Has Technology Changed Business

How has technology changed business and the way consumers shop? Are the day of shopping malls and small businesses coming to a close? The digital age is here to stay, and online shopping is a way of life.

Today we live in the Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age.) We have seen a rapid shift away from the traditional industry into an economy based on information technology.

Has technology changed business?has technology changed business

The year 2018 has seen the closing of Sears and Kmart, Toys’ R’ Us, and the announcement of closing nearly 5000 other stores. The year 2019 followed suit, with many stores struggling. Then comes the year 2020 with JC Penny filing bankruptcy after 118 years of business. In the past five years, brick and mortar stores cannot keep up with the new Digital Age. Companies have to change with the times or time will catch up with them.

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The digital computer age has changed the way consumers shop. No longer are the millennial generation going to the store to buy what they need. They shop online. There are billions of people who go to the internet to search for products and consequently make a purchase. The pandemic of 2020 has seen a new age of online shopping.

How has technology changed business? Online buyers now can better comparison shop. Online shopping has given the consumer an ability to make better decisions based on the vast selection of products and more information. Not to mention, online shopping has created a haven for COVID-19 lockdown and shopping.

Affiliate Marketing Is Booming.

Affiliate marketing is the booming business of the information technology age. Companies provide a free affiliation with websites that promote their products, producing a win, win situation. The company profits from the sale, but they have very little advertising, the website profits when someone buys a product, and the consumer benefits from the in-depth information available with comparison shopping.

Has technology changed business into a world of affiliate marketing? It appears that Affiliate marketing is the most affordable way to make money online today. Some of you may be saying what is affiliate marketing, and how do I start?

Affiliate Marketing is you promoting a product from a company, the consumer purchases from your website, and you earn a commission for every product you sell.

But first, you need a website to promote these products. My #1 recommendation for training and hosting is Wealthy Affiliate.

What is affiliate marketing?

Has technology changed business and helped affiliate marketing rise to the top? Affiliate marketing can compete with big companies like Nike or Apple. Here is how you can rise above with affiliate marketing. Start by building a information highwaywebsite and branding yourself. Build trust among your readers and help them solve their shopping needs.


Branding is building a line that your customers expect from your website. For instance, Nike is known for athletic apparel and sports apparel. Apple is known for its technology. What are you known for_____? You find what you are passionate about, and you build a brand, a business.

Let’s say you are passionate about dogs. You build a website, and on this site, you write about dogs, breeds, collars, fences, you get my drift—anything and everything that has to do with dogs. As you write and grow, so does your website, and you become an expert who is trusted by dog lovers.


You are not an expert, but your readers grow to trust your recommendations and see you as an expert. Online shoppers are looking for trust and honesty. Your website will be trustworthy when you review products and only recommend what you believe is best.

How to compete with big companies

Another way to compete with the big companies is to use a platform for keyword search. You use a search tool such as Jaaxy and look for words that are unique and will be recognized by Google. Oh, this sounds complicated? No, it is quite simple, but it does require a bit of time to research and find the right words to get placed at the top of the page. Not to mention, you have full access to extensive step-by-step training.


What is Jaaxy, you ask? Affiliate marketers developed Jaaxy FOR affiliate marketers. The Jaaxy platform is an incredible site for keyword and research. Jaaxy makes searching for keywords smooth. You put in what readers may be looking for, and this platform spits out words with rankings that will rise to the top of page one on google. The higher up on google you go, the more traffic and the more sales you make.

Has technology changed business? YES! There is a need in today’s society for online marketing, and you can fulfill that need, solve a problem, and earn money. Is this a get rich quick scheme. NO! Does it require work? YES! You will be starting your own business. It is not a magical solution but rather a real way to set up a long-term income for your future.

Why Wealthy Affiliate 

I am sure there are many offers on the internet to help you build an online business. But no one compares to Wealthy Affiliate. I have never seen a company with such strong integrity and ability to continue for 13 years based on a desire to help others.

Free Sign In
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You can sign up today free. What does this mean? It means you can go into the Wealthy Affiliate platform and set up a website free. You will have ten step-by-step training sessions that walk you through how to do affiliate marketing. Who on earth offers this type of business free? Wealthy Affiliate does! You can remain a free member for up to 6 months, or you can become a premium member for just $49 a month or a discounted rate when you go yearly. The choice is all yours.

But with the premium, you have access to set up 10 websites and over 50 training sessions on how to be successful. Also, within the community of Wealthy Affiliate, other members offer new training regularly.

Wealthy Affiliate almost sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it is not. You are starting a business that will make you money for your future. You will have to put in the work to make this business successful, but you have all the tools you need to achieve success.

I have been a member of WA for 2 years now. It has changed my life. I absolutely love what I am doing and the knowledge I have gained in 2 years.


Is it time for you to change the way you do business?

  1. The digital age has moved shopping from brick and mortar to online.
  2. Affiliate marketing is the way to earn a passive income.
  3. There are billions of consumers who need what you have to sell.
  4. When you have the right tools and training, you can accomplish anything.
  5. Choose a passion and sell products from your website.
  6. Rank high on google with keyword research on a platform known as Jaxxy
  7. You have an offer on the table to try out affiliate marketing free.

Your ability to make money online is incredible, and with billions of consumers all flocking to the internet to make a purchase, you will not run out of prospects. The training is far above any other site on the internet. The support from the community is 24/7/365 continuous and forever.

Wealthy Affiliate is a “pay it forward” principle. Someone helps you and you help someone else. Do you want to make money so you can resign from that grueling job? It would be easier to work from home and Affiliate with a company that has absolutely everything you need to create a successful business for yourself?

4 Things To Rememberthe word success

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to accomplish your goal with affiliate marketing. Keep these four things in mind as you make your decision.

  1. The right training can help you achieve anything you set your mind to do.
  2. With the proper support, you can find a solution to any hitch in the road.
  3. Keep the right mindset (integrity and perseverance), and you will go far.
  4.  It is time for you to change and take the leap!

The world is at your feet. Don’t let it slip away! Learn how I make money online!

I know you may have questions as you read. Please leave comments, and I will get back to you very shortly. I am here as your coach and mentor to assist you on your journey to success.

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16 thoughts on “Has Technology Changed Business”

  1. I personally started learning affiliate marketing because I knew the buying trends of people that are in my age group. Especially shopping on amazon. I’d figure it makes sense to get a piece of the action so to speak and share in Amazons profits through their affiliate program. On top of that, I didn’t want to play by the old rules of go to school and get a job. Jobs seem to be less and less secure these days.

    • Jessie, There is an affiliate program for everything on the internet. Amazon is by far one of the biggest but the options are endless. What ever someone wants to set up a niche for has an affiliate program. And Wealthy Affiliate can teach them how to do all of this. 

  2. Surely its not a secret, technology have changed business, that is the plain truth. So many people are failing to realize that we are experiencing Internet Revolution, very few  people are taking advantage of this. The quicker you appreciate that the better. I am surprised, so many people are still spending 5 years pursuing a University Degree, and what happens after that? He will have to look for an employment. it’s utter ridiculous. 

    A 5 year spend on learning internet business is better than a college degree because, after you have built your business online, it will begin paying you good money, technology has changed the way we live and every mind and business has to realize that. We are in the Digital edge, its very true

    • Yes we are in the digital age. While I believe college is good people may want to pursue a different degree. The traditional degrees may not take them far. But affiliate marketing will go far if you put in the work. 

      So as you said if a person puts the same work into an affiliate business as they did n college they will have a business for life. 

      Thank you for your comment and input. 


  3. Wow, what a topic! After I read this article, it took me into a different perspective of seeing this modern world. I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate before, but you have given me a lot more information than I heard. It is really amazing to see how there are opportunities everywhere as we move on in this world. Wealthy Affiliate is an indication for it. Thanks for giving us these amazing information.

    • You are so welcome. I am so happy to helped to shape your mind about the internet and Wealthy Affiliate. Yes there is always a way to have an online business. Wealthy Affiliate offers an incredible way with trust and honesty. I just want to tell the world what they are missing. 

  4. Hi, Laura, I appreciate what you said about yourself, including your love for your husband. The passion you bring to helping people comes through in your article. I like that you’ve gone into what affiliate marketing is. So many don’t get it, or else they write it off as just another get-rich-quick scheme. I can’t agree with you more on the importance of branding; marketers are typically focused on the tangible, the concrete, the product itself, while forgetting about the brand, what it means to the customer and how it creates trust in the mind of the customer. Thanks for the post; a lot of interesting information in there. 

    • Kevin, Yes you are so right about the branding. We have to be trustworthy people and build the trust of our readers. There are so many scams on the internet now. People can tell when you are not real. So it’s not just about the product but rather about real people who need to know about the products we affiliate with. 


  5. This was so interesting to read, as its something to relevent to me right now. With technology improving massively over the past 10 years, opportunities that weren’t avaiable before are now. 

    I decided to start my own online business and I remember when I started my parents didnt like what i was doing, and they would rather me work the hard way through a offline job. I tried to explain to them the concept of what I do and how this is the way forward, however they still see it as a cop out.

    I guess I just have to prove them wrong by working hard! 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing,


    • Josh, You have the right idea. Affiliate marketing is a business and it does take work. Your parents are use to the old brick and mortar type of selling. They don’t understand the internet. 

      When you are successful they will understand more. Follow your heart and work hard. You will be successful at online marketing. 

      I wish you the best. 


  6. You are so right, technology has absolutely been a big reason for the brick and mortar stores closing down.  Is this a good or bad thing?  Well I believe there is room for both.  However with the sway I believe anyone trying to work online does need to take advantage of a company like Wealthy Affiliate to help them make money and earn a living from the internet.

    • Dale, I feel the stores closing is a sad thing. I changed my way of shopping years ago. I shop for everything online and I love the way I can read reviews and compare products. 

      We have to have forward thinking to stay up with the business world. That mind set is the internet and affiliate marketing. And yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform by far to accomplish a successful online business. The training alone when we follow it will catapult one into success.

  7. Technology is always improving, the companies that don’t adapt to the new tech, usually fail. 

    I’m pretty glad to be apart of the affiliate marketing business, it’s something I actually enjoy doing in my spare time. With putting in effort and making the right decisions, anyone can see success. In many ways, it’s actually really easy to start and maintain if you’re doing a few niche sites that you enjoy personally.

    • Yes Ty, it is easy to do but initially it does take some time and effort to learn a new way. But the training is so incredible. I just followed every step of training and it moved me through to the next step. 

      I am so so very happy to have a business in affiliate marketing and to be affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate, Kyle and Carson are set up to help people like me succeed. And the number of people I can reach is mind blowing. 

      Thank you for your comment. 


  8. Great article Laura! I think that technology has changed so many things and here in my country so many people was forced to leave their job just because of technology. I am afraid that technology will slowly but surely replace humans in the future. I like how you described Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best ways to learn and earn with affiliate marketing.

    • Yes technology is changing the world. With so many stores closing the unemployment numbers will rise. I just hope that people see they can still make money. They just need to change with the times. And Wealthy Affiliate can teach them all they need to know to keep up with technology. 


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