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Googlrcash Review – [Not Recommended] -The Low Down Truth

I recently received a request to do a Googlrcash review, which is a new software released by Mosh Bari a couple of weeks ago. I am familiar with Mosh as he is the brains behind many new software applications that claim to make you money, for instance, one with Jason Fulton on JVZoo launched on Muncheye.

But exactly what is Googlrcash? Can it follow through with the claim to make up to $89 an hour and up to $789 a day? Now that’s some good money. But as always, I am a bit skeptical, so I will research the program before making a recommendation. 

The problem is, there are so many programs out there claiming to make money online, but very few actually deliver. So let’s take a look at Googlrcash first.

Is Googlrcash any good, and can you get rich or just make some money or maybe nothing at all?

Who is Googlrcash or Mosh Bari

Mosh Bari and Seyi Adeleke developed Googlrcash and launched it on Feb 21, 2022. I have no doubt Mosh Bari is a brilliant man as he boasts on his Facebook page, but intelligence can work in different ways. Has Mosh Bari used his great mind to help others or to help himself make money? Let’s find out!

Mosh is the techie behind the software, and Seyi monetizes the loopholes others find. So the software is built by Moshi, and Seyi builds the sales page and promotes it. 

googlrcash review mockup

What Is Googlrcash?

Googlrcash is a newly developed system to make tons of money simply answering yes and no questions on YouTube that will only take 60 seconds a day. WOW!!! Now, that sounds pretty awesome! I can’t make that kind of money anywhere without doing much at all.

You can make $49 – $89 for every question you answer. 

Googlrcash states that Google has a lesser-known loophole, and if you are smart enough, you can leverage Google’s 2 billion users.

The sales page states it only takes 3 steps to start earning benefits from GooglrCash

The Laura Method

  1. Log in to the Googlrcash software
  2. Utilize one or 2 clicks to answer yes or no questions
  3. And like magic, you get your money

WOW! The sales page indicates that in a month, you can make$12,564.23 with these 3 simple steps. Not to mention, you can be an idiot and still make tons of money. 

The Low Down Googlrcash Review – What Will You Do?

Exactly what is Googlrcash? I can tell you what it is not! It is not a good way to make money.

OK, so when you purchase Googlrcash, you get a dashboard, you build a website and choose videos from YouTube, then you just have to monetize the videos with things like Google Adsense.

It sure doesn’t sound anything like the sales page. The sales page says you just answer yes and no questions, but in reality, you have to add the questions to a video and then add a referral link to an offer they provide. Then others answer the questions and view the offer. You can do the same type of thing with quizzes and surveys. 

You can get traffic from the software, but it comes from social media. To get traffic from these sites, you will need to interact on each platform regularly. The interaction may guide people to your site, but it is unlikely you will generate much traffic this way.

Googlrcash Pricing

Here is a list of the upsells available for purchase. It doesn’t really say what each one is, which is typical for this type of program. But the bottom line is you will need to upgrade almost all the way to #7 to get the full benefit of the software. And then you probably won’t have enough traffic to make any money. 

You can get a discount on each level, with this in mind you still will not recoup your money.

Googlrcash Premium $19 one-time fee 

Googlrcash OTO

I do not know for sure what each OTO offers. It doesn’t really say anywhere but on some I can make an educated guess.

#1 OTO – Googlrcash unlimited $57 – probably access to more videos and links

#2 OTO – Googlrcash Done For You $297 – usually this is an upgrade where the software does it all for you

#3 OTO -Googlrcash autopilot $47 – maybe you set the website and it automatically pulls in leads?

#4 OTO – Googlrcash hour profits $97 – I have no idea what this one is!

#5 OTO – Googlrcash lazy infinite traffic special $67 – Oh now this one is free traffic – but Google frowns on this type of traffic

#6 OTO – Googlrcash franchise license special $197 – A license to sell the software

#7 OTO – Googlrcash multiple income addition special $47 – more than likely this one is more referral links to products Googlrcash promotes, maybe other apps Mosh has developed

The total price for all upgrades is $828 before any discounts and even if you get a 50% discount the price is still outrageous.


  • You get a website
  • The software provides videos to monetize
  • It does offer Quick-Start Tutorials once you purchase


  • You have to choose from the videos they give you
  • There is no way you can make the money they promise because you will not have enough visitors
  • The sales page offers are not realistic
  • The testimonies are stock photos images and not real people
  • The website is not yours but owned by Mosh and his crew

Red Flags

red flag googlrcash review

I have listed pros and cons, but red flags are a list of things that I see right off the bat that point to a scam. The stuff on the sales page that jumps out at me because I have researched many new launches that promise big money.

  • Everything is a limited time offer
  • Only 60 seconds a day
  • Promise high income for doing basically nothing
  • Income statement of $109,000 the software has generated for Mosh and his team
  • Statement it is for absolute beginners
  • Discrepancies – is it $49 an hour or $89 for every question you answer?
  • To get started it only takes 90 seconds, which is an untrue statement because it takes time to build a website and add all the options available
  • Images of income without concrete proof
  • LeRoy Harmon gives a testimony, but it is a stock image of a person who advertises for beards; in addition, the second testimony is also a stock image

My Recommendations Regarding Googlrcash

Googlrcash Review pin 3

I do not recommend anyone spend the money on Mosh Bari’s new Googlrcash software. The income statements are not achievable, and the images on the sales page have no concrete evidence to back them up. 

The testimonies are fake with the use of stock photo images

You will clearly work hours and hours a day interacting on social media to bring in free traffic, and it still will not be enough traffic to make money. 

The sales page clearly lies, saying it takes only 60 seconds when in reality, it will take hours upon hours of hard work. 

In my opinion, Googlrcash software will make money for the developers, but it will not make you real money. Mosh produced another software with Jason Fulton that was also not worth the money.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but I say stay far away from this new software!

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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  1. I’ve been searching Google for reviews on Seyi Adeleke for a long time. For someone who promotes daily for new applications and includes unbelievable earnings, I wanted to see what other people experience – either positive or negative. Your reviews and recommendation is the first that I’ve found and it is refreshing.

    I actually wanted to know how someone could make such huge monetary claims and no one reports back to say – It works! or It’s crap…and how could anyone avoid being reviewed for months and years. There must be a hack.

    Thank you Laura for your insight.


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