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In my GoDaddy official site review, we will learn a bit about the company, overall ratings, my rating as well as the good and bad.  Is there a better way? Let’s get started and find out.



PRICE:                  first-month-free with three plan options and numerous upsells

FOUNDER:          Bob Parsons

CHAIRMAN:       Charles Robel

CEO:                      Scott W. Wagner

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Overall Rating For GoDaddy Official Site Review
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9.2 star rating with yellow stars

Product overview found in Wikipedia  

GoDaddy Inc. has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware and is a web hosting company that is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar. As of May 2017, GoDaddy has over 6,000 employees worldwide and approximately 17 million customers. The company is involved in several controversies related to censorship.


  • Godaddy states domain purchase at .99 cents
  • Support by phone, email or support ticket submission 24/7
  • Library of videos and tutorials to build your website
  • indicated “no tech skills required” to set up a website


  • The actual price for domain purchase is $13-$15 per year not .99 cents
  • Searching for support can take hours to find the answer
  • The assistance of a technician to work on site issues is at a price
  • Each time a call is made to a support team member they attempt to upsell a product

Who is GoDaddy designed for?

GoDaddy states they are designed for small businesses and dedicated to small, independent ventures. While I believe this is true, they do target the small business owners. I also think they focus on the person who knows less about building a website, and with this lack of knowledge, it allows for a higher up sale and higher revenue for Godaddy.


GoDaddy does offer an extensive library of videos and tutorials to set up your website. The organization of the videos is well done. After set up if there are issues with your website, you will need to search the support forums or call or email GoDaddy for the answer.

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GoDaddy claims to offer support 24/7/365 but admits response may “take some time” requesting the customer to be patient. You are given a phone number on the website and can call customer service anytime. The customer support personnel were always kind but not always helpful. I was told a different answer to the same issue each time I called.


GoDaddy has three subscription options ranging from $3.99 to $7.99 per month in the initial contract and ranging from $7.99 to $16.99 upon renewal. GoDaddy has had a 67% increase in their pricing since 2016.

My personal experience

In my GoDaddy official site review, I have a different story than what their advertising boasts.

I transferred my website to GoDaddy a few years ago. I was excited because I could call and talk to a person on the phone instead of only through a support ticket. I was not internet savvy and knew nothing about how to optimize my site or what I needed to have to protect my site.

I quickly found their expertise to be lacking. When GoDaddy initiated the transfer for me, no one knew why my site would not display. I could not pull it up on google for almost three weeks. Then when my site did show up, it was fragmented. I spent many hours on the phone with numerous technicians. Each time they would tell me the other person did not know what they were talking about and ask me to try something different.

After my site began working, I had a few issues. When I called to talk about these issues, they said the problem that needed repairing was not included in the price and required the purchase of an additional package. I had no choice but to buy it, but what they do not tell me before I purchase a package is that what I pay for may not include the repair I needed.

Then at three months, I received an email stating my purchased package expires in one week. No one mentioned this when I bought the package. I am sure it is in the fine print somewhere, but no one said anything to me about expiring in 3 months when I paid for the service.

Not to mention GoDaddy boasts one free month with .99 cent domain hosting. I never saw .99 cents hosting but rather a cost of $13-$15 dollars a year for domain rights. The free first month turned into many up sales. I had to pay for SSL, support, 365 email, and numerous other services. I  spent well over $500 a year to host my site at GoDaddy and never did understand how to get ranked on Google.

Just about anything on their site that says “give us a call” will be an up sale. Every time I called with an issue, they would tell me about a new service that I need in the future and should buy now. Since I am not a computer technician, I had no idea if they were telling me the truth or not.

My Final Opinion

I do believe GoDaddy is legit and may be a good company for people who have a background in computer programming. But a person like myself who does not have much knowledge of websites and SEO it is inadequate and requires large amounts of money to get the help needed.

It concerns me when a company as large as GoDaddy has a 67% increase in fees in two years And they do not make all of the charges known upfront.

Their 24/7/365 support is available, but the response time to emails and support ticket takes way to long. The technical support staff by phone have inadequate knowledge to assist with technical issues.

My Overall Rating

Another company you will want to avoid: Dex Media Reviews Uncovered A Scam

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I thought Godaddy was the only way to build a website because I knew so little about optimizing a website until I ran across Wealthy Affiliate. At WA, I was taught everything I needed to know to set up a site, monetize it, optimize it, and even how to write a post. I was provided with the best keyword search tool in the industry and learned how to get my posts to rank on Google.

I landed into a community of support and new friends. It isn’t just a support forum but real people who I interact with daily. It is an incredible place of goodness and helping people.

My GoDaddy official site review helped me see how blessed I am to have Wealthy Affiliate as my new home.

Wealthy Affiliate Assets

  • You can sign up for FREE and continue on a free membership as long as you like
  • WA offers siterubix, a way to set up a website free
  • You can become a premium member for $19 the first month and $49 each month after that
  • They offer savings for a yearly membership
  • The only up sale is a purchase of a domain $13-$15 a year
  • With the free membership, you have two free siterubix websites, and with premium, you have 25 sites
  • Technical support is available 24/7/365 and response is within a few minutes
  • Community support is available with the premium membership 24/7/365 in the form of constant training, live training, step-by-step training, and question of the community.
  • Extensive teaching on SEO and numerous ways to make your site rank on google
  • You have access to Jaaxy one of the best keyword search engines in the world

I could list assets all day long, but if you are looking for a better way with a company that is time-tested world-class and highly respected among website development, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

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6 thoughts on “GoDaddy Official Site Review”

  1. I’ve always seen the commercials for GoDaddy but never knew exactly what the business was. I am happy I read your review. Now I have a better understanding of what they offer.  

    Their pricing is pretty reasonable and that’s something to appreciate, but I don’t like the idea of high up-sells. It ends up costing way too much in the end.  

    That’s one reason to always do research, at least for me. I am glad I ran across this article when I did research website building. 

    This wealthy affiliate you talk about? It sounds incredible and I believe I will check it out further. You have so many wonderful things to say about it. 

    • Ty I am so happy I can help in your search for a website builder. As you said the advertised price of GoDaddy is good but I didn’t like the up-sells either. 

      Yes please take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. You can actually take a look around free and take the first 10 lessons to help you make a decision. Hope to see you on the inside. I know you will love it. 

  2. Thank you for sharing your review of GoDaddy Official Site. I know about GoDaddy. It is among the well known Hosting company in the world and they also offer some services. I have used some of their services before.

    The truth is their support doesn’t not seem to encourage me. They love upsells alot. Anytime we end a discussion I will probably receive a thank you message and another upsell. Domain names are not 99 cents. That’s a marketing tactics to grab one’s attention.

    I’m very satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate and I can boldly recommend it to a new born baby. The support is awesome.

    • You are correct in your comment. GoDaddy is well known and has a very good advertisement. But they just don’t seem to follow through on what they say in their adds. Although I have to say it may be very good for someone with techy experience. That just wasn’t me. 

      I know, I love WA also. It is home, comfortable and the training is unbeatable. Just perfect for myself and any beginner or well seasoned business owner. 

  3. I too have had some of the same issues in dealing with Go Daddy, it seems like a great deal at first, until you figure out that not everything is as they claim. I actually started out using Go Daddy and then transferred my site elsewhere.

    The information you have provided about them is, in my experience, true and likely too lenient. The information that you have provided about Wealthy Affiliate sounds good and begs to be looked into.

    Thank you for giving me options and providing such a thorough and honest review.

    • Hello Frank,
      Thank you for stopping by to read my review and taking time to comment. You are right, my review of GoDaddy is lenient but I am a positive person by nature and I do have difficulties saying negative things about a company. But in my opinion, GoDaddy needed to have a negative review.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible platform that everyone should take a look at and step inside to see for themselves. There is no other website builder like Wealthy Affiliate with such extensive step-by-step training to build a business.

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