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Free Loophole Profits Review – Waldo Style Or A Real Scam Style?

Free Loophole Profits is a simple yet highly powerful method I use to generate FREE traffic and daily sales using a weird loophole 8 million dollar online company.” The previous sentence is Free Loophole Profit’s self-description. I don’t even know what this means. So, let’s take a look at the Free Loophole Profits review.

I’ve literally read their page for two hours and, much credit to the word slinger of their site because I don’t know what this really is or why it works, but the presentation language is a hook.

Then you look at the price, a measly $12.95, and you’re telling yourself, “It can’t hurt, right?” Let’s find out where the pain is here. 

Let’s take a closer look at Free Loophole Profits and what we will cover.

  1. Who is Art Flair?
  2. What is Free Loophole Profits?
  3. Free Loophole Profits Review
  4. Is Free Loophole Profits A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding Free Loophole Profits
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint

Free Loophole Profits

Program Name: Free Loophole Profits

Founder: Art Flair

Price: $12.95

Who Is Art Flair

Free Loophole Profits is another release under the umbrella of Art Flair. And it’s a massive umbrella. Art has been launching new programs steadily for years. With that many roll-outs, he seems more like Ric Flair than Art Flair.

But is Free Loophole Profits a “WOOOOO!” or a woohoo?

In all fairness, Art has a lot of experience but what seems odd is, with all that success, Art is still more of a ghost than not. On his FB page, he has two videos that show him. That’s it.

The Laura Method

There’s one primary photo online and a blog that bears his last name. I scoured the internet, did a few unique online searches, went to a couple of speakeasies, sent up smoke signals… There’s a lot of Art’s programs but not a lot of Art. 

l product image

What Is Free Loophole Profits?

The only thing more frustrating than playing “Where’s Waldo” on the hunt for Art is trying to determine what in the world is Free Loophole Profits.

Art tells me Free Loophole Profits “is not a software… it’s not an “APP”... there’s nothing technical, complicated, or complex.. There’s nothing to download, and there’s no tech at all… this is “old school” money-making made shockingly easy.” What does he mean by “no tech”! Affiliate Marketing is all about tech. I’ve never seen a successful affiliate marketing program that didn’t have you surfing the web like Jack Johnson. 

He says that your education doesn’t matter, and you can replace your day job. Art!! Stop! I’m ready to get in; just throw me ANY kind of rope. Shoot up a flare (pun intended)…Alas, Art is still more elusive than Bigfoot. 

Free Loophole Profits Review

This brings me to a unique quandary. How can I effectively review this when I can’t fully understand what the product does? As a result, I’m going to review ONLY what I do know.

I do know that it’s telling me I can live that Laptop Lifestyle and that I’m going to be making money a half-hour after I connect with the Loophole. 99% of the time, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. 

Free Loophole Profit’s page is like a most lavish hit parade of all the best sales lines in the industry. 

It employs techniques like FOMO and Victim Badging (the sales technique of telling prospects why their previous failures aren’t their fault) and a roster of other muscled-up techniques that keep trying to pin you. Heavy on closing. Short on the information.

incomer claims


Free Loophole Profits Pro $17 – advanced methods and strategies

Done-for-you Free Loophole Profits $39 – get started making money right away

DFY Clickbank Affiliate Campaigns $47 – not really sure what this one is other than “super affiliate” status

Quora Unlimited Content Generator Plugin $197 – Content creation 24/7 from a plugin

Reseller Rights $97 – sell the program to make a 100% commission

None of the upgrades are clear on what benefit they provide to the buyer. Why pay extra money or any money at all when Art cannot tell you what his software will do for you.


  • It sounds phenomenal!
  • It’s a $12.95 investment.


  • Information about what the program actually does and how the loophole works are absent from the information
  •  Is there a real Art Flair? Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to determine. 
  • It sounds TOO good.
  • It talks a lot about “passive” income. That’s very rare. Most affiliate marketing requires daily workout sessions involving your fingers and a keyboard. 

Is Free Loophole Profits A scam?

It’s a question mark due to the lack of knowledge of what the “magic” loophole really does. Yet, he’s not likely running a scam in the truest definition with this many product launches. But is it the program that’s going to set you on that luxurious jet-set life? Probably not.

It’s under $13. I can’t buy a decent desk calendar for that much, and you’re going to tell me that for a paltry $13 that I’m being given the keys to the financial freedom kingdom? Who wouldn’t want to believe that? But Art is a businessman, not a financial fantasy fairy.

Free money loophole review pin

My Recommendations For Free Loophole Profits

I reserve the right to reconsider this review based on obtaining the information I need. But, as a result of limited information, an elusive creator, and too good to be true promises, I’m recommending NOT to jump in on this particular opportunity.

You may think at the ridiculously low price; you can afford to risk it. The investment of money may not be significant, but the value of your time is. That’s why you’re looking at these opportunities. You want to reclaim your life back. You want to live your best life. And you should. 

If you’re looking for a real opportunity and not a get-rich-quick scheme, then I fully believe I may have something that could help you on the way to financial freedom. Take a look at my 4-Step Blueprint.

I’m a real human and can provide any and all information you need to know who and what you’re working with to reach the goals you have in mind. 

The Laura Method

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