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Free Email Marketing List – 7 Reasons You Need One

The world revolves around social media and connecting through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others. Social media platforms can pick and choose who will see your posts and what you see. People can skip your information and move on or engage. You can use social media for business, and each platform has its purpose, but nothing is as purposeful as your free email marketing list for your business.

Email subscribers choose to follow you and want to hear from you. They are looking for information and want to learn more, because you have what they need, and to reach them, you need to build your email list.

Maybe you have an email list already, in contrast, maybe you have been procrastinating. Today we will go over the 7 reasons why it is crucial to building your list to grow your business.

7 Reasons You Need A Free Email Marketing List

  1. Email is still popular
  2. Your email list belongs to you
  3. Many Email subscribers engage by choice
  4. Your Email marketing list is direct
  5. Email builds a relationship
  6. Email is fully automated
  7. An Email list creates more traffic, more revenue

Do you have an email list? Have you considered starting one, but you don’t understand the need for it? In this article, I will talk about seven reasons why an email list is beneficial to your business’s growth. Not to mention, it isn’t just helpful; it is critical for your business to thrive in our world of advanced technology.

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#1 Email Is Still Popular

The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, who was an electrical engineer. That was 49 years ago, and in our world of ever-evolving technology, that was a very long time ago. With this in mind, we may tend to think that email is an old method and skip over this method.

In reality, it is still the best way to contact people with information. Worldwide 3.9 billion people have email addresses, which is over 50% of the population; to put it differently, social media has 3.48 billion users at 49% split between many platforms.

Email is just as popular as social media and much more individually targeted; on the contrary, email is not dead, and it is ranking above social media.

#2 Your Email Marketing List Belongs To You

When you place an email capture form on your website and people sign up, that list is all yours. No one will direct your messages to a particular group or prevent them from popping up on the news feed of only a few. No one can filter out who sees them and who doesn’t; that is to say, they can go to spam, but there is a solution for that.

You can split test and segment your list. You decide what content goes to your readers and what products you promote.

#3 Many Email Subscribers Engage By Choice

When someone signs up for your free email marketing list, they do so because they chose to. You offered value through your website, and now your followers want to see more of what you have to offer. They made a concerted effort to put all of their information into the signup form because they want to engage with you.

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They found trust in your words or offer and want to know more about you and what you have to say. But even with this trust, they may not be ready to buy. 96% of people need to see a product or offer seven times before they will purchase. Thus the need to continue to build trust.

#4 Your Email Marketing List Is Direct

When you post on social media, that platform may decide who will see your post, but you can rest assured that hundreds of thousands will see all the words you put down. I know you have seen the posts where a person airs all of their world concerns or tells everyone their personal problems. Or what about the people pushing an MLM product for the world to see?

When you send out an email, you are talking to one person as if you wrote a personal letter to them. It is more intimate and direct, not to mention, you are creating trust.

You have the opportunity to help your subscriber with valuable information they can use in their life. And they can read email when it is convenient for them. The entire interaction is on their terms and schedule.

#5 Email Builds A Relationship

Relationships are caring and kind. Forming a relationship with a person is connecting with them on their level. They feel more comfortable responding because you are the only one who will see their comment.

It relates in a way to the “contact us” form on my website. People can leave a comment in the comment section below a post, but many prefer to connect one-on-one with me through the contact form. The person sending and the person receiving are the only ones to see the message. It feels secure and safe.

Did you know that 81% of people make a purchase from an email versus your website? That is a very high percentage, which is due to creating a trusting relationship.

#6 Email Is Fully Automated

You already have so much to do. You don’t need to sit on a platform responding to each person individually. With email, you can send the same email out to many people on a list. It saves time and engages each one.

You can segment each list and automate different messages to each listing. All messages will be relevant, informative, and targeted to those who need them. Again one-on-one, creating trust and building a relationship while you continue to create more value and information for the world.

#7 An Email List Creates More Traffic, More Revenue

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Have you heard that traffic is money in the bank? I mean, traffic and visitors to your website create an income. When you have one email subscriber who receives one RSS feed of your latest blog post and goes to your site to read it, you have more traffic. The more traffic you have, the higher ranking Google will give your website, which in turn produces more traffic. It is a snowball effect.

The higher your ranking is, the more people see your information. Those who click on your content increase your percentage of sales. It is a beautiful circle of creating relationships, building traffic, and increasing revenue.

Final Thoughts

I know it isn’t easy to build an email list; in addition it takes a long time to get those numbers up there.  But if you don’t start now, it will take so much longer. A free email marketing list is crucial to a blog or website as a steak knife is to a big thick juicy steak. They just go hand in hand. You can’t make a site keep on growing without an email list, just as you can’t cut into a thick juicy steak with a spoon.

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