HBA Funnel Builder-Best Value Or Not?

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What is the HBA funnel builder? Is it a best value or not? Before we talk about the funnel builder, we need to talk about HBA or Home Business Academy. 

From what I have researched on the internet Home Business Academy is a company that offers products that you can promote. The company is an affiliate company, and HBA Funnel Builder is one of the newest products provided by HBA. 

Home Business Academy boasts high commission rates and recurring affiliate commissions. After looking at what they offer, I believe other affiliates also provide these same offer of comissions. 

I am an affiliate Marketer and I do not pay a company to become an affiliate of theirs. ShareASale, Amazon, and Clickbank are only three of the large companies who do not charge to belong to their affiliate programs.

Onward to HBA funnel builder. 

I will be covering;

  1. What HBA funnel builder offers.
  2. What is a marketing funnel?
  3. Is their offer better than other companies?
  4. My recommendations.
  5. Red flags.
  6. The best platform to create a website to use funnels.

HBA Funnel Builder

Program name: HBA Funnel Builder

Founder: Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobs

Price: as high as $25 and $25 monthly

Recommended: yes, and no.   SCAM: no

What HBA Funnel Builder Offers.

Compared to how I create funnels.

$25 price tag is reasonable. 80% are higher. The 20% lower do not offer the same package.

  1. Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5. I use Elementor page builder on my website and can create any of these pages and more.
  2.  I can not share my pages whereas with HBA you can copy and share the pages.
  3. I will not pay for an affiliation.
  4. number 8, most pay monthly.
  5. number 9 most offer a 30 money back guarantee.
funnel offers

What Is A Marketing Funnel?

marketing funnel

A marketing funnel acts on the same principle as a water funnel. It is wider at the top to draw people to your offer or website. As they become interested and like something, you have to offer they continue to move down to funnel. 

You create trust in your customers by offering them valuable content and products. 

The pages in a funnel are designed to lead your customer or reader to the next intent. Such as a purchase, email capture, or sign up for a product you offer. 

Is Their Offer Better Than Other Companies?

Paul and Mike developed a funnel page system you can use on your website or any site where you want to draw people into an offer. 

Funnels are not a new concept. They were in use before the internet began with the same principle in brick and mortar stores. So what they are offering is not a state of the art new invention. 

What they are offering you is a program with templates and a drag and drop page builder system. You choose the template that best fits your needs and change it to match your intent. 

If you are not familiar with funnels, this may not be a good fit for you. The training they offer is to create a funnel and not to teach you how to or what a funnel is. 

But if you are familiar with funnels, then this may be a good fit for you. The reason I say this is because of the price. Around 80% of the funnel programs on the market today will cost you an average of $200-$400 a month to use and you still need to know what you are doing. 

I know most of the funnels are teaching that you don’t need a website to sell your product. But to have an offer and no way to create trust in your customer, you will lose conversions, which is a loss of money no matter what your funnel pages you use.

My Recommendations

Thumbs UP

I am giving this product a thumbs up and down. HBA funnel builder can benefit you if you know about funnels and how they work. If you are good at creating pages and know what will convert, then this is good for you because the price is affordable.

Thumbs Down

I am also giving this product a thumbs down because if you are a newbie to marketing funnels and internet marketing, then it won't matter how reasonable the price is. The money you save is a waste if you can not set up a funnel the instructions and templates.

There are very few to no red flags. I did see a couple so I will list those and the reasoning behind my decision to do so. 

Red Flags

  1. An affiliate program is free-No one should charge to affiliate with you. You are giving free advertising for one of the product, and in return, you receive a commission. 
  2. The video training is for the set up of each page and how t change the design. You will not get training on what type of funnel you will need. But at the same time, I did not see where the misled you in the video I have set up here. 
  3. They only offer a 3 days money back guarantee. Why can they not give at least 2 weeks for you to try it to see if it meets your needs? But I do understand with the share feature someone can create a bunch of pages, share to themselves and then cancel.

I do NOT believe this product is a scam. I have given it a thumbs up, and a thumbs down and listed the reasoning behind my decision. I am not sure how many templates you will get for $25 a month, but you can clear any template and make a completely new one.

The Method That Taught Me

The best place to incorporate marketing funnels into your business is to learn all about affiliate marketing and set up a website. 

But marketing funnels are not something you learn about right away. First, you will learn how to choose a niche and the how to creating and designing your website.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a business that is yours to build and learn to earn a lucrative income. 

You can learn to create an affiliate marketing business from home. Download the free eBook at the top of this page. Learn more about it, and I will go from there to break it all down and teach you all about affiliate marketing and how to create a website.


If you have questions or thoughts regarding HBA Funnel Builder, please take some time to leave a comment below in the comments section. Or if you have questions on funnels, in general, I am happy to help. I would love to hear from you and provide the answers to your questions.

4 thoughts on “HBA Funnel Builder-Best Value Or Not?”

  1. Funnel builders are essential when it comes to making a system transforming your internet passersby to loyal fans. You need that system to keep them updated and accountable with whatever you are working on. Be it an online shop or products, anything. 

    But then, you don’t have to take so much risks and spend so much money from a funnel that’s not certain or without guaranteed results. You don’t have to begin this implementation if you’re a newbie blogger. 

    Have time to explore what’s in there, and don’t let your impatience overpower you and your decision to buy stuff you think is right for your website without knowing it 100% in terms of of its pros and cons.

    • I so agree with you that funnels are essential for our websites. As a newbie, I didn’t give it much thought because they are more useful for a well-established site. 

      We can each make a funnel, but that is time-consuming. These funnels may be helpful, but I have a feeling they are just a generic of all the other ones on the market. 

      Have time to explore is good advice, and I appreciate your input. Thank you.

  2. This seems to be a product that is good for those who might have some internet marketing success under their belt and are looking for a cost-effective investment. For those who lack experience, it might be wise to go with a better product like Wealthy Affiliate, which is still very cost-effective and will give you a step by step method on creating your own niche sites. One can learn funnels when they have a more established site. 

    • It is a reasonable price, but I am not sure how good the funnels are. That is why I was a bit skeptical and did not recommend this site 100%. 

      WA will, without a doubt, teach you to set up an incredible website that you can use funnels on in the future. 


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This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...