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GenerateBlocks Pro Review – Can You Build a Great Website?

Today, I’m thrilled to share my insights in this GenerateBlocks Pro review. GenerateBlocks has revolutionized website design, offering a blend of simplicity, professionalism, and efficiency. This is the primary allure of GenerateBlocks, yet it’s far from the only benefit. As a design enthusiast, I find GenerateBlocks incredibly appealing. Moreover, it’s an ideal tool for anyone aiming to create impressive websites.

The introduction of Gutenberg by WordPress in 2018 initially left me underwhelmed, as it didn’t quite hit the mark with many users. At that time, my go-to tool was the Elementor page builder. Despite its somewhat cumbersome and time-intensive nature, it enabled me to craft some truly unique designs for my websites.

Introduction Of Block Editor

In the span of two years, WordPress significantly enhanced Gutenberg with the release of the Block Editor in 2020. This was a notable improvement, yet to my standards, it couldn’t completely replace Elementor. By 2020, my patience with Elementor was wearing thin as it increasingly bogged down my site speed. So, I set out to find a solution that could provide efficiency and creativity.

Along Came GenerateBlocks

Then along came GenerateBlocks by Tom Usborne. I have used the GeneratePress Theme by Tom for years, and without a doubt, this man is a genius. So imagine my excitement when I realized he had developed a lightweight plugin with only 4 blocks. With these 4 simple blocks, I can design absolutely anything, including a great website.

In this GenerateBlocks Pro review, we’ll delve into various aspects to give you a comprehensive understanding:

  • Who is Tom Usborne? – The mastermind behind GenerateBlocks.
  • What is GenerateBlocks? – An introduction to the plugin’s capabilities.
  • GenerateBlocks Pro Review – A detailed analysis of its features and benefits.
  • Generate Blocks Pricing – Understand the cost and value proposition.
  • My Recommendations – Personal insights and advice regarding GenerateBlocks.

Stay tuned as we explore how GenerateBlocks can revolutionize your web design experience.

GenerateBlocks Pro

Program Name: GenerateBlocks Pro

Founder: Tom Usborne

Price:  $39/year

Understanding the Visionary Behind GenerateBlocks: Tom Usborne

Tom Usborne, a Canadian developer, is the mastermind behind both GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks, with expertise in WordPress.

Tom first introduced GeneratePress as a lightweight theme adaptable to any website. This theme is now a favorite among WordPress users. Following the introduction of the Gutenberg block editor by WordPress, Tom wanted to develop a tool to bridge the market gap. GenerateBlocks was then developed as a website builder to combine functionality and simplicity in design.

block logo

What Is GenerateBlocks Pro?

GenerateBlocks is a plugin developed to work seamlessly with Gutenberg Block Editor for WordPress. In other words, with these 4 simple GenerateBlocks, you can design almost any layout for any website to your heart’s desire. Yes, the plugin is light and will not weigh down your website, and as a result, there is no bloating!

GenerateBlocks will work with any theme, but it works exceptionally well with Tom’s GeneratePress Theme.

Overview Of Each Of The 4 GenerateBlocks


Container Block- The container block is the base block for all 4 GenerateBlocks. All designs should begin with a container, and you can use it inside the grid block or stand-alone block.


Grid Block- You can use the Grid GenerateBlock to build columns on many levels. You can adjust the columns and place a container inside each grid to make it a unique section.


Headline Block- This is not just a Headline; it is a single GenerateBlock. With this block, you can enhance and customize a headline. You can adjust your H tags, typography, colors, and spacing and add icons within a Headline block.


Buttons Block- With the GenerateBlock button, you can design your CTA tab by adjusting the colors, shapes, and action effects.

Container And Grid

In the image above, I used a container, and then I added a grid. The grid gives you different sections in which you can place separate containers. With this, you can customize each section separately. The image above has customized shapes with a gradient background. As a result, it showcases all 4 Blocks well and adds a bit of style.

I created the block above with a few clicks and customized it to fit my needs. Within each block, you have an array of options to customize it to your liking. The image below is a rapid overview of how I built the image above.

Are you beginning to see why I am so excited about GenerateBlocks? I am not technical, but I love to design, not to mention the GenerateBlocks plugin, which is so simple that anyone can use it.

container first GenerateBlocks Pro Review
First, you choose a container, and from there, you can customize the
container with the choices to the right.
choose grid GenerateBlocks Pro Review
Then you click on a “+” sign and add a grid
of any variation you choose
how to customize container GenerateBlocks Pro Review
GenerateBlocks Pro Review customize grid2
After choosing your grid, you can go to the right and resize any grid you like.

GenerateBlocks Pro Review

Now, wait, that’s not all. In my GenerateBlocks Pro review, we will see that this is not just 4 blocks that you can customize. It also includes these 9 features (that we will dive into) to make your experience smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Ultimately, these 9 features are a part of the Pro plan that will change the way you design a website.

  • Template Library, now known as “Pattern Library.”
  • Global Styles
  • Effects
  • Advanced Backgrounds
  • Container Links
  • Asset Library
  • Copy+Paste Styles
  • Custom Attributes
  • Device Visibility

Pattern Library

GenerateBlocks offers an impressive selection of over 200 fully responsive block patterns. These range from page heroes to site footers, from single headlines to customized price tables, and much more. This diverse array of options caters to virtually any design need you might have.

Below is an image of the drop-down menu for a list of categories to place a template right into your content.

template GenerateBlocks Pro Review
  • Wire Frame
  • Hover Box
  • Content
  • Hero
  • Call To Action
  • Team
  • Info Boxes
  • Social Media
  • Contact
  • Footer
  • Pricing Table
  • Logos
  • Testimonial
  • Headline
  • Button

Global Styles

Global Styles in GenerateBlocks offers a streamlined approach to creating and applying reusable styles across your website. This functionality brings several key advantages:

  • Efficient CSS Management: Imagine you have a page featuring 10 containers, all sharing the same styling elements like padding. With Global Styles, the CSS for this particular style is written just once. This single style is then applied to every container, eliminating the need to write repetitive CSS code. Instead of duplicating the same CSS ten times, it’s written once and reused efficiently across similar elements.
  • Simplified Style Updates: Changes to your website’s design elements, such as updating the style of your primary button, become easy with Global Styles. You can make the change in one central location, and it will automatically propagate throughout your entire site. This means any element on your site using that Global Style will be updated instantly.

The image below is the effects feature in GenerateBlocks.

The effects feature enables you to create intricate CSS effects directly within the editor and applies to several key blocks:

  • Container: Make your containers stand out or blend with your overall design theme.
  • Headline: Make eye-catching headlines to capture attention.
  • Buttons: Make your call-to-action buttons more engaging.


effects tab

Advanced Backgrounds

Advanced Backgrounds is similar to the Effects feature but focuses specifically on enhancing background images and gradients. One advantage of advanced backgrounds is the ability to make a design responsive on desktop, tablet, or mobile device. You can also define unique backgrounds for both normal and hover states. Advanced backgrounds allow you to layer multiple background images or gradients on the same element.

Here is an image with the use of advanced backgrounds using three different methods to design your image.




Container Links

With a container link, you can make the entire area clickable, which is a feature that only comes with the pro version. The image below illustrates how to link a container.

instructions to link a container

Asset Library

If GenerateBlocks does not have all the icons and shapes you want, you can add SVG (scalable vector graphics) as a dynamic shape to your site. When you update the asset library, it will automatically (dynamically) update your website. You can also set up an icon in a particular area on a page for it to show where you designate.

Copy+Paste Styles

Copy+Paste is a convenient way to copy one block and then paste it into another block, which saves you precious time.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes allow you to link directly to a section on your page. This feature is perfect for library data attributes.

Device Visibility

Device visibility allows you to hide chosen blocks on any device, specifically with CSS code. This feature is especially helpful for those who know how to code.

Custom Attributes

Custom Attributes and Device Visibility are within the same area.

Clicking the Add Attribute will add an attribute label, name, and new fields.

css device

Device Visibility

Device visibility allows you to hide chosen blocks on any device with CSS.

You can use anchors to take your readers directly to a section on a page.

GenerateBlocks Pro Pricing


I recommend the professional plan because as long as you do the yearly fee, you can use GenerateBlocks on 250 sites.

$39 / year

For 1 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


$69 / year

For 10 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


$99 / year

For 250 site

Build local templates

Global styles

Block effects

Asset library

Advanced backgrounds

Container hover features

Custom attributes

Support for 1 year

Updates for 1 year


  • There are only 4 blocks that can do almost everything.
  • Lightweight plugin
  • It will not sacrifice performance and usability.
  • The Pro version offers more convenience and more options yet remains lightweight.
  • 200+ pre-designed templates.
  • No repetition with copy+paste styles
  • Container links will link entire blocks.
  • 3 styles of advanced backgrounds
  • Special effects provide a professional-looking website.
  • Quickly upgrade to Pro without affecting your content
  • Built to integrate perfectly with WordPress
  • Easy to learn and manage.
  • Affordable pricing
  • GenerateBlocks are dynamic blocks without the use of CSS code.
  • Excellent customer service and support

CONS With Fixes

  • If you are using GenerateBlocks with a theme other than GeneratePress, there are a couple of glitches.
  • Pulling in the latest posts feature has some minor challenges.
  • Does not have an inherent color option

My Endorsement of GenerateBlocks Pro

I highly recommend GenerateBlocks as a lightweight yet powerful tool for designing professional-looking websites.

For beginners in website building, GenerateBlocks Pro is a trustworthy investment. It is user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with WordPress.

Experienced developers understand the pitfalls of heavy plugins that can slow down a site and lead to bloat. GenerateBlocks Pro addresses this concern head-on, offering a solution that combines speed and efficiency.

GenerateBlocks Pro is competitively priced, making it an excellent investment for anyone serious about creating high-quality, fast-loading websites. GenerateBlocks Pro is a wise choice for anyone looking to design a professional website.

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