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FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review-No Bonus-No Bull

FunnelChief Funnel Builder is software created by Rick Nguyen to launch soon. In my FunnelChief funnel builder honest review I don’t offer bonuses, nor do I feed you a line of bull. I am not promoting FunnelChief; therefore, I can give you an honest review.

Let’s take a closer look at FunnelChief Funnel Builder software in the light of my honest review. We will cover:

  1. Who is Rick Nguyen?
  2. What is FunnelChief?
  3. FunnelChief Funnell Builder Honest Review
  4. Upsells
  5. My recommendations regarding FunnelChief
  6. 4-Step Blueprint


Program name: FunnelChief

Founder: Rick Nguyen

Price:  $23.97 with upsells

Who is Rick Nguyen?

To be honest, I am not really sure. I have searched the internet over and over to find a bio on Rick Nguyen. There is no information on him aside from the apps he has developed. So I reviewed all of his apps to see what they were all about. It is the strangest thing I have ever come across. The only information I have is the reviews by the marketers that are promoting his products.

It appears that Rick Nguyen develops upstanding apps that really do what he says they will. But when it comes to FunnelChief Funnel Builder, I am not sure until we dive deeper for an honest review.

What Is FunnelChief?

According to the information I have found, “FunnelChief is a full SaaS software that has been loaded with proven and highly converting DONE-FOR-YOU Lead Funnels.”

Rick created this software for marketers to build an email list and earn income at the same time. It is newbie-friendly, and it states it is easy to use. Not only that, but you can get traffic to your funnel from 21 social media networks.

Let’s take a closer look to see if this is a good software for you.

The Laura Method

FunnelChief Funnell Builder Honest Review

In FunnelChief funnel builder, what did I find out it has to offer you and the price tag for a DFY funnel program? The screenshot below will list out what the offer is. I’ll go over it in more detail below.

FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review list of options

What you see here is a list of all the options included. Some require an upgrade to use them. But I do have to say that most of the includes are in the basic price of $23.97.

Instead of going through each of these individually, I want to talk about the funnel builder in general.

If you are a beginner, this may be a bit difficult for you. But if you are a seasoned marketer like myself, you probably know how to create a funnel. Software such as FunnelChief may not be necessary to use on an affiliate marketer site.

The biggest thing Rick is offering is a system to sell products on Clickbank with just a funnel page. You have the ability to tap into all of the Clickbank programs, and you can promote any of them.

You have access to unlimited domains on the FunnelChief site, but I wonder if they own your domain, do they also own your funnel? This is a question that is not answered in the information I have looked at. I prefer to have full control over my domain and all that I create as a business.

Rick offers a video upfront to show you how to use the funnel builder. The part that concerns me is about 2/3 the way through the video; he stops showing how it works and is talking his way through it. Because he doesn’t want us to see the rest of how it is all set up, I am not sure we will ever know.


There are a few upsells, which is understandable. Rick does offer a lot of options in the basic price. Here is a list of the basic price options you will see from this FunnelChief funnel builder honest review.

Basic Plan

FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review mock up of product
FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review basic options

From here the upsells begin. Let’s take a look at them for a better understanding.

FunelChief Pro OTO 1

The upsell OTO 1 offers more of what the basic plan does such as more lead funnels. It allows for an increased ease of navigation and funnel set up.

With the upgrade you can add landing pages to your website which you could not do with the basic plan.

FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review pro options

LockFit App

I am not real sure what this upsell is. If I had to guess I would say it is the ability to take a post or page and make it into a lead page.

FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review lock app

Contest App, Count Down App and Monthly Lead Pages

We have covered 2 of the OTO Upsells, and we have 4 left. The Contest App is an upsell, so you can turn your funnels into a contest to build an email list.

Then we have a countdown app. These are useful for limited time offers and to produce a sense of urgency in the buyer.

The next to last app is monthly updates of new funnels for a monthly fee.

FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review OTO 3, 4, and 6

Reseller OTO 5

This upgrade will cost you $47, 67, 127. Now I kind of freaked out when I saw this because, at first glance, it looked like 47 thousand dollars. I could not figure out why it was so out of proportion. When I looked at it again, I realized it is $47, $67, and $127

This upsell is for the rights to resell the software itself.

All in all FunnelChief funnel builder will cost approximately $200.


I did find a pre-launch video on YouTube that is produced by FunnelChief. I will go over some things said in that video, and then I will put all of this together for you.

The video says there are problems with building funnels. They make it out to be the worst nightmare on earth. While funnels are indeed a thought process; they are not a nightmare. They stated:

  1. It takes months to build a funnel and get it right. Not true; I have build funnels in 3 days
  2. You have to pay a lot of money to places like ClickFunnels. Also, not true. I make mine with Elementor and actually made my last one with WordPress Block Editor.
  3. And it is nearly impossible to get traffic. Well, getting traffic depends on how strong your site is and your domain authority.

FunnelChief says they can fix it all. They did the nearly impossible, and in a few clicks, you can have a funnel. Not only a few clicks, but you can make instant money as soon as you publish your funnel. WHAT??? Instant money??

Recommendations Regarding FunnelChief

It wasn’t easy to give you an honest review of FunnelChief Funnel Builder. To work it all out, I will list the pros and cons and then make my decision.


  1. Rick appears to have a good reputation
  2. Funnel builders are great marketing tools
  3. These funnels are easy to create if you are using his domain and hosting
  4. The upsells are reasonable


  1. The video made an outlandish statement of instant money
  2. The words DFY (done for you) and fully automated always raise a red flag
  3. There is a question if you own your domain and funnel
  4. FunnelChief says they can fix it all
  5. If the template does not fit your niche, you will need to change all of the copy, which is the difficult part
  6. You have to upgrade to use the funnels on a website

I can see the benefit of a Funnel builder, especially one with templates. I can also understand using funnels for promotions and to gather emails. And I know it can be a challenge to create a funnel.

I have finally made a decision for my FunnelChief Funnel Builder Honest Review. I give my FunnelChief Review a THUMBS DOWN.

funnel chei pinf funnel builder

This does not mean it is not a good program and it is not a scam. If you have a website, you will benefit more from using a block editor and learning how to create one from scratch.

If your purpose is to create many funnels and use the automated system, then I don’t believe you can make instant money.

You need to connect with a platform that teaches it all and not purchase every new software on the market to make money.

Everyone who creates new software believes theirs will be the one to solve all problems. If you purchase all of them, you won’t have any money left to run your business.

So with this said, if you feel this app is the living end and you need it, then purchase it. But I do not feel that FunnelChief funnel builder is the software to end all problems and make you instant money.

I have written many other reviews but the one that is still taking marketers hard-earned money is one by James Wendell. You work hard and need all the income you can get so don’t give it away when you can find the same information for a lot less.

The Laura Method

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