This guide to find a niche is an addition to the training set up at Wealthy Affiliate. For you to be successful it is very important for you to follow the training. When you get to the lesson on choosing a niche this information will help you choose one.

What I want to impart to you. 

  1. Get a clear understanding of what a niche is.
  2. Find your perfect niche.
  3. Determine is your niche profitable.
  4. Your final choice 

What Is A Niche? A Better Understanding

A niche is a market you create. A niche does not happen, but instead, you make it happen. You find something that you are interested in or have a passion for and create a market for that product. You target that market with your niche blog.

It is best to find a niche that is a passion or interest of yours. It is easier to promote products you know about when you are first starting out in affiliate marketing. 

A niche is also a product that provides a solution to a problem your followers have.


Your followers are on the internet searching for a new coffee pot. Their problem is discontent over the one they have . You are selling coffee pots on your site. They find your site and purchase a coffee pot.

You just solved their problem and earned a commission.


 Some say to choose a niche with products that sell for a lot. You may want to do this later but for now you are learning. So I want you to choose a niche that is of high interest to you and a passion.

It will be easier to research the products and write about them if you are interested in it.

How Will You Arrive At The Final Choice For A Niche?

 You may be new to affiliate marketing and these tasks may appear overwhelming or they may feel too simple. Either way I would like for you to follow each step. In the end it may surprise you what niche you choose.

First Task

 Get one or two pieces of paper. Leave room on the side for the addition of a sub-list to be added later. 

Make a list of:

  • Your favorite pastimes
  • Your dreams and desires throughout your life
  • The products you use in your home, from cleaning supplies to personal items. Include electronics and kitchen items.
  • Look at your surroundings as you go through your day. Any part of your day such as work or shopping.
  • Write down things you have wanted to learn and interests you have had over the years.

Take time to create an extensive list. This is a very important part to choosing a niche that is interesting to you and profitable.

You may have an idea what niche you want to use. I still want you to follow the exercises because it may help you to narrow down your niche.

If your niche is too broad you will not reach the target audience that you are setting your blog up to reach.

Catagorize Your List

I want you to take your lists and categorize it according to which things on your list may be of interest.

Start with the most important first and move on from there.


First list : (most interesting or most important and/or a passion)

  • Beauty products
  • Outdoor furniture

Second list: (of lesser interest)

  • Outdoor clothing
  • Hair care

These are just examples.

Now you have 4 or 5 lists set up that are of interest to you or is a passion of yours. The ones that are not of interest you will take off of the list.

Second Task

Take your list and head to Amazon on your computer. Here we will narrow down your list some more.

I will show you how to determine if something you have on your list is a popular item that may do well.


We are not using amazon to sell at this point. We are using it to research what is the best niche for you.

As you do this task you will put a sub-list beside the items you already have on your list. As you find a popular item in amazon you will want to add it to your sub-list.

Correlate each number on the photo with the instructions here.

  1.  set search to all
  2. type in search bar best selling 
  3. If you find a category in the search area to the left, then click on it. Look to the right. 
  4. On the right, you will see subcategories to help narrow down your niche. 

If you find an item that matches a topic on your list in both of these columns, then you know this niche is in demand.  

amazon search tutorial

Now you have a list and a sublist.

After looking at Amazon you may have eliminated some of your ideas because the products were not popular on amazon.

If you do not find it on amazon but it is the most important desire of yours then keep it and we will check it on google trends next.

Google Trends

Head to google trends on your computer. 

Start with the first topics on your list and put one at a time into the search bar. 


You are looking to see how the topic trends and if it is profitable.

I used gardening and beauty treatments as the 2 examples.

As you can see gardening is seasonal and would not be a good niche unless you only want to make money in the summer months.

Beauty trends is a good one but too broad so google made some suggestions.

When you type your topic into the search bar you will see suggestions. Some of these may be a narrow down of what you are searching.

At the bottom you will see suggestions also that you can search to narrow down you niche.

You may want to search some of these suggestions to see if the trend is better.

screenshot of google trends

By now you have eliminated many products on your list.

Take the ones still left on your list and categorize them according to what is your top interest and what has the highest google trends line. You want your trending blue line to stay steady at 75 or above or to have a steady trended climbing up over the past few months or years. 

If you have a passion but the trend is poor you may want to rethink your strategy. How can you look at it from a different angel or choose a different one. I am only a private message away if you need me. 

Make Your Final Choice

Take a look at your list. Are any of the top ones of high interest or a passion? Choose your niche from your list that will suite you best and make you money.

I wrote 2 posts on choosing your niche that may help also. The information in this course are taken from these 2 posts.

If you would like to take a look at them here are the URLs. There is a lot more information but I am presenting the simplified form is in this course.

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I wish you all the best. If you have questions you can reach me by private message at this URL.  

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Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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