers will see when they go to your website.

How to build a website to make money?money rounded corners

1. Keyword search
2. Content is king
3. SEO ranking


Setting up a website is not the only thing you need to do. What good would a site do if no one saw it? Keywords are words that best describe what you are writing. You choose a word or string of words that people will look for in search engines when looking for your subject. There are special tools that can help you find the best words, such as Jaaxy.

Content is your expression when writing about your niche. That sounds a bit complicated. In simple terms, content is what you write in an article, and is it considered worthy of Google putting it at the top of page one in their search engines. Anyone can write good content with the right training.

SEO ranking

seo little man red

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is many things in your article that you do to get Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to see if they want to put your piece at the top of page one when people are searching for information like yours.

So this is how you build a website to make money. Easy? Right? Well, not so much. Putting the site together is easy because everyone has templates to choose from, and you fill in the blanks. But the rest of this requires extensive training. Without instructions for every one of these, you can easily get lost in the shuffle and give up.

Why do I prefer Wealthy Affiliate? Hands down!

At WA, you receive extensive training in all of these aspects. You are not left with a website and trying to understand how to make money with it or get it recognized on search engines.
A comparison chart of what Wealthy Affiliate offers

For more information, you may want to read: Wealthy Affiliate Review

This chart alone cannot begin to encompass what it is like here at Wealthy Affiliate. There is someone always available to answer questions. You have a live chat with the premium option and experienced members rolling out new training numerous times daily. You already have extensive training, and these items are in addition to that teaching.

And the part I love is the unparalleled support of the community. Someone is always there for you. There are at least 1800 people ready to answer questions and assist you.

Simply click on the green button at the top or bottom to get started today.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “How To Build A Website To Make Money”

  1. What a well thought out article.When I first started building my websites I believe the hardest part for me was the decisions stage. I had so many choices and so many different directions mainly because I have many thing I am passionate about. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I started as a free member and went premium before my 7 days was up, thanks to the training I was able to focus my passions into the sites I have today! They really lay every thing out step by step.

    • Cathy, The decisions stage was the most difficult for me also. But with the training I too could make decisions and move on in Wealthy Affiliate. Thank You for stopping by to read and comment. I do love to hear experiences. 

  2. Hello Laura,

    First, you have done an excellent job of outlining the basic steps to creating a website.

    The most important part of this beginning process, is deciding your niche and your message.

    What is it that you want to say to the world that is not being said by someone else?

    It is important to find your own distinctive message, unique to everyone in order to stand out.

    Why should someone come to your website and spend their time with you?

    I also think that monetizing a website is not a primary focus.

    You won’t make money from your website unless you focus on helping your reader.

    The reward (gratitude) you get for helping is some kind of income.

    The greater you help the greater the reward.

    A quote I have always loved is: “A man (or woman) is paid in direct proportion to the service they render mankind”

    If you find your site is not paying you enough, take a look at the service you provide.

    Again I think you have done a great job of highlighting the building blocks of a great website.

    Using Wealthy Affiliate as a platform is an excellent idea.

    I have been a member for many months and it has been an invaluable tool to my website as well as a great income earner for me.

    Great job Laura!


    • Tim, Thank you so much. You have added so many good points to this discussion. I believe it will be beneficial to and help others make a good informed decision on how to build a website to make money. Especially the point about helping others first and making money second.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Please come again. 

  3. I love your site, you give a lot of great information for beginners.  I have joined the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I agree with you that it is also my number 1 pick for web hosting and support.  I mean, they do it all.  That’s great that you are offering that discount of $19 for the first month if someone upgrades within the first 7 days.  WOW!  I mean, that is quite a savings. Honestly, I’m a premium member, and that $49 is my only business expense monthly to run an entire business.  What???  You just can’t beat that.  The training alone is worth literally thousands of dollars.  Looking online, all the programs charge so much and don’t deliver nearly all that Wealthy Affiliate does!!

    • Babsie, thank you for your kind words about this website. It is so true what you say about the savings at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member of others website builders and each one has their expertise but at Wealthy Affiliate they teach it all. No stone is left uncovered. It truly is an incredible place to be a part of. 

  4. Interested to read your take on Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I started web building with Wix and was quite happy at the time. I just didn’t know what else was out there so stayed with them for a few years. I am now with WA building an affiliate marketing site (the other was a local business site) and I have to say their hosting and training is outstanding.

    I have found the training to be far superior to that offered by Wix and the technical support at WA is second to none. So for anyone else reading this I absolutely agree with Laura Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform in my opinion.

    Thanks for a great blog Laura.

    • Heidi, Oh yes Wealthy Affiliate is far superior to all other website builders. It is not just a place to build a website but a place to build friendships and learn EVERYTHING one needs to know to help others and make money with a website. 

      I believe anyone who starts somewhere else will eventually end up with Wealthy Affiliate. I mean Why Not? It is the best. 


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