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HIJACK’D Review – $997 A Day Or Are you getting “Jack’d”?

HIJACK’D is a bold name for this type of product. Why? Well, we’re talking about “unlimited free buyer traffic that HIJACK’D brings to your secret money link 24/7.” And they stated, “it pays me $997+ every day.” But who’s really getting Hijack’d here? Take a look at my HIJACK’D review to make sure it isn’t you.

I will break down the essential information you need. Whether you’re an affiliate marketing veteran or brand new to the business, my breakdown of the essential information will help you decide.

Are you being Jack’d?

Let’s take a closer look at HIJACK’D and what we will cover:

  1. Who is Glynn Kosky?
  2. What is HIJACK’D?
  3. HIJACK’D Review
  4. Is HIJACK’D A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding HIJACK’D
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: HIJACK’D

Founder: Glynn Kosky

Price: $19

Who Is Glynn Kosky?

Glynn Kosky is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and super affiliate with over 40 #1 launches on Warrior Plus, ClickBank & JV Zoo. 

Glynn jumped fully into the world of digital marketing in 2013. He is ranked as one of the most successful affiliate marketing professionals and delivers public speeches on the subject worldwide.

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What Is HIJACK’D ?

HIJACK’D is a traffic-generation software that siphons traffic from large websites and directs them to an affiliate link. That link can be yours or theirs. In theory, you can use your website or upgrade to Done for You and do nothing but click a few checkboxes to fire up your cash maker.

HIJACK’D Review Analysis

There are two components to Hijack’d you need to understand to make a genuine evaluation of the opportunity. Those components are:

  1. The Technical aspect
  2. The money factor

We will take a closer look at each.

The Technical Aspect

Technically speaking, HIJACK’D is a pretty straightforward program. They state on the sales page it even works for a “technology caveman.”

Not so fast. While that sounds comical and conveys a solid image, it isn’t intuitive enough for a “caveman” or anyone unfamiliar with affiliate marketing terms and objectives.

There’s no single button to click that bellows (in caveman’s voice), “Me wannnnt casssshhhhhh.”

There are several drop-down and fill-in-the-blank fields you will need to fill in manually unless you upgraded to the Done for You portion.

For newbies, the good news is you’ll be presented with YouTube explainers for every single step you take.

HIJACK’D has a simple dashboard that renders easy-to-understand campaign tools to manage your collection of cash.

The Money Factor

But what about the money? Is it a cheddar factory?

According to the website, HIJACK’D “pays you $997 a day for simply copying and pasting a link”. Yeah, that’s the part I struggle with, too.

There are so many variables at play. I don’t believe that, for $19 without any upgrades, you can push one button and knock down a rack a day.

If you have a successful affiliate website and experience in running these campaigns, maybe you’ll be in that minority who could bank $997 every day. But if you are starting, it will likely take a lot more effort than a single click of the ole mouse.

And even with that type of work, $997 a day is probably not likely to be the number. Having said that, Glynn Kosky has had over forty #1 launches for a reason. It does have the potential to drive traffic and therefore make you some money.

HIJACK’D says it has a 180-day money-back guarantee, but what does that mean, and what would be the process for obtaining that money back.

Based on Glynn’s Facebook page, that whole refund thing may be one of the greatest challenges with HIJACK’D. I wouldn’t gamble on it being an easy nor fast process.

Perhaps if you invested more than $19, it might reward you with a better ROI.


OTO 1 UNLIMITED $67 unlimited campaigns versus one at a time

OTO 2 DONE FOR YOU $97 – you make the purchase and hand Glynn and company the keys. Basically, you’re creating a passive generating income.

OTO 3 UNLIMITED TRAFFIC $97 – you siphon traffic nonstop from an infinite number of campaigns.

OTO 4 AUTOMATED TRAFFIC $67- DFY done by the hands of Glynn’s algorithms.

OTO 5 ATM EDITION $67 – Unlimited everything. In theory, if you have taken advantage of all the offers, it maxes everything out to provide the best yield available. It should be making money shoot out of your phone.

OTO 6 LICENSE RIGHTS $197 -This enables you to have the right to do exactly what Glynn has done. Offer it to other affiliate marketers with you running the show and keeping all the dough.


  • Low buy in
  • 180 day money back guarantee
  • Glynn Kosky has launched many top-ranked programs
  • Can be set as a passive income generator
  • Doesn’t require you to have a website
  • A multitude of training videos


  • Not as simple as Glynn suggests
  • You need an understanding of affiliate marketing strategies and what works in your market to do it independently
  • $975 a day seems like an exaggerated claim
  • As always, his testimonials seem to be using free images of random people. Are the testimonies even real?
  • When I see the words “secret”, “Free money”, “copy and paste” and “10 seconds” in a sales page it sends up Red Flags.
  • The statements that “all financial worries are gone” and “you can spend all of your time with friends” is a bit over the top.


A scam is a fraudulent offer, and HIJACK’D s offering you the traffic-driving software. The software looks 100% functional, but nothing says the traffic will buy your offer. However, it may expose your offer to potential buyers.

The bottom line is; with the basic HIJACK’D package, you may make some money. But the more you upgrade (pay Glynn), the more Glynn says you can make.

You can use your own website, or if you pay more money, Glynn will do it for you. But still, can you make money?

My Recommendations for HIJACK’D

HIJACK'D Review pin

I feel like I’ve pulled a wild card. If you’re a beginner, absolutely not. As soon as you log in to HIJACK’D you’re going to be overwhelmed. Any business worth pursuing is worth understanding.

When it comes to earning financially-liberating money, don’t jump into something until you can maximize its potential.

As for veterans of affiliate marketing, if you have a proven, content-rich website for them to send traffic to, this MIGHT be an income generator. To what amount, I’m not sure.

But if traffic is all you seek, it may be a tool that fits your needs. Remember that most success in the business comes from finding a niche that suits you and creates a call to action. With that CTA, you can reach a specific audience.

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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