FREE vs Premium

The word free may trigger some concerns. But have no fear. Here at Wealthy Affiliate you can actually sign into the platform without the use of a credit card. Wealthy Affiliate  will not have a payment source on file until you decide to place one there. I have not seen any offer like Wealthy Affiliate’s Free offer anywhere in the industry.

Free to sign in and take the first 10 lessons

NO-Risk, NO-Obligation, NO Credit Card Required!

Here is what happens when you sign in. 

With your free membership you set up your website and learn everything you need to know for Google search engines to recognize you. 

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Affiliate Marketing or you have experience you will find what you need to create an online presence and begin your business. You will learn how to make a passive income from home. 


You will learn keyword research, content writing, finding a niche, how to navigate your WordPress back end site and so much more.

You can remain a free member for up to 6 months and work on your site on a  free siterubix domain or you can choose to become a premium member of WA. But first let me talk about the first 7-day free trial plan.

Important Information

Site Access

With your free membership, you have access to 90% of the platform for the first 7 days.

The free membership is like a free trial to start and get your feet wet. Then  you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you. 

I have no doubt that you will know before the end of the 7 days if you are serious about becoming an Affiliate Marketer. In these 7-days you can try out almost everything on the platform. Try before you buy!


No pressure sales!

During your 7-day testing period you will receive messages from WA and myself. You will receive information on the premium membership. BUT as I said none of it is a pressure sale. It is just friendly reminders so you do not lose track of time. 
However I do suggest  you get started right away with the training. The sooner you start the better idea you will have to make an informed decision on your future with a home business.

Here is a comparison chart for you to look at. It can give you a much better understanding of Free vs Premium here at WA


I do have an incredible offer for you. Within the first 7 days when you decide to become a premium member, I will give you a 59% discount on your first month.

Your first month will only be $19

and then $49 each month after that.

I don’t know of any other platform that offers all that you receive here at Wealthy Affiliate.

59 discount on orange

There are no upgrades or extra money required. Oh I do need to let you know that if you want to purchase your own domain it is a fee of approximately $13 a year. I want to be totally upfront and  transparent with you.  

NO-Risk, NO-Obligation, NO Credit Card Needed