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GenerateBlocks Pro Review – Can You Build a Great Website?

I am excited to be here with you today to introduce my GenerateBlocks Pro Review. GenerateBlocks have changed the way we design websites, given that the process is simple yet professional and light. That is the main reason to use GenerateBlocks, but not the only reason. GenerateBlocks are perfect for all design addicts like me; in addition to that, it is even more perfect for those of you who want to build a great website.

When WordPress introduced Gutenburg in 2018, I was not a happy camper because, on the whole, it was not received well by many. At the time, I was using Elementor page builder, and in reality, it was heavy and time-consuming to use. Even with that in mind, I could still use it to produce some really cool designs on my websites.

Introduction Of Block Editor

Over 2 years, WordPress improved Gutenberg and, in 2020, came out with Block Editor. Now this one was markedly better but still did not fully take the place of Elementor. Although by this time in 2020, I was getting really tired of the weight of Elementor dragging my site speed to all-time lows.

Along Came GenerateBlocks

Then along came GenerateBlocks by Tom Usborne. I have used the GeneratePress Theme by Tom for years, and without a doubt, this man is a genius. So imagine my excitement when I realized he had developed a lightweight plugin with only 4 blocks. With these 4 simple blocks, I can design absolutely anything, including a great website.

Let’s take a closer look at GenerateBlocks and what we will cover:

  1. Who is Tom Usborne
  2. What is GenerateBlocks
  3. GenerateBlocks Pro Review
  4. GenerateBlocks Pricing
  5. My recommendations regarding GenerateBlocks

GenerateBlocks Pro

Program Name: GenerateBlocks Pro

Founder: Tom Usborne

Price:  $39/year

Who Is Tom Usborne?

Tom Usborne lives in Canada and is the developer of GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks, not to mention his specialty is WordPress.

Tom developed GeneratePress out of a need for a lightweight and straightforward theme that will work on any site. Then when WordPress introduced Gutenberg block editor, Tom created GenerateBlocks out of the same need for a simple way to build anything on WordPress.

The Laura Method

block logo

What Is GenerateBlocks Pro?

GenerateBlocks is a plugin developed to work seamlessly with Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress. In other words, with these 4 simple GenerateBlocks, you can design almost any layout for any website to your heart’s desire. Yes, the plugin is light and will not weigh down your website, and as a result, there is no bloating!

GenerateBlocks will work with any theme, but it works exceptionally well with Tom’s GeneratePress Theme.

Overview Of Each Of The 4 GenerateBlocks


Container Block- The container block is the base block for all 4 GenerateBlocks. All designs should begin with a container, but equally important, you can use it inside the grid block or stand-alone block.


Grid Block- You can use the Grid GenerateBlocks to build columns on many levels; furthermore, you can adjust the columns and place a container inside each grid to make it a unique section.


Headline Block- This is not just a Headline; it is a single GenerateBlocks with many adjustment options for your headline; in addition, you can adjust your H tags, typography, colors, spacing, and add icons within a Headline block.


Buttons Block- Button GenerateBlocks are cool because not only…but you can choose colors, shapes, and action effects to design your CTA buttons.

Container And Grid

In this case, I used a container with a grid inside for each block with the block above. Then I placed a container inside each of the right grid sections added a couple of shapes and a gradient background all with only 2 GenerateBlocks the container and the grid. As a result, it showcases all 4 Blocks well and adds a bit of style.

I created the block above with a few clicks and customized it to fit my needs. Within each block, you have an array of options to customize it to your liking, and as you can see, the image below is a rapid overview of how to do this.

Are you beginning to see why I am so excited about GenerateBlocks? I am not technical, but I love to design; not to mention, the GenerateBlocks plugin is so simple that anyone can use it.

container first GenerateBlocks Pro Review
First, you choose a container, and from there, you can customize the
container with the choices to the right.
choose grid GenerateBlocks Pro Review
Then you click on a “+” sign and add a grid
of any variation you choose
how to customize container GenerateBlocks Pro Review
GenerateBlocks Pro Review customize grid2
After choosing your grid, you can go to the right and resize any grid you like.

GenerateBlocks Pro Review

Now, wait, that’s not all. GenerateBlocks Pro is not just 4 blocks that you can customize till the cows come home. It also includes these 9 features (that we will dive into) to make your experience smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Ultimately these 9 features are a part of the Pro plan; needless to say; you will not want to be without these features when you create your next great website.

  • Template Library
  • Global Styles
  • Effects
  • Advanced Backgrounds
  • Container Links
  • Asset Library
  • Copy+Paste Styles
  • Custom Attributes
  • Device Visibility

Template Library

GenerateBlocks offer a library of 150 template blocks that are ready-made for you; all in all, you can insert a block into your content and customize it to your liking.

There is a drop-down list of categories to place a template right into your content when you choose templates.

template GenerateBlocks Pro Review
  • Wire Frame
  • Hover Box
  • Content
  • Hero
  • Call To Action
  • Team
  • Info Boxes
  • Social Media
  • Contact
  • Footer
  • Pricing Table
  • Logos
  • Testimonial
  • Headline
  • Button

Global Styles

Global styles is an area to set the same custom style for all of your posts, pages, or website because it automatically writes a CSS code and places that style in the areas you designate. An example would be: if you want some of your pages to be a different width than you have set in your theme; with this in mind, you can set up a global style in addition, you can direct it to make only the pages and posts of your choice a different size.


effects 3 GenerateBlocks Pro Review

Each of the effects has a wrench beside it and in order to enable the effect, you will need to click it. If you have an “effect” set up and no longer want it to display, you can disable the effect, which is so powerful yet still easy and straightforward to operate.

You can choose which device you want to display the effect on, whether mobile, iPad, or desktop. In the event that, you want the effect to show all the time, just set it to do so. But on the other hand, if you only want it to show on hover, you have control. In addition, you can do one container or the entire background and also choose a transition with a speed that fades in or a delay.

With attention to these effects details, you still have a lightweight plugin with the effects and features that won’t slow your site down.

Advanced Backgrounds

Advanced backgrounds work a bit like the effects feature, whereas you can set backgrounds for each device and set them to display on hover. In addition, with the use of advanced backgrounds, you can also put images or gradients, or solid colors as your background.

Here is an image background with an opaque container on top, a gradient background, and a solid background with an adjustment in the opacity. In this case, I added a full opaque grey background.




Container Links

You can apply a full link for an entire container which is a feature that only comes with the pro version.

instructions to link a container

Asset Library

In this area, you can add SVG (scalable vector graphics) as a dynamic shape to your site. When you update the asset library, it will automatically (dynamically) update your website; in addition, you can set up an icon in a particular area of your page; moreover, the icon will show up on the areas you designate.

Copy+Paste Styles

Copy and Paste Styles is as easy as one two three. You can copy one block then paste it into another block, and needless to say, it saves time recreating a block.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes are small bits of information, and coupled with the data you use from libraries; you can set up a custom attribute to lead to that link.

Device Visibility

Device visibility allows you to hide chosen blocks on any device, specifically with CSS code.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes and Device Visibility are within the same area.

Clicking the Add Attribute will add an attribute label, name, and new fields.

css device

Device Visibility

Device visibility allows you to hide chosen blocks on any device with CSS.

You can use anchors to take your readers directly to a section on a page.

GenerateBlocks Pro Pricing


I recommend the professional plan because as long as you do the yearly fee, you can use GenerateBlocks on 250 sites.

$39 / year

For 1 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


$69 / year

For 10 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


$99 / year

For 250 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


  • Overall only 4 blocks that can do almost everything
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Ultimately, it will not sacrifice performance and usability
  • The Pro version offers more convenience, more options, yet it is still lightweight.
  • Above all, it has 150 (and growing) pre-designed templates.
  • Expressly, no repetition with copy and paste styles
  • Not to mention, you can link entire blocks with container links
  • Also, there are 3 styles of advanced backgrounds
  • Special effects for a professional-looking website
  • Quickly upgrade to Pro without affecting your content
  • Built to integrate perfectly with WordPress
  • Easy to learn for newbies
  • comparatively, it is an excellent low price
  • Not to mention generateBlocks offer completely dynamic blocks and the freedom to design without CSS code.

CONS With Fixes

  • If you are using GenerateBlocks with a theme other than GeneratePress, there are a couple of glitches; on the other hand, one fix is to use the GeneratePress Theme.
  • It is more challenging to bring posts listings to a new post instead; however, to fix this issue, you can set up a container and use a widget to pull in a list of your latest posts.
  • The color area does not use the colors of your theme; nonetheless, you can copy and paste your customized theme colors into the color hex area. I have not found this to be a problem, and it only takes a few seconds to perform this task.
GenerateBlocks Pro Review Can You Build a Great Website pin

My Recommendations Regarding GenerateBlocks Pro?

I love GenerateBlocks Pro, but I would absolutely recommend it in spite of my amazing relationship with this plugin. Be that as it may, it is a lightweight plugin that will help you build a great professional-looking website.

If you are new to website building, it is easy to learn and, in addition, it works seamlessly with WordPress.

If you are a seasoned website builder, then, in reality, you know, as I do, that plugins can be heavy and bloat your site.

GenerateBlocks Pro is the perfect answer to website building, speed, and a professional-looking site to attract visitors, not to mention it is also easy to learn and use.

The pricing for GenerateBlocks Pro is an excellent yearly fee.

The Laura Method

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    • Hello, First, thank you for visiting this post. I am so happy it helped. Also, I looked at your website, quite impressive. Secondly, I have a post I will leave here on how to convert Elementor to WordPress Blocks. Then you can use GBPro and not lose any content. It is a simple process. Here is the URL. How To Convert Elementor To WordPress Page Editor Blocks.


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