GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium-Why Go Premium?

Welcome to GeneratePress Free vs. GeneratePress Premium. GeneratePress is an incredible theme, and the premium version offers so much more for a very reasonable price. I know when I started my website, I searched high and low for a good theme. I must have gone through 5 themes before I found GeneratePress Premium.

The GeneratePress theme is perfect because it is simple, professional, and lightweight. GeneratePress is right for absolutely everyone, even the new website builder who doesn’t completely understand how to customize a theme.

Tom Usborne created GeneratPress in 2015 out of a need for a lightweight theme with all the features you need to build a professional site for you and your clients.

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Let’s take a closer look at GeneratePress and what we will cover:

  1. Who is Tom Usborne
  2. What is GeneratePress
  3. GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium
  4. What is different about GeneratePress Premium?
  5. GeneratePress Free vs GemeratePress comparison chart
  6. Why you need GeneratePress Premium
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: GeneratePress

Founder: Tom Usborne

Price:  free vs. $59/yr

Who Is Tom Usborne?

Tom Usborne lives in Canada and is the developer of GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks. His specialty is WordPress.

Tom developed GeneratePress out of a need for a lightweight and simple theme that will work on any site. Then when WordPress introduced Gutenberg block editor, Tom created GenerateBlocks out of the same need for a simple way to build anything on WordPress.

He talks about how “Waking up every day to work on GeneratePress is a dream come true.” Now that is my kind of internet person. I love what I do as an affiliate marketer, and I like to hear that others have perused their passion as well.

GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium image

What Is GeneratePress?

Tom says it so well “GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that focuses on speed and usability.”

GeneratePress is a lightweight plugin theme designed for speed. The plugins are a part of the premium package and allow you to customize the theme and your site to suit your needs.


GenratePress Premium is well known for how lightweight it is and lacks bloating on your website.

When I switched to GeneratePress, my site speed was in the red zone. I did everything I could think of and everything the internet suggested to increase my site load rate. I spent precious hours attempting to fix all of the issues. I wasted so much time before I switched to the GeneratePress premium theme. After I made the change, my ratings increased by 75%. WOW, that is incredible.


The usability with GeneratePress is phenomenal. It is so easy to understand and customize. GeneratePress offers extensive forums and support to answer any questions making the usability far above standard.

Tom states that in the 6 years that GeneratePress has been available, “it is the best supported and most stable WordPress theme.”

GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium

The free vs. premium images here appear to be almost the same, except for the background images in the premium version. This is deceiving because once we open each tab, the options are so much greater for the premium.

GeneratePress free is limited. GeneratePress Premium is the same as the free but adds features to each element rather than changing them. This uncomplicates the theme and keeps it lightweight.

GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium elements

When you download any free version of a theme, your options are limited. When you purchase the premium, a whole new world opens up to customize and design your look.

What Is Different About GeneratePress Premium?

  1. The price is very reasonable.
  2. The GeneratePress theme is lightweight to allow for a faster website speed.
  3. Premium adds options rather than changing the theme to keep it lightweight
  4. GeneratePress Premium is a plugin
  5. An extensive site library with templates to add to your theme
  6. Each plugin element stands alone. You can activate only the ones you want.
  7. Works beautifully with Woocommerce
  8. Works seamlessly with block editor wordpress
  9. Outstanding support

GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium Comparison Chart

FreeFree FeaturesPremium Features
Site IdentitySite title, tagline, and logo Site title, tagline, and logo, and width option
LayoutLimited options to change the layout.
1. 1 navigation bar
2. 1 sidebar option
3. 3 footer widgets
4. only excerpt option in the blog
Change the layout in more areas
1. container
2. header
3. primary navigation
4. secondary navigation
5. sticky navigation
6. off-canvas panel
7. sidebars
8. blog
9. footer
In the blog, the layout will customize the entire blog with unending options
5 different options for sidebar layout
Colorscustomize color in limited areas of your posts, title, background, text, and linkChange the color in all areas of your website
1. body
2. header
3. primary navigation
4. secondary navigation
5. sticky navigation
6. off-canvas panel
7. buttons
8. content
9. side widgets
10. forms
11. footer
TypographyGlobal font settings for blog
individual settings for H1, H2, and H3
Change the font, size, height, and weight in any area on your site, including all levels of
1. headings
2. body
3. header
4. primary navigation
5. secondary navigation
6. sticky navigation
7. off-canvas panel
8. buttons
9. content
10. side widgets
11. forms
12. footer
GeneralSVG or font iconSVG or font icon
MenusOne menu area3 areas for menu options, primary, secondary and off-canvas menu
Widgets4 widget areas with 5 footer widget options4 widget areas with 5 footer widget options
Homepage Settingschoice of 2 homepage settings: posts in reverse chronological order (classic blog) or a fixed/static page.Choice of 2 homepage settings: posts in reverse chronological order (classic blog) or a fixed/static page.
Additional CSSadd your own CSS codeadd your own CSS code
NoNot availableplace a background image in any area of your site
1. body
2. header
3. primary navigation
4. primary sub-navigation
5. secondary navigation
6. secondary sub-navigation
7. content
8. sidebar
9. footer

Premium Upgrade Price Chart

One Time Payment



All premium features

Full access to the Site Library

1 year of updates

1 year of premium support

Use on up to 500 websites

30-day money-back guarantee



All premium features

Full access to the Site Library

Lifetime updates

Lifetime premium support

Use on up to 500 websites

30-day money-back guarantee

I recommend the lifetime premium upgrade—a one-time price for a lifetime with a lifetime of support on over 500 sites. Never have to worry about another payment again.


Why You Need GeneratePress Premium

gp premium pin

GeneratePress was designed with every website in mind. It is WordPress created to be lightweight with excellent speed and stability.

GeneratePress Premium is a well-trusted and highly-rated plugin theme with over 80,000 happy customers.

GeneratePress Premium is a block-based theme that accentuates your workflow. It is the wave of the future and is here available for you today. It braces your site for Google algorithm changes and sets you up for success.

GeneratePress premium offers the best support I have had the opportunity to experience.

In a nutshell, GeneratePress Premium is well tested and ready to take your website to a higher level of the future with WordPress. With all that GeneratePress has to offer, how can you not use it as your theme?

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