How Is Wealthy Affiliate-The Story Of Your Life?

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I have an incredible story I believe you will enjoy reading. I am a wealthy affiliate premium member, but today I am not here to sell you anything. Wealthy Affiliate is the story of my life. But how is Wealthy Affiliate the story of your life?

Is there something in your life you started because of a love or a passion. You didn’t know much about it, but you knew you had to pursue it.

Some of you may have done the research and learned all you could before starting, but you still didn’t know enough. My story is along these lines.

I have led a difficult life — not a bad one but a difficult one. There were many ups and downs, but I have used all of poetry form my heart inspiration to yours on a white cloud heartmy hardships to grow and help others to improve. I am not looking for sympathy but instead, I am telling you the story of your life and of my life.

How is Wealthy Affiliate-The Story Of Your Life?

When I was in high school, I started writing poetry. Life got in my way, and I spent most of my adult years just surviving and raising kids.

When my kiddos grew up, I knew my calling was to write poetry again. One thing led to another, and I decided that no one would see my poems if I didn’t have a website and a blog.

I had so much to share with the world. I wanted to use my life experiences to help those who were struggling. I didn’t feel like I had much support when I went through all of my troubles and I wanted to be there for others.

I am sure you are asking how is Wealthy Affiliate the story of your life? Especially since this is my story. Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would not have a thriving website to reach you with my inspiration and personal growth. I could not help you and others find their way out of the darkness into the light.

My Website, My Story

I spent three months with the use of a YouTube video setting up Inspiration For Life one piece at a time. When I finished, I thought that was it. Now people would see the support I have for them.

I was so far from reality you could have poked holes in my universe. As time moved on, I continued to write and blog and research. I found terms like SEO, monetize, marketing, HTML and CSS. These concepts were all foreign to me.

So Overwhelmed

I was so overwhelmed. I would give up for a month or so and then start again. I did find some companies that said they could help me with SEO, search engine optimization. I knew just enough to know I needed this but had no idea what it meant. So I paid two different companies at two different times to help me. Neither one did anything to help me reach the world.

In the back of my mind, I knew I needed to figure this out, but I didn’t know where to start. All I read on the internet only confused me more.

This Girl Needs Help

At this point in my story, it is almost as if God heard me and said: “this girl needs some help.” He was right because I had given up trying to reach the world. I continued to write because it was inside of me.a clock, time for miracles, GOD

My blog posts consisted of 300 words, and my poems were nothing to write home about. But it was a part of me, and I was compelled to do it.

Have you felt this way about something? You didn’t know how you would do it, but you couldn’t stop it from pouring out of you?

Whenever I wanted to try something new, I would go to the internet and search for reviews on the product I wanted to use.

On a particular day, I was researching a company when I ran across a review that said: “I have a better suggestion for you.” It meant I could sign in and look at it for free. My first thought was how is Wealthy Affiliate going to help me? Well, you and I both know Free means put in a credit card, and if they want to charge you later, they will have your card number.

No Credit Card Required

But this one said “no credit card required.” Did I believe them? NO! Because I am a curious person, I did sign in, and I did not have to use a credit card.

How Can I Change My Life?

Incredible-the story of your life and my life

I want to say once again that in this article I am not trying to sell you anything or get you to sign in. I want to relay my story to you because it is an incredible one. I will give you links so you can read more about it if you choose, but that is not the purpose of this post. I intend to show you how Wealthy Affiliate is the story of your life and the story of mine.

I was so overwhelmed by everything I saw. I didn’t know I could ask questions and I had no idea what Private Messaging was, I just wanted to learn everything. I was scared, and I already had a website and all I could think was “what am I doing here?” Imagine how frightened you would feel if you have never set up a website.

But as I went through the lessons, I realized how much I did not know. Stuff no one had ever bothered to tell me like Jaaxy and how Google works.

I remember stepping inside the platform with great trepidation and fear. Right here is the beginning of how this is the story of your life and the story of mine right along with you.  I had all kinds of thoughts that went along with this big step I took. It was a bit scary, but I did face my fears because I wanted to reach the world and those in this world who needed what I have to offer. People like you who need the support that I did not have when I was feeling alone and in the dark tunnel of life.

I am going to list my thoughts out for you. I think it will be easier if I do it this way.

What Was I Thinking?

What were my thoughts when I signed into the Wealthy Affiliate platform

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found this place. Was it possible or was I dreaming?blue cartoon birdie sitting on a computer thinking "my thoughts"
  2. Finally, I have someone to teach me what SEO is. I have searched for so long.
  3. But what if it is just another take your money and run type of place? I don’t think I can handle another disappointment.
  4. It really is free. They let me in without putting in a credit card. Who does that? NO ONE!
  5. This can’t be real. NO WAY!!!
  6. They keep wanting me to become premium, but I’m not ready yet. I didn’t feel pressured I just felt like they were in my way of learning all I could.
  7. I only have 7 days to figure this out. I have to move fast and use every bit of my time while it is free.
  8. When I finished lesson 7 which was the training on SEO I had to have more. So, I went premium. At one moment, I realized how much more I needed to learn. I knew this company could teach me all I needed to know. But I was still scared and overwhelmed.
  9. I was in shock when I got a 59% discount for the first month. No one told me. I mean I signed up, paid the money and saw the charge was $19 and not $49 a month. I really didn’t know what to think.

All of these emotions and thoughts were random and in no order. Each one ran through my head over and over at the speed of light. I was overwhelmed.

Can you think back on a time when God came to your rescue and answered your prayers? The answer was so incredible that the random thoughts and excitement didn’t stop. I know most of you can. Remember how your mind kept repeating over and over “this can’t be real?”

That is precisely how I felt!

Let’s fast forward a minute or two.

I did reach lesson #7, and I did become a premium member. Lesson 7 taught me about SEO. Yes, the one thing I had been searching on the internet for the past 3-4 years.

I did set up another website that I have abandoned and left it to sit idle for a while. I had to choose a niche and thought I wanted to do “outdoor living” but realized that was not my passion. I did transfer my poetry blog into the hosting platform of Wealthy Affiliate. At the same time, I was still wondered how is Wealthy Affiliate going to solve my problems to reach those who need me. I want to offer support and help to those who want inspiration and growth.

What I am about to tell you is one of the big reasons for my story. I have an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, and a FaceBook business account. I feel a bit guilty about this.

Please Let Me Explain.

I started these social media sites a few years back with my poetry and inspiration. But now I also put my writing on collage of my social media sitesthese sites for my Wealthy Affiliate. If it were not for Wealthy Affiliate, I would not have the following that I do now. I would not have the opportunity to inspire and help people grow. Google would not recognize my website, so I may help those having difficult times find their way into the light and out of the darkness.

But my Inspiration For Life site is only to help others. I make no money from it, but I do need money to run it. Oops, not really true. I made .38 cents last week from ads I place on there which is not much at all. So, I started promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate as much as saved my life, so it is only fitting, I use their affiliate program to help reach the world with inspiration and growth.

My websites “Inspiration For Life” and “Resign With Money” go hand in hand, and each one is helping those in need. One supports the other and allows people who have a desire to reach the world do so through Wealthy Affiliate. The incorporation of these two sites is the story of your life because without Wealthy Affiliate and my answered prayers I would not be writing this post right now.

Does this make sense at all? I sure hope it does. Because it is so important to me to let you know that I desire to reach the world and God sent me a way to do this, he sent me Wealthy Affiliate platform to teach me what I need to know to help you.

My heart and passion

My heart, my passion, my life is to reach all who are in need of my writing of poetry. I experienced growth so you may have support when you go through your dark moments. And how is Wealthy Affiliate making this possible? The incredible platform of this company has helped me learn all I need to know to bring inspiration, growth, and support to you.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate, I will leave the link in green here on this page for you. If you are interested in inspiration and personal growth, I will also leave links in purple to “Inspiration For Life.”

Resign With Money/Empower With Affiliate Marketing may have what you need. If you have a site or you want to make an income to leave your present job or retire you can do this through Wealthy Affiliate.

But most of all I wanted to reach you to let you know I am still here to inspire you and help you grow. Even when I post articles about Wealthy Affiliate, please understand that this company was sent to me by God so I may continue to be here for you.

You may have questions. Please feel free to leave any questions and comments in the comment section below. I am here to assist you and will get back with you very shortly. Thank you for reading my story. I appreciate your support and love.

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

10 thoughts on “How Is Wealthy Affiliate-The Story Of Your Life?”

  1. Hi Laura,

    You have a very inspiring story to tell!
    It’s great that you decided to get back to your writing of poetry, which is no doubt your passion.

    With Wealthy Affiliate and the amazing training to build and generate traffic with websites, you have the right platform now. And it’s only UP from here!


    • Kaju, Yes it is only uphill from here. Thank you for stopping by. Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I need to know to reach the world.

  2. Hi Laura
    I have also had challenges in my life and reading your post has made me smile from start to finish
    I was also curious about WA and decided to join for free and within 2 days, I went premium and all the doors opened into this amazing platform filled with training, resources and the support we get is wonderful
    I feel so safe belonging to this great platform and have 2 sites that work well together
    I wish you continued success and loads of fun helping people along the way 🙂

    • Oh Vicki, I know!!! Wealthy Affiliate has saved my life also. I wanted to help others and they have taught me to reach the world. I am in love with what I have learned and what is to come. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. And I am so happy you found value and a big smile in this article.

  3. Hi Laura, wow, this is quite the attention-getting and inspirational blog. I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for close to a year and although I feel like it is a very big part of my life (it certainly takes up a good deal of my free time), if it is the story of my life, then it’s a story that I’m still waiting to begin.

    I do think WA is the best platform around for affiliate marketing but sometimes I feel bogged down and like I’m spinning my wheels, or that I’ve missed some really big part of the training (I haven’t) because things just aren’t happening for my website like I’d hoped.

    But I have no intentions of giving up. I really do enjoy it, and I just keep trying to learn everything I can and do things right. Thank you so much for your encouraging and inspirational article and I will definitely be checking out your Poetry Blog! Thank you for sharing!


    • Hi Sue, thank you for checking out my poetry blog. All things in life tie together just like my two websites. And we can never give up because at the turn in the road there is light. 

      Starting an online business does take time to develop and I understand your comment “I am still waiting to begin.” It does feel that way when we put so much into it and wait for the yield to return. It is like the crops in the spring. Farmers have to wait to plant and then they have to wait to harvest. It all happens at the right time. 

  4. So many people are looking for a way to be free to do what they want and when they want. I’ve never been a supporter of working for someone else. I thought it was a waste of my precious time. Since I love to travel I was looking for a way to make money online.

    I was lucky I did not spend too much money on scams or ways that were unprofitable and a waste of my precious time.

    And then in some recommendation, I came across a Wealthy Affiliate … and.. wow…I can have all that for the price of $1 per day.

    That was a life-changing moment and never look back.

    Have a nice day,


  5. What a compelling story about how you came to WA by divine intervention! 

    I too love the platform. I started with the free account, as you did. I learned and accomplished so much in that first week!

    I wanted to see what was next, so I upgraded and haven’t looked back since. I’m almost done with the certification and the value of what I have learned is priceless. It’s worth far more than what I’ve paid into it.

    I’m only working on one site about back pain right now. It keeps me busy. One thing WA promises is that it takes work and won’t always be easy. The other promise is the community of like-minded people, including the owners, who are there with you every step of the way.

    Thanks for the inspiring story!

    • Jerimy, You sound so enthusiastic. That is how I feel about what God brought to me with Wealthy Affiliate. 2 websites is a lot of work but since these 2 go hand in hand I am willing to put in the work. 

      A website on back pain is much needed. Anyone who can avoid surgery or has had surgery and lives with back pain needs to see what you have for them. Keep up the good work. 

      Thanks for stopping by to read my story. All the best to you.


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