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Let’s Talk Fusion, Jason Fulton – Is It Real – Scam

Let’s Talk Fusion, Jason Fulton latest program launch. Jason starts with his personal story and how he tried every online way to make money. He states he signed up for a bunch of scams that took his money. He says that he is not like the people who scammed him. So with that said, let’s talk about Fusion – Jason Fulton.

I do not represent Jason Fulton’s Fusion. This is a review of a scam. Please see it as a scam and not a promotion.

Jason has a typical sob story just like all other product offers; for the purpose of, trying to take your money. I’ll tell more about his story later. 

It isn’t until a few clicks in that he reveals your future income with Fusion. He says some days you will make $200 and some days you will make $2000. Yet on the other hand he says you will make $3000 in 30 days for only 30 minutes of work a day with the program Fusion.

After all, he promises a one-time start-up fee to get rich. 

So, let’s talk Fusion by Jason Fulton and what my recommendations are for you. 

Jason falsely eludes to the reality of affiliate marketing. He says you will have to spend thousands to have an online business and you will have to create products to market. Again we will talk more about this later. 

Today I would like to cover some key points. 

  1. What the videos reveal to us about Fusion
  2. What can Fusion offer you
  3. My recommendations 
  4. Obvious red flags surrounding Fusion


Before I get into the whole story about Fusion and what Jason says, I would like to commend you. On the positive side; if you are here researching Fusion, I am proud of you for taking this step before you get scammed.

If you have joined Jason Fulton’s Fusion already, then I am so sorry. Please continue to read to see the manipulation Jason uses to draw you in. He talks a good talk. It is no wonder his speech drew you in because in reality I also was caught up in the story for a bit.

The Laura Method


Program name: Fusion

Founder: Jason Fulton and Jeff Grow

Price: as high as $497, there are so many upsells and then discounts to the upsell that it was hard to keep track of exactly how much this will cost you. 

Recommended: After thorough investigation NO I do not recommend Fusion By Jason Fulton

What Does Jason Fulton Say About Fusion?

Jason says you can make at least $200 a day working only 30 minutes a day. 

Fusion, Jason Fulton about jason

He is so gracious and helpful he tells us that he has done all of the work for you and all you have to do is work a short 30 min a day and make money. 

By the end of the upsells, Jason offers you a deal to make five times bigger and faster deals with Fusion. 

To my understanding, you will make 5x $200 a day, which is $350,000 a year. From the beginning of the video to the end, your income has increased from $70,000 a year to $350,000 a year with Fusion.

What The Videos Reveal To Us

I watched at least three different videos. Each one said something different and the price was different with each offer. At this point I am confused. What is Jason Fulton offering us with Fusion?

If I am this confused, I would have to say this is a big red flag. An honest program is consistently the same all the way through. Not to mention every time I opened the email with the Fusion offer I heard a sales pitch about a different company. 

Fusion, Jason Fulton Red Flag image

Yes, it’s true. The first one was a digital online academy.  That video just disappeared then the Fusion company and then something about Tony Robbins. I think Tony Robbins was thrown in to help make it look legit. 

Jason starts his story pretty bland. If it weren’t for the initial red flags, he might have had me convinced he is just a regular honest guy, and Fusion is an upstanding product. 

But as the videos progress, his statements and promises become desperate. Jason’s comments about the possible income kept increasing with each upsell.

What? How Many Upsells?

Jason so graciously offers six upgrade levels that begin at $4.99. This offer was on the first video. The initial offer in the second video was $13.50.

Each offer ranges from $47 to $97. And with each upsell Jason’s voice becomes more desperate. Earlier in the video, he promised a low one-time investment.

He states that you can do this yourself, but if you purchase an upgrade or six he will do the work for you. 

When I watched the training video, I felt like he was purposefully not giving full instructions so you would feel pressured to purchase the upsells. Not to mention he made false claims like “I will go over how to write an email later.” But he never talked about emails. 

What Can Fusion Offer You?

Fusion, Jason Fulton funnel

I watched the video after I placed my order. What Jason is offering is a funnel.

  1. You build a squeeze page,
  2. Then you write a 5-minute review of a product,
  3. Then linked it to an affiliate offer, and you earn lots of money. 
  4. You build an email list
  5. When someone joins your email list, the link redirects them back to a review page and the affiliate product. 

He spends 25 minutes telling you what you need. But 15 minutes of the 25 minutes he is showing you what kind of money other people have made. There is no real proof. No names or proof of income. Only accounts. 


He also tells you that you will need to set up a few things to get started.

  1. email autoresponder
  2. domain name
  3. paid traffic

All of which cost more money than the initial $4.99. 

You link to a page named Warrior-plus and find affiliate links of products that have a high commission payout.

He claims it is suitable for newbies and you don’t have to know anything. I am an affiliate marketer, and I don’t understand what he is trying to say. 

Jason runs through the training so fast I can not follow him. Maybe he does this to get you to buy into the upsells. 

He talks about getting traffic to come to your funnel offer and states if you pay for traffic, you will get more. 

Image Of Program Overview

Fusion, Jason Fulton overview screen shot

So now we are paying for the program, upsells, an autoresponder, a domain, and now paid traffic. 

You will need to research other blogs for ads. Then send an email to numerous blogs and ask them to send you an ad. Jason says can advertise on thousands of other websites. REALLY?

Please let me remind you that Jason said this process would take me 30 minutes a day. I am sure I have already clocked a few hours to find ads and send emails. 

Jason said he would teach you how to write high-converting emails. Within the same three sentences, he gives you the address for an article on how to do this. 

He is very inconsistent. He gave a lot of promises to teach how to do his Fusion program and then he sends you off to a lengthy article to read. 

Fusion requires more time than I am sure many of us have. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I will make money within 24 hours of setting all of this up. 

My Recommendation Regarding Fusion, Jason Fulton

Thumbs Down

Jason gave a lot of useful information, and it sounds good, but it won’t work to make you lots of money. It involves spamming a ton of people with junk emails. Yes, this can be considered a scam because he makes promises he does not keep.

There are many red flags. The red flags are subtle and hard to spot. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Jason’s fusion system.

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: the income potential keeps increasing to outlandish amounts such as $5000- $15,000 each time I click no on an upgrade. 
  2. A play on your emotion: He has a sob story just like all of the other scams.
    Jason tells us how he was only making $10 an hour and that was not enough. Then he found out his wife was preganant so he had to make more money to support his family. So he spends $10,000 on affiliate programs and scams. (Really if you don’t have money you don’t spend $10,000 dollars trying to make money.) Until one day he put all of the programs and scams together to form a company that works. This company is Fusion.
  3. You do get training but it is not understandable and what he says in inconsistent. 
  4. Once you sign up he just keeps leaching money out of you. 
  5. Shows us examples of income earnings that could be from anyone. There is not name on the account.
  6. After the $4.99 purchase, there are upgrades that cost wayyy too much.
  7. A claim that it will take you 30 minutes a day to make big money. Yet the tasks he gives will take hours a day to perform.
  8. A statement the product is worth $997, but you will get a great deal. I never did see how much that great deal was. 
  9. Numerous promises that Jason does not follow through on.
  10. A statement you will make money tomorrow. 
  11. A promise of “one love investment fee.”
  12. This scam reeks of false promises and and inconsistency

Is Fusion, Jason Fulton A Scam?

Although Jason does talk about the type of things an affiliate marketer does and some are real I  do believe this product is a scam.  Jason’s Fusion story is very inconsistent. His statements change frequently and his claim to only work 30 minutes conflicts with the training.

The choice is ultimately yours, but all of the red flags are present, then I recommend you run from this type of offer. 

Comparison Of a Reputable Business vs Fusion

The Laura Method

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33 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fusion, Jason Fulton – Is It Real – Scam”

  1. Jason is a scammer.!

    I was forced to buy his programme. The web page did not let me out and I could not shut it down until I paid for it.

    I have sent him 3 emails asking for a refund.
    No response.

    Btw, all that thanks to Wesley Virgin.

    • Robert, I am sorry you have had to go through this. You are so right; I also determined his program to be a scam in my review. If you are looking for a way to make money, I have a program called The Laura Method. But it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You might want to look at it to see how you can set up your own online business with my full support.

  2. I bought in on the DFY and got nothing of value. The main thing he keeps wanting from me is a pay pal account or bank info to send me my money that I have never made. Beware and stay away from this scam.

    • Mark, thank you for this comment. It is a scam for sure! I am sorry you lost your money and so proud of you for seeing through this and not giving him more information—Pat yourself on the back for me. I am offering free lessons to set up a niche website. It is free right now. I will be selling it soon so grab it while you can. These 4 lessons instruct on how to set up a niche website. I call it “The Laura Method.”

  3. Jason Fulton and his associates are scammers. NEVER buy any product/services from them. If you are peddling them as an affiliate, you are simply promoting the scam!!!

    • Yes, Jason Fulton Fusion is a scam. The post that you commented on is a review of Fusion. I do not promote Fusion or Jason Fulton. Freedom Profits-Pocketz is another scam Jason Fulton recently launched. It is wise to stay away from all of his programs.

  4. Wahoo, thank God that I came across this article. I was almost carried away with is brain wash until 8 thought it wise to know more about Jason Fulton.
    Red flags!!! Be warned.

    • Happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to let us know you were saved by this article. Way to go on checking this scam out before giving your money. YOU ROCK!

  5. Good that I came out on this website! I’ve invested only 9$ and decided to check out the internet about and found your comments. Thank you so much, you saved me lifetime <3

      • I always always always look things up and perform due diligence before making such purchases, but this time I messed up. I was in such a mood to DO SOMETHING for an online income, and this program – uProfito – came so highly recommended from several marketers whom I have thought to be straight up decent, that I pulled the trigger on the FE and all 6 of the OTO’s, because it was going to be completely fabulous, of course.

        Turns out the super fancy DONE FOR YOU upgrades at the discounted price of $97 each apparently don’t even exist. I have submitted a couple of tickets and gotten no response from the help desk. I have private messaged on Facebook and all I’ve gotten there is a question did I purchase through their official affiliate link, and then they posted the “official” affiliate link. What. I’m going to purchase it all again?

        I posted directly on Jason’s Mastermind FB page, detailing these issues, and his response was to send a link for viewing your Warrior Plus purchase history.

        I am pretty much resigned to writing off this month’s worth of grocery money for having made a bad judgement call. I will file a complaint with PayPal, though it seems others have not found resolution there. Meanwhile, I have to hope that somehow Jason needed this money a whole lot more than my family does. Especially since now it’s ripped off with no potential for any return on investment.

        • It is sad to say but I too have made this very same mistake. I am happy you found this post but sorry it was after the fact. You said you want to earn money online. Did you take a look at how I make money online? It is not a “done for you system” and it is not “quick money” but it is a real business and you have full training and support. The offer is at Resign With Money if you decide to try. And I am here also to help when you need me. Thank you for your comment. It helps for others to confirm not to give them money.

  6. Jason’s a fraud! Along with his partner Mosh Bari
    He promises 100% Satisfaction with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with absolutely no intention of ever refunding for products that don’t even work. So they’ve had Eur 125 of my money and they’re totally ignoring me to . I will try refund my money through PayPal


  7. He got me with all that dfy upsale crap that if I paid all the money I could have payed for an hour with a mentor

    • Priscilla, I am so sorry to hear that. It is horrible what these scammers will do to get money. Especially now when I am sure you need your money most.

  8. Fulton and Bari appear to be cut from the same cloth, like attracts like I guess.

    It’s clear from these posts that his/their modus operandi continues unabated with other products too, in my particular case RapidProFixPro.

    I purchased this in early October 2019 plus one OTO at $97 for DFY products.

    I got around to wanting to access it a few days ago, not unusual for me as I run three small online businesses already and I’m quite busy already, therefore I tend to buy a product that interests me in advance to obtain not only the best price, but to protect myself from the risk that it may not appear again.

    After completing the account creation form and expecting my username, temporary password and login details to follow, I received zilch.

    I waited 24 hours, still nothing, so contacted Bari’s ‘Hesk’ help desk and supplied my PayPal details, transaction details etc., and asked for access details, that was 5 days ago – nothing, not even an acknowledgement.

    I also sent in a second reminder within those 5 days, no reply to that either.

    I also sent a request to Fulton’s email too, nothing from there either – all VERY frustrating and annoying considering all I want is my access link, password and username – hardly rocket science.

    I’ve even filled in a new account creation form with a different email but never receive the promised access details that way either.

    I used my original email a second time at one point but received nothing back as if it was blocked by them – although I may be wrong.

    It surely can’t be because they’re too busy with this promotion, it appeared over 3 months ago and while I appreciate they’re launching other products, it’s very poor customer service to ignore customers no matter when they purchased.

    So they’ve had $117 of my money and they’re totally ignoring me – so I have no choice but to lodge a Paypal dispute and attempt to receive a refund.

    I’ll NEVER buy anything again from either of these two individuals and not from anyone who is affiliated to them – they’re an absolute disgrace and I intend on doing my level best to make certain that other people should be aware to avoid them too.

    • WOW! Oh so true. There are so many people out there doing scams just like these. I am so happy you are launching a PayPal dispute. Many do not try to get their money back. It is so important to do the research before you pay the money. Keep me posted please and let me know how it all goes. Also, your comment is appreciated. I am in hopes that it will help others as well.

  9. Jason’s a fraud! Along with his partner Mosh Bari
    He promises 100% Satisfaction with 30Day Money Back Guarantee with absolutely no intention of ever refunding for products that don’t even work.
    I know – it cost me to trust his garbage.

    • I am so sorry you were scammed by this program and Jason. They can be so convincing. I understand your anger. There are so many red flags that stand up with the Fusion product. Hang in there and always research before you buy. Most of these scams never stand behind their money-back guarantee.

  10. Another Huge Red Flag that I noticed was Jeff Grow shows his bank statement that was money he made in one day from the website it says-and I quote “Look At My Income Over The Past Month With Just 30 Minutes Of Very Simple “WORK” Daily”… if you look at the top of it the Start Date is 02/02/2006 and End Date is 12/11/2017. That was my first red flag. It is in 3 photos then they cover the date in the last 2 pics. He honestly gets more desperate as you just follow the e-mail. He contradicts himself numerous times.You are so right about your assessment of his claims.Which I call “A-Scam”. I am truly a newbie and am seriously trying to start a “at home” business out of pure necessity and the $4.97 would be a great deal if it were real. He NEVER mentions any other types of charges or up-charges. I am a nurse with my BSN and a dual Masters degree and I have 22 years of experience. I have taught part time online nursing classes and always made an excellent salary and loved what I did everyday.I have no experience at all with any work at home business.I know I can do proofreading, editing, VA work, any type of medical transcripts.I don’t even know how to start a blog. I’m truly a newbie! Unfortunately, my husband had a stroke and had to have Brain surgery and he is now out of rehab but he has to have care 24/7. He doesn’t want anyone else but me to clean him and bathe him.We have been married 35 yrs.I’m 54 and all this online making money is so new to me. I’m terrified to loose any money to garbage e-mail scams.I’m really trying to find anything that I can do just to pay my bills and buy a few groceries. I’m honestly on a very small tight budget because after all the medical/surgical/ hospitals etc.costs even with good insurance, I still owe a lot on all 5 hospitalizations. I now have a lot of medical supply costs weekly for his care.We are trying to get his social security disability started which was turned down the 1st time we applied. We now have a lawyer who will get his 40% first of course, but it will be approved; The lawyer said it takes a yr or longer. I will keep trying my best. I pray I find something sooner rather than than later. I want to thank you so much for your honest evaluation. As a writer, you are great at explaining what I did not understand! Again, thank you for confirming what I was thinking. Keep up the great work and I wish you the very best in your online business.You were clear, concise and non-biased with your eval. The best part of your explanation for me was that your were great at explaining it to someone like me who is totally lost when it comes to making money online. I am 100% sure I can do it and no one will work harder than I do. I have always been able to work circles around others that are 20 years younger than myself. I know I can excel as soon as I figure all this out. I knew and could feel you were being honest and that was the most impressive part of your comments. Thank you for your information. I greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Guest.

    • Lisa, I am so happy you ran across this post before you spent your money. I too am a nurse and retired after 40 years. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I can understand why he would only want you to take care of him.
      When I started my online business, I only knew just a bit. Everything I learned was at Wealthy Affiliate. I was 60 at the time, and as you know, at our age, we didn’t learn much about the internet. So learning the online business was a big learning curve for me.
      I know you would be good at this. At Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to set up a website, write content for posts, get noticed on the first page of google and what niche you may want to have.
      Right now some of this may sound foreign to you. But you will learn all of it step-by-step. The support you will have is like no other.
      Lisa, there is no way for me to explain how incredible this platform is. But you can sign in Free and look around. For the first 7 days, you will take the first 10 lessons and learn all of the things I mentioned above. Then at the end of the 7 days or before you can stay on as a free member or you can sign on to premium. Now the first month will be 1$19 if you become premium within the first 7 days. Each month after that will be $49 a month.
      With your finances so tight this may sound like a lot. The sooner you get started, the sooner your website will grow.
      One more vital thing is you won’t make money right away. But you said you are a hard worker. And being a nurse like me, you are no stranger to patience, persistence, and dedication. That is what we nurses do on a daily basis.
      So, Lisa, I know you want to get started soon so you can make extra money. I hope to see you on the inside because I know you will love it here. And I will be your personal coach and mentor.
      I am looking forward to working with you.
      Lisa, I want to thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you. Here is your link to get started as soon as you are ready.

  11. Thank you for this extensive review of the Fusion product by Jason Fulton. It appears to be a shaky program, if not an outright waste of money, based on what you have discovered. As you were describing what he is pushing in his videos, I read nothing that you could not learn on your own at much less cost.

    Like you, I am always on the lookout for red flags, and the way the funnel is designed with Fusion, there is plenty of them to see. The no work required angle, the misleading income claims, the non-transparent and incomplete disclosure offers in the funnel, the income claims that cannot be verified, etc. are enough to tell me this is not something to waste money or time with.

    I appreciate that you have followed up this review with some straightforward advice on what it takes to really earn money with an affiliate business online. It involves a plan, consistent effort that you put in daily and for a long period of time, and the willingness to delay gratification while your work output builds to the point where you can start monetizing it.

    That moment will come sooner or later, it depends on a lot of factors, but essentially anyone can do this, and over time, anyone can succeed. There are no magic buttons, there is not an instant cash machine out there, Fusion or otherwise, that can replace this process.

    Telling people the truth is what we need more of, there are too many products that play on your emotions and needs to pry open your wallet to fatten theirs. They do not have a prospective entrepreneur’s interest in mind. It sounds to me like you do. Thanks for that. Fusion is one to stay away from, and I think you have made a good call.

    A couple of questions for you: Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate? If so, how has it worked out for you and how long did it take to start making money online using it? This is a question I get from many people when it comes to any product out there. Thanks in advance for your feedback…

    • Dave, you are so right. Anything in life worthwhile takes effort and work. 

      As for me, yes I am a member of wealthy affiliate. How long did it take for me to make money? I never give a direct answer to that question. But some say three months, six months and even a year.  

      I can give you some guidelines. 

      If you need money quick, then WA is not for you. 

      If you have to put a time frame on the business you are building then it will become a worry and affect your progress. 

      If you are serious about building an online business then persist, persevere and buckle down then you will see results that will last a lifetime. It is like any brick and mortar business in the building stages. It takes time and effort to generate an income. 

      If you are new to online business as I was then it is a learning curve that takes time to learn. But the training here at WA is the best in the world. 

      So, Dave, this is the best answer I have for you. Nothing is absolute, but everything worth doing is worth putting effort into. 

  12. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Jason Fulton which is a guy I’ve seen a lot of lately, he’s also behind a few other products such as Insta-Minator which is a very similar get-rich-quick type of product.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. These products do teach you a legit money making method, but what I dislike is all the hype surrounding it. You’re not going to get rich working just 30 minutes a day, but they all like to advertise as such. Jason Fulton is definitely very inconsistent and suspicious as a scam artist. Thank you for taking the time to do a great review.

    • Often a person who does this type of scam has set up many of them and changes the name to scam more people. Thanks for stopping by. 

  13. Dear Laura,

    Thanks for the detailed and in-depth review post.

    Being a full-time Internet Marketer I always do my research on make money online products and I came across Fusion and want to dig more to know more information. And your review post means a lot to me and it saved my time.

    $200 a day for only 30 minutes of work a day? I always prefer to stay away from programs and products which promises easy, quick and fast money.

    So what he teaches is affiliate marketing and there is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing WORKS. Based on my experience, in order to make money on affiliate marketing it takes time and effort. The problem with these programs is too much hype and unrealistic claims.I hate too many upsells and most of the time some product creators use their low cost front-end product as a gateway to their upsells.

    After reading your review I am not interested with Fusion and thanks for saving people time, effort and money. 

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul, I know 30 minutes of work and $200 a day is ridiculous. Do stay away and like you say affiliate marketing is the real way to go. Wealthy Affiliate is a time-tested platform that will teach all one will need to know to become successful. 

  14. Hi Laura, thank you for this in-depth and interesting review of Jason Fulton’s Fusion plan.  I am always on the hunt for money making opportunities on the internet.  You have saved me so much time with this review.  Understanding the red flags to look for is incredibly useful, and can be applied to other money making opportunities.   The sad thing is we are so keen to make a quick buck that sometimes people like Jason pull us in, and I dislike how honest people end up losing their money.  I personally dislike all the up sells, as I have lost money to this type of hard sell before. 
    As you touched on paid traffic in the review I was wondering if you have ever bought paid traffic?
    Thank you for saving me time and money with this great review. 

    • Denise, you are so welcome. I hope that others will see this review before they lose their hard earned money. 

      In response to your question, do I buy paid traffic? No, I don’t and never will. I use the keyword research tool called Jaaxy to get ranked on page one of Google. With this tool, I don’t need to pay for traffic. I don’t think paid traffic is a good idea. 

      Now if you mean ads then yes I do use FB ads, and I may use Google ad words in the future. 

  15. It seems that fusion promises a lot of things that are not that easy to accomplish without months or years or work beforehand mastering marketing. I think that wealthy affiliate is an all in one source where more successful affiliate marketers gather than most other platforms. Do you think that wealthy affiliate provides everything you need to market?

    • Oh, Jon, this is an excellent question and one I love to answer. Absolutely yes Wealthy Affiliate is like a one-stop shop. I have learned everything I need. If not in training then through the experienced affiliate marketers on the platform There is no other place like the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 


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