How Can I Retire Now?

The age-old question of how can I retire now is becoming more troublesome as time passes. According to a Gallup poll people under the age of 30 predict they will retire at less than 60 years of age. As they age their personal prediction rises. The closer to retirement a person gets the more reality sets in. The average retirement age is now 67 years old.

Why can’t you retire before age 67? The average household in America saves only 12% of their income for retirement. Which means you will only have $125,000 saved at the time of retirement. This amount of money as a supplement to social security will not last very long.

For you to retire at the age of 67, you will need a little over one-half of a million dollars to supplement your income. WOW!!! These numbers are daunting in comparison to the average amount retirees have saved. As mentioned above it is approximately $125,000.

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How To Survive Retirement

And what about social security in America? The way everyone talks about social security, it may no longer be an option.

In 1935 president Franklin D Roosevelt set up social security to supplement retirement income. The ones who worked received their social security upon retirement. But in the 1950s social security changed and was available to disabled workers. This change marked the beginning of concern for availability of social security funds in America.

As the baby boomers came along and the rise in the economy the social security benefits held their own until 2017. The amount of money paid out now exceeds the amount taken in. If you earn an average income of $57,000, a year, you should have at $403,000 put away for retirement at age 67.

The baby boomers are now retiring, and the next generation is a smaller percentage of people to pay into the system. The social security benefits for future payout are expected to drop by one-quarter of the expected income for retirees. And by the year 2034 social security is supposed to be nonexistent.

nothing left on a social security card

These predictions are ominous for the future of Americans expecting to retire. With the rise in the economy and the decrease in retirement savings, you will not have an income to help you live. How can I retire now will no longer be the question? The questions will be more like “how will I pay the bills and put food on the table?”

How can I retire now? Some ideas

Three ideas

1. Continue working well into your 70s
2. Become a nuclear family
3. Start an online business with full training

You can work longer. Many Americans are working into their 70’s to supplement their retirement income. The demands of a job are taxing on the body as we age. I believe you can work into your 70’s, but the output of your work will decrease which will make it difficult to keep a job.

Laura and Jason riding on a harley in new zealand

Some are working because they love to work. But wouldn’t it be nice to set your hours and work when you want to. Then you can take the honey away when you choose to go on a cruise or a motorcycle ride. 

The young have the stamina that corporations want. Today the production required of employees is increasing and demands higher energy output. How will you keep up with these energy demands?

You can live with your family. They can foot the bill, and with your supplement of social security, you will have a good life. The extended family unit is not as accepted here in America but it is an excellent alternative to working if you have declining health.

The only problem with this is the average income of workers today may not be enough to feed another mouth or two. This option takes us back to the beginning of how can I retire now.

Online marketing

The third option I offer is to continue working but not in a job that requires an increased expenditure of your energy. People are making money online today and one of those ways is affiliate marketing.

For many Americans age, 55 to 70 affiliate marketing sounds like a strange suggestion. You know a bit about the internet, but you don’t think you know enough to start an online business. I believe you do know enough and with the right training you can set up a very lucrative business right from your home.

I am 62 years old, and I did retire from my job as an emergency room nurse on Sept 6, 2018. I was 61 at the time. Just like you, I knew a bit about the internet but not enough to make money at an online business.

I stumbled onto a company named Wealthy Affiliate while researching another subject. It was a God-given thing for me. I didn’t know what I would do with my retirement time, but I knew my days of emergency room nursing were coming to a close. The physical demand was becoming too much for me.

Wealthy Affiliate

On the internet, you can find many ways to make money. Many of them boast how you can get rich quick and make millions. But they don’t teach you anything, and they require numerous upsells to keep you caught up in the scam of someone else getting rich off of you.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I learned everything I needed to know to start an online business. I mean everything! No stone was left uncovered with the training.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded 13 years ago by Kyle and Carson. Fresh out of college they wanted to set up a platform to help people make money online. Every year since then they have continued to improve Wealthy Affiliate and promote a “pay it forward” mentality for the people who are members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Post “My Wealthy Affiliate-It Might Be For You” A more in-depth look into Wealthy Affiliate. 

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Post, “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or What?” My honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. This post has a wonderful comparison chart for FREE vs Premium membership. 


I want to address the price now because you may be thinking it will cost an arm and a leg for something this extraordinary. NOT true. It is Free to step inside and take a look around, and you can go through the first 10 lessons free.

The beginning lessons include setting up a website, learning how to choose your niche, learning how to get google to see your site, learning how to write a post, learning how to affiliate with companies to get paid and so much more — all in the first ten free lessons.

When you chose to go premium (you don’t have to) the cost is only $49 a month. But when you become a premium member within the first 7 days, I will give you a 59% discount on your first month. Your discount is only $19 for your first month.

There will be only one other thing you will need to purchase, and that will be a domain for about $13 a year. NO other upsells or money out is required to start your business.

Please see “My honest review” above for a complete comparison chart for the Free vs Premium membership.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is;
1. You find a niche, decide what product you are interested in and would like to talk about
2. You then find the companies (affiliate programs) that have the product you want to promote
3. You join these companies (for free)
4. Someone clicks on your product and makes a purchase
5. The affiliate company pays you

It is a simple process but if you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing you will need to have extensive training on how to make this happen.


As I mentioned earlier, the first 10 lessons are free, but the training does not stop there. You can choose to continue and take all 45+ lessons. Not to mention the weekly live training and the training offered by experienced WA members.

I am confident that after you complete the first 10 lessons, you will know if Wealthy Affiliate is for you. You will have an answer to the question of how can I retire now and be on your way to preparing for your long-awaited day of rest.


Wealthy Affiliate is a world in itself. Like-minded people are helping others. Experienced Affiliate Marketers here to offer help and answer questions 24/7/365. We are a world-wide platform, so someone is always awake to assist you. As well as myself to mentor you and guide you as you embark on your journey to supplement your retirement income.

Bottom Line

The critical thing to remember is; Wealthy Affiliate is a business that you start and maintain online. If you know very little about Affiliate Marketing and internet business, it doesn’t matter. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you go through extensive training step-by-step designed by the co-founder Kyle himself.

If you want to retire and you don’t have the money, this is a job you can do from home at your own pace. Here in the USA you can start your social security at age 62 and use your online business as I do to supplement your retirement.

You will need extra income unless you are independently wealthy. You may have saved more than the average 12% per year for retirement, but the finances do not go far. Have you dreamed of traveling after you retire? Your online business can help you have the finances to travel to new and exciting places.

Now is the time to start. Why now instead of when you retire? Because it takes time to learn and establish your website. It takes time for your site to start generating revenue: three months or six months or a year. The time frame varies for each person.

So how can you retire now? Technically retiring now may not be feasible but with the ability to make extra income you won’t have to work until you are 65 or 70. You can start preparing now for the future. Wouldn’t you rather work from home instead of having to clock in each day like you have done your whole life? I thought so because I prefer this and I love what I do on my computer here at home.

Get started on your FREE membership now. Take the first 10 lessons to see how you can retire more comfortably. 

I would love to hear from you. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Please leave your questions and comments in the comment section below. I will be back with you very shortly. 

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14 thoughts on “How Can I Retire Now?”

  1. I just retired myself, and I can tell you social security pays literally nothing, so making extra money online is an absolutely necessity for me in my life.  I haven’t saved nearly enough money (never was very good at that lol), but I wasn’t about to wait until I was 65 to retire so here I am.  I really love the Wealthy Affiliate program, and it’s awesome that you aren’t forced to upgrade. It’s a choice you can make or not make and that is what really proves the legitimacy of the program.

    • Hi Babsie, I am right here with you on retirement. Social security doesn’t even begin to cover needs. So many people will need to make extra income just like you and I are. I also love Wealthy Affiliate. I did choose to upgrade because there are so many benefits to me. But you are right no one has to ever upgrade if they choose not to. 

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, retirement is a very important subject that everyone has to prepare for. You’ve outlined some strong points here and I’m beginning to consider the age for my retirement. Thinking through the options you gave, working for someone in my 70’s would be a very bad decision on my side. That sounds much like slavery to me because if in one’s youthful age you couldn’t make enough to cater for your retirement what guarantees that the money you make in retirement would be enough for a better life. 

    I would rather consider building my business now in online marketing as the opportunities with the internet today is enormous. Besides, I’m almost using the internet all the time and I think it’s better to leverage it for my retirement. Thanks for the ideas you’ve shared here.  

    • It is very wise for you to begin planning for retirement now. As we get older we have much to offer in experience and wisdom but the energy level does decrease. So I suggest that as you increase your income through internet affiliate marketing that you save for retirement. Save all you can. When the day comes you will still have your business and you will have money to enjoy life. 

  3. I love the affiliate marketing idea. I already have one niche site set up that markets my own product with another that is geared toward affiliate marketing. While I still have ways to go before I make a full-time income, I’m seeing more and more traffic for my sites by the week. My plan is within the next couple years to “retire” from my day job and focus on my sites and products I release. It’s not an alternative, but the way of the future, I believe.

    • Hi Todd, you are so right in your statement ” It’s not an alternative, but the way of the future, I believe.” Affiliate marketing is what the world is turning to. Just like JC Penny and Sears were the way back in the 80s so affiliate Marketing is the way now. It will never be saturated with the billions of people shopping online.
      Good for you on your websites. You are young to retire. I am so happy for you.

  4. To me, affiliate marketing is a thing of the future. I have two niche sites up and running and one of them is geared toward affiliate marketing. I agree wholeheartedly about your views on social security. It simply won’t be there when I retire and at 27, I believe my prediction bodes accurate. There’s another way, and that’s learning to affiliate market or market your own products, or both. Do you think affiliate marketing is going to be the go-to for primary income within the next ten to fifteen years?

    • Oh my, Todd, affiliate marketing is going to be the only way in the next 10-15 years. Brick and mortar stores are closing. Everyone is turning to online buying. We are in the right place to grow a very lucrative business online. and the really cool thing is: It will never grow old. There is enough room for everyone with billions of internet users out there. 

      People talk about getting in on the ground floor before things are saturated. They don’t say that about affiliate marketing. It will always be the ground floor. 

  5. This article has been a thrill to read, Laura. You have encompassed all that I have heard about WA through your experiences. I too have taken the steps to being a Premium member of WA. 

    I absolutely enjoy the training and the awesome community and support that comes with the program. I shall point my friends and family members to this awesome site, simply because of its straight forward, no-nonsense information

    Brilliantly done!

    All the Very Best!


    • Thank you so much, Paul. I only want to give the truth. And wealthy affiliate is, in my opinion, the only respectable platform in the business. 

  6. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say its lovely This is an eye opener for me I love the three ideas on retirement you outlined in this article.

    I also resigned my job last year and i am now a full time blogger. I never regretted my actions 

    Thanks for sharing this lovely tips. its well appreciated

    • Thank you. I too am a full-time blogger doing affiliate marketing. Isn’t it the best ever? I love the flexibility and time it provides me to set my schedule. I also love the income. Traveling is so important to my husband and I. We can take many vacations now and do all the things we have dreamed of. 

  7. You so right its bit good for one to retire without having a source of income and I would recommend marketing as one.

    Affliate marketing would be the best option or probably open your online store this would assure more flow of incomes to carter for your family and daily needs.

    And thanks for mentioning wealthy affiliate they would be the best platform to start your affiliate marketing on.

    • You are welcome. Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform in my opinion. They have taught me so many ways to make money online. I can’t possibly go into all of them. I only hope that those who are in need see this post and take a look around. I know just like myself and so many others they will see how incredible it is. 


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The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...