GeneratePress by Tom Usborne-There Is No Other Theme

Why isGeneratePress by Tom Usborne the best theme? I’ll go over all of the incredible features in this article. In my opinion, there is no other theme and I will never use any other than GeneratePress.

With millions of websites on the internet today it is important to have one that is fast and efficient. A theme plays a key role in the speed of your site and GeneratePress is built for speed.

In this review of GeneratePress we will look at:

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  • Who is Tom Usborne?
  • What is GeneratePress?
  • GeneratePress Review
    • Benefits
    • Support
    • Pricing
    • Features
    • Fully Customizable
    • Site Library
    • Elements
    • Generate Blocks
  • Premium vs. free version
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Thoughts
  • My #1 Recommendation



Price $59 Yearly.

Designed by Tom Usborne

Who Is Tom Usborne

Photo of Tom USborne

GeneratePress was created By Tom Usborne. He is married with 2 children.

He talks about how “Waking up every day to work on GeneratePress is a dream come true.” Now that is my kind of internet person. I love what I do as an affiliate marketer, and I like to hear that others have perused their passion as well.

When I search forums or ask questions about GeneratePress, I often see Tom answering questions. He likes to be involved and wants to interact with GeneratePress users first-hand.

What is GeneratePress?

Tom says it so well “GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that focuses on speed and usability.”

GeneratePress is a lightweight plugin theme designed for speed. The plugins are a part of the premium package and allow for increased ability to customize Generatepress.


A year ago, before I switched to GeneratePress, my site speed was in the red zone. I did everything I could think of and everything the internet suggested to increase my site load rate. I spent precious hours attempting to fix all of the issues. I wasted so much time before I switched to the GeneratePress theme. After I made the change, my ratings increased by 75%. WOW, that is incredible.


The usability with GeneratePress is phenomenal. It is so easy to understand and customize. GeneratePress offers extensive forums and support to answer any questions making the usability far above standard.

Tom states that in the 6 years that GeneratePress has been available, “it is the best supported and most stable WordPress theme.”

geneatepress ratings

GeneratePress Review

I have used other themes over the years, but after using GeneratePress, I don’t believe there is an option for another theme for my sites.

GeneratePress has all of the essential aspects one would look for in a theme. Stability, Performance, and Security. These three most important aspects make GeneratePress the leading theme in user-friendly features, lighting speed, and optimized for search engines.

Yes, I know there are many themes out there that boast these features, but only one actually stepped up and captured each one for ease of use.


  • Search engine optimized with built-in
  • Follow WCAG 2.0 guidelines which are 4 principles for your website is perceived, how it operates, how google understands it, and how robust it is.
  • Uses the latest and most stable coding factors
  • Less than 30KB
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • GeneratePress blocks and templates
  • Smooth operation with the block editor


GeneratePress has the best support team I have seen. You get the same incredible support on the free and the premium version. Everyone is treated with the same respect.

There are a couple of different ways to access the support team and forums. If you have GeneratePress on your website, you can click on appearance in your sidebar and then on GeneratePress. In the upper right corner is a support tab. This tab will take you to support after you sign in.

The second way is to simply google the issue, and a GeneratePress forum will show up. Click on the issue you need to research and fix.


The pricing has changed a bit this past year. The price for the year has increased by $10 but is still an incredible deal. They have added a new option for a lifetime. One-time payment of $249 for a lifetime of Generatepress and updates. Also an unbelievable deal.


$59 year

All Premium Features

Full access to the Site Library

1 year of premium support

Use on up to 500 websites

30 day money-back guarantee


$249 one time for life

All premium features

Full access to the Site Library

Lifetime updates & premium support

Use on up to 500 websites

30 day money-back guarantee


  • Fully Customizable
  • Site Library (designed template layouts)
  • Generate Blocks
  • Elements

Fully Customizable

generatepress customize

The dashboard to customize your site is under appearance and customize. This is where you will find the items to customize as shown in the image to the right.

  • Site Identity
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Background images
  • General
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Homepage Settings
  • Additional CSS
  • Separately control responsive mode, phone, iPad and computer screen

I will give a quick overview of the fully customizable features. But i do not plan to give full instructions on the use of GeneratePress.

Fully Customizable features

generatepress identity

Site Identity

In your site identity you can set your logo with a customized width, your site name and a tag line if you choose.

generatepress layout


In Layout you can customize the size, location and appearance of the areas listed in the photo

generatepress colors


In Colors you can change the color of backgrounds, content, titles and much more for the entire site.

generatepress typography


In typography you can change the font size and style in all of the areas you see in the photo above.

generatepress background

Background Images

In background image you can add an image to any area you see in the photo. Make a hero image.

generatepress menus


In Menus you can add a menu to any of the widget areas. You can do this in widgets also

Generatepress widget


In the widget area you can add extra little things like menus, archives and so much more to any one of 8 widget areas.


Homepage Settings

In the Homepage settings you can determine what shows on the open of your website. Like your blog roll or a static page.

General Information

In the General area you can set Dynamic CSS Print Method, Structure and Icon Type.

Controls to set the responsive mode for each device are at the bottom.

Premium option expands your customizing options leaps and bounds.

GeneratePress Site Library

If you are setting up a new website, you have the option of choosing one of 39 fully designed sites (templates) in the site library. These are only to be used on new sites as you cannot download only parts of them. A fully designed site may break if you try to put a new template on it.

You can use each site as it is or fully customize them with the customizable features we just went over.


Elements are really cool. You can customize one area of one page when you set up an element. On one of my sites, I needed one page to have a smaller width than the whole site. I set up an element for just that one page.

Elements can also be set up to put code into your header such as google analytics or Pinterest verification.

Generate Blocks,

Generate blocks are my favorite part of GeneratePress. They integrate smoothly with the block editor. You can use generate blocks to create templates and add to the design of the block editor.

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with Elementor because of the extended ability to design that it gave me. As time progressed, Elementor started to cause some issues with my site. I can only say that Generate Blocks have saved me. I am beyond grateful for what I can now do without a page builder.

Free vs.Premium

The free version of the GeneratePress theme offers some ability to customize. The color options are limited, and the static page blog post has limited styles to choose from.

The premium version is actually a plugin. When you purchase GeneratePress, you will download to a premium version as a new plugin and then go to GeneratePress on the dashboard and activate each one.

When I went over the features, most of them are premium. But for $59 a year, you cannot go wrong. Here is a screenshot of the Premium Plugin dashboard.

premium elements
View of generatepress theme option
A screenshot of Generatepress premium theme.

The options you have with the premium version of GeneratePress seem to go on and on. And now that Tom and his team have developed generate blocks that work so well with the block editor, I am ecstatic.

I wanted you to see GeneratePress in action, so I took a screenshot of one of my sites. It is here on the right. The blog roll is set with a feature post and a 2 column post to follow. The premium allows for any color option you like.

You can also customize your excerpt display, your read more button, and if you want a sidebar to show or not. You have an option of the right or left sidebar, both or none.

I love GeneratePress so much I have to make myself walk away because I tend to go down the rabbit hole of design.


  • EASY, EASY, EASY-user-friendly
  • Almost everything is customizable with a front-end view.
  • Customizable fonts and colors.
  • Homepage settings for your blog posts in a 2 column clean design
  • Works seamlessly with the block editor
  • Availability of a sticky menu
  • Menu plus for the more massive blogs
  • Customizable sidebars
  • Allows a featured image customized
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Responsive
  • Schema markup
  • 8 widget areas
  • individually customize each device mode
  • Site library to set up professional-looking new sites
  • Integrates with woocommerce
  • Support is the best known


  • The font list is growing but still a bit limited

GeneratePress by Tom Usborne-There Is No Other Theme pin

My Final Thoughts

GeneratePress is the #1 theme for a reason. Actually, for many reasons. It is perfect for any blogger. I, for one, will never change to anything else. Tom and his team are continually improving and adding new items to make my job easier.

I get so excited about GeneratePress that I tell everyone that it is the only theme for me.

For the price, you cannot go wrong. Tom developed GeneratePress to help, so he is offering it at a low fee. I mean $59 for up to 500 sites or a nice discount on a lifetime price. Thank you, Tom!

My #1 Recommendation

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14 thoughts on “GeneratePress by Tom Usborne-There Is No Other Theme”

  1. Hi!
    So happy to read this review of Generate Press because we use it too and we absolutely love it.
    Being new to the online world of creating websites and SEO and so on, we were totally confused about which theme to choose.
    After spending hours and hours and weeks and weeks looking through themes, we finally found one that ticked all the boxes. Generate Press. Simplicity at its finest.
    How cute that you showed a picture of Tom, who created it. Nice touch.
    We just wish we could have seen your in-depth review before spending so much time looking.
    Thanks, and enjoy!

    • Colette, I too did exactly what you did. I tried so many themes but none of them met my checklist. Then I found GeneratePress and I will never use another theme. Isn’t the price incredible and you can use it on all sites without paying another fee. Please feel free to share this post with anyone who has or is going through the same dilemma we did.

  2. Hi Laura
    Do you have to use Elementor as your page builder or can you still use the Classic Editor plugin
    I really need to learn how to use Elementor as I understand it is very good but haven’t got the skills needed yet
    I really want to try GeneratePress as I just watched the video and it all looks so easy to use
    Thanks for sharing this review

    • Vicki,
      GeneratePress works well with beaver builder and Elementor. I use it with WordPress classic editor and Elementor. Not all of my posts are built in Elementor. Elementor is a learning curve but when you have a basic idea of the process it is a breeze. I will be happy to walk you through it. Please contact me at for walkthrough instructions. leave the words GeneratePress walkthrough in the subject line so I will know it is you.
      My favorite is Elementor and it is very easy once you have a few minor instructions.
      I am here to help if you would like the assistance.

  3. Even before I could finish the article I had to jump to my website and download GeneratePress and play around with it. 🙂

    It looks like it’s very user-friendly and easy to customize. I’ve been looking for a new theme and I think this one will work for me. I have to take some time to look at the premium features and decide if I want to upgrade, but based on your recommendations, I don’t think it’ll take me too long to decide.

    Thank you again for the great article. There is so much information about creating a website I’m glad a found your article. Looking forward to using GeneratePress.

    • I am so excited for you to use GeneratePress. I know you will love it and the premium price is so worth it. It is the #1 best WordPress Theme on the market. Thank you so much

  4. I always seem to have to download so many themes to get one I truly like but with Generate plus I have everything I need with a theme.

    I’ve really enjoyed working with generate plus as it’s easy to customize and navigate. I have to agree with you on the only thing I do not like about it and that is spending too much time customizing my website and getting distracted from adding my content!

  5. I currently own a word press website and I don’t really like the themes I had to choose from though I must say there were a lot. However, seeing how much fun you seem to be having with the generatepress theme I must say I’m tempted to join. What is the main difference between using the free version and using the premium version

    • The free version is very good but the premium allows for so much more customization such as; color, font, site appearance, photo sizes, menu. I could go on forever. The premium is the way to go and at $49.95 the first year and a 40% discount each year thereafter you can not go wrong. Tom keeps the theme up to date so there is no need to ever change. Check it out. I know you will love it. 

  6. Hi. I stumbled here searching more information about affiliate marketing. I’ve never used WordPress. So I’m not sure what “themes” is. But it looks like it’s something that has to do with website building am I right? If so, this is something I need to look into. Thank you for this post!

    • Shelly, Thanks for stopping by. 

      If you are new to affiliate marketing I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. I have a link to this incredible company in my post at the bottom. One link will tell you my story and the other will give you extensive information on Wealthy Affiliate. Please have a look. You will learn everything you need to know to set up a successful online website business. Setting up a website will take you 3 minutes. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you what a theme is. When you get to the part of website building be sure to choose GeneratePress. You will love it and it will make the process even easier. 

  7. Hi there, i am very happy i came across your website. I am a beginner in this word of online business, and i have been trying to find new ways and ideas to get traffic to my website but  never once have i thought about my theme. This program seems very easy to use and understand and i will definitely be checking it out and using it in order to help me with my website. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Jamiro, A theme that is clean, speedy and optimized can definitely help you build your blog and traffic. The clean appearance will give your users a great experience. They will want to come back. Please do check it out because I am so excited about what it can offer. Let me know what you think. 


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