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Grammarly Free Or Premium-Which Version Is Best For You?

Grammarly’s initial release was nine years ago, on July 1, 2009. Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn initially developed it, and it is now owned by Grammarly, Inc, with Brad Hoover as the CEO. This online app is designed to do a spell check, grammar check, and plagiarism check against 250 grammar rules. But the real question here is not do you need Grammarly but do you need the Free or the Premium Version?

Grammarly has made itself widely available as an extension on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Oh, and did I mention it is also available for both iOS and Android.

Let’s take a look at this program. We will be covering:

  • Grammarly Benefits
  • Who is Grammarly for
  • Support and training
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Grammarly Free or Premium?
  • Final thoughts
  • My #1 Recommendation for building an online business

Grammarly Benefits

Grammarly allows you to choose your type of writing style and then checks your grammar accordingly. For instance, if you are writing an informative piece in a relaxed manner, the app checks your syntax according to your choice.

At this moment, I am using the Grammarly keyboard. As I type the app focuses on punctuation, repetitive words, and seeks out even little errors, and makes a suggestion for improvement.

The most significant benefit is I write, Grammarly does the work and checks everything I write for proper punctuation and passive voice. Grammarly does not like passive voice, and consequently, I have learned to write an appropriate sentence.

Another incredibly great benefit is the ability to learn proper grammar from the use of this app. When I began using this app, my whole article was filled with passive voice sentences. After using it for a year, I rarely have a passive voice error in my posts.

Who Is Grammarly For?

I think the question should be, who is not a good candidate for Grammarly? The only person I can think of would be a poet because a poet does not use complete sentences. I am a poet, and I use it for my blogs and writing. So, this means this app is for writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, students, resumes, people who write a thesis, and writing grants. Grammarly is for those who want to excel in business and for everyone who wants to improve themselves and their online presence.

Support And Training

Grammarly does offer a support FAQ on many subjects. But to be honest with you, I have never had to use it. Grammarly is very straightforward and easy to use.


  • It builds my confidence-I can write and get my thought down without worrying about grammar.
  • Grammarly checks my writing for proper grammar.
  • Thorough and a precise scan of my writing and fixes the issues
  • I have improved my English and the use of proper punctuation
  • It protects me against unknown plagiarism
  • The app is up to date, and I can trust it to use the latest slang
  • I can choose my style of writing
  • It is useful for many browsers as well as iOS and Android
  • The biggest thing I like about Grammarly is that I love to write, but I am not an English major. Grammarly is my English major, where I am lacking.
  • The upgrade to premium is an affordable value one can not pass up.


  • They do not always choose the correct grammar for me. I have to check to make sure the app is not picking a word change that does not fit my context.
  • Grammarly checks my syntax, but not my content

Grammarly Free Or Premium?

The comparison chart below clearly shows what the features of premium Grammarly are. Yes, you can use the app for free, and it will check critical grammar issues and spelling for you. But the bonus that Grammarly offers is at an incredibly discounted rate at $144.00 per year, which equals $12 monthly. Or you can pay the $30.00 per month until you see just how awesome this app is. Grammarly also offers a quarterly membership at $20 per month.

The Laura Method

      Surveys performed on Grammarly users revealed 

  1. 76% of writers enjoy writing more with the premium.
  2. 99% of a student’s grades improve with premium.
  3. 85% of writers improve their writing with premium.

The choice is yours, but I strongly believe in Grammarly premium to enhance your writing abilities and grammar. I have been a premium user of Grammarly for over 2 years. I love writing, but as I have said, I am not an English scholar. The free version is wonderful but not enough to help me feel confident in my writing abilities.

grammarly comparison chart

Final Thoughts

grammarly free or premium pin

If I write a sentence with poor grammar, these mistakes will affect my credibility. I need to build the trust of my readers because I am a trustworthy person. My readers know a great deal about me because of what they see in my writing. I have to convey to them who I am and what I know through my grammar. Grammarly helps me build that trust.

Grammarly is an incredible app that allows me to write while it helps me with its ability to correct when I am wrong. This app teaches me and improves my English while allowing me to be myself in my writing.

You will need to pay attention to every suggestion of Grammarly because not all of them will be the best recommendation for you.

With Grammarly’s free version, you will get some fantastic benefits, but if you want to have full confidence in your grammar and what you are conveying to your readers, you will want to purchase the premium features at the discounted rate of $144.00 per year.

The survey of Grammarly users has proven the need for Grammarly premium to enhance writing, business, and ability to excel in school and improve online presence.

The Laura Method

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4 thoughts on “Grammarly Free Or Premium-Which Version Is Best For You?”

  1. Hello Laura,

         I’ve been going back and forth on using Grammerly for my blogging sites.  I didn’t realize there was a free option, my fault for not looking into it at all.  I can see the need for Premium over free but, to be honest, I think I’ll start with the free first to see if I even like it “correcting me” LOL.

    I’ll have to pull down the plugins for the 4 browsers I use.

    Thanks again for the review,


    • I agree with you that it is important to try the free version. Always check it out before paying or upgrading. Grammarly is an app that you can use on your browser. It is not like a plugin and will not slow your browser down. Now plugins on a website, some of those can slow a site down. 

      I hope you do like Grammarly. I love it and it makes my job so much easier. 


  2. Thank you so much for this review. I was just about to find one tool that can help to correct my grammar. I am not a native English speaker and I find it grammar so confusing. Guess with Grammarly, I might be able to produce better article. Can I know how is the premium package like? 

    • I know you will love Grammarly. As I said in the post there is a free version you can try first. Check it out and see what you think before you pay for the upgrade. Also check out the free vs the premium comparison chart in my post. 

      I much prefer the premium because it catches so many more mistakes. I have learned a great deal of the English grammar with Grammarly. 

      Let me know what you think.



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