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Just imagine cutting your research and content writing in half with an AI writing tool. It almost feels like a dream. With my review, we will look at this tool to see if it can make a dream come true. 

Research for an article is more than half the battle when writing content to share with the world. And then getting it all down in the proper order, optimizing it, and making sure all of the keywords are in place. Man, oh man, it takes time for sure.

But I have found a tool that cuts all of this process in half or more. With this in mind, I cannot tell you I am an AI writer expert, but I can say that I use and love its functionality.

Without further delay, let’s talk about review logo

What is is a platform where you can write content briefs, articles, blog posts, research, and optimize your work. They call themselves “The Writing Platform.” With the program, one can literally cut their writing time in half. And if someone is writing for you, the content brief is invaluable. Create a brief to give to your colleagues or freelance writer, so you are all on the same page. compiles the top 20 posts ranking on Google based on the keyword you chose in your title. It can write for you with AI technology or rewrite content found in the search results. 

How Did Start? 

Two guys founded These guys previously worked together, and one was the founder of HubSpot while the other was the founder of Marketo. Needless to say, these fellas know what they’re doing.

They were looking for ways to cut out some of the work involved in creating content. So they had the great idea of using artificial intelligence to create content for you.

And they created That’s how it started.

What Is An AI Writer? 

An AI writer is software that uses artificial intelligence, and based on your input of information, it will predict text. 

When I first heard about AI writing, I thought it sounded too good to be true. To be honest, I put off trying it for quite some time, but once I did, it was amazing how much time it helped me save. It does a lot more than just create content for you; it enables you to focus on other important matters in your professional life.

How Does Work?

Once you log into your dashboard, you can begin creating a content document or simply create a content brief. The platform allows an existing URL to be optimized or start a new article.

First, you will need to put in some information, such as your target keyword, long-tail keyword, or the URL of an existing post.  

Once you make your choice and click the create tab will pull up 20 articles relevant to your keywords. 

From there, the fun begins with an ability to have AI write for you or rewrite sentences. Optimize a piece of content with suggested keywords, and find questions and headings to fit your article. Not to mention there are suggestions for external links, statistics, and Wikipedia topics. 

 The writing platform is set up a lot like WordPress, so it is somewhat familiar and relatively easy to navigate.

Just A Few Features Of

Content Brief – You are only minutes away from a complete content brief that is researched and ready to go. Share it with your freelance writers or colleagues, so you are both in line with what you want to have written.

Writing content – create content with the AI writer, search results, or rewrite sentences. You can have a full written post to examine or only pieces of content and use for strong ideas in minutes. I have found the content writing portion of is helpful for research because the 20 posts it pulls in will help pull your ideas together. 

Optimization – See what relevant keywords your top competitors use and optimize your content with these suggestions. Fit them into your content naturally to rank in the search engines quickly. You can see the percentage meter rise as you increase the content optimization. 

AI Writer – The AI writer in is part of the interface, making it as easy as one click to generate quality content. You can also set some limits on things like the length of sentences. To give the AI writer an idea of the content, simply write a sentence to provide a guideline to follow. Integrations – You can integrate to the GSC account, which will show the keywords you are ranking. Along with that, groups the keywords, which helps find similar subjects.

What Is Content Optimization?

We keep talking about optimization as an excellent part of, but what is it? Search engine optimization or SEO is a simple process of making sure your website is ready to go when someone clicks on your affiliate links. In other words, you need to take the time to do keyword research and then optimize your site accordingly because when someone searches the internet, you want them to find your articles. comes in handy to optimize all content. It helps you get started by pulling in 20+ articles based on your chosen keywords. These articles are all well researched and provide great examples of how to structure your content around a keyword phrase. 

With this in mind, it is important not to keyword stuff. To put it differently do not over use keywords or put them in where they don’t fit.

Who is it Good For?

Frase .io is suitable for just about anyone who writes, such as bloggers, content marketers, copywriters, content writer, content editor, freelance writers, content strategists, etc. 

It is perfect for that writer’s block or researching a blog post. Not to mention generating keyword content from GSC (Google Search Console) is very helpful.

So you see, it is for everyone and then some because it can decrease article generation time and leave more time to work on other important aspects of a business

Oh, and did I mention it is also great for that content creator who just can’t find a writer to suit their needs, or the cost of a writer exceeds the budget. 

Benefits And Drawbacks

I like to list the good and bad because nothing is perfect, especially not any AI writer. 


  • The content optimizer helps pull in keywords; otherwise, you might not think of
  • Generates ideas for further blogs
  • Obliterates writers’ block
  • Cuts research time by at least 50%
  • Regular updates and new features
  • Excellent tutorials offered by the staff (I took a zoom walkthrough of the platform)


  • Only Works With English-Based Languages
  • No AI is perfect, so you still need to check plagiarism
  • sometimes gives some irrelevant content, so you have to pay close attention

Pricing For Review has a 7-day free trial that allows you to test drive it before you buy. I found 7 days to be a reasonable amount of time to see if it was beneficial.

I have added images of the monthly and yearly plans. The SEO add-on feature, which is $35 a month or, if you choose the annual plan, is $29 a month, gives you keyword search volume, backlink data, and data for domain authority. 

It does appear the annual pricing plan offers a discount and might be the best option for some. 

month plan review
plan review yearly

Trustpilot Review has a Trustpilot rating of 3.1 out of 5 which I don’t understand. The ratings were brought down because of support. I wonder if these people didn’t take advantage of the zoom support offered by the creator himself? I did the personal walk-through and found it very helpful. review trustpilot

Are There Other Alternatives?

Yes, and you may find one that you love more? As for me, I love because of the ease of use and my increased rankings on Google. I originally started with Jasper and found it very difficult to use, so imagine how excited I was when I tried the 7-day free trial that offers.

Now does not offer a guarantee that you will rank higher if you use their software; however, this is a benefit that I have experienced.

Conclusion Of My Review is an excellent AI tool. I use it every day to write new articles, update existing content and optimize content. It does require some learning to create a good article. But once that learning curve is over, it saves an immense amount of time. 

The price appears steep initially; however, it is comparable to its competitors and much better than hiring a writer price-wise and for peace of mind.

Hiring Writers vs. Review

I have hired 5 writers in the past. It always starts well and goes downhill from there. Most have difficulties getting content out on time, while others produce subpar, poorly optimized content. Not to mention, the price for great content writer is around 15 cents per word. review pin1

So let’s look at how much a reasonable freelance writer costs compared to Let’s say you want to have 4 articles a month written for you, and each one is 1000 words. Remember, most articles run well over 1000 words. That is a total of $600. 

But if you use on a monthly basic plan and include the SEO add-on feature, it is $79.99 a month; you can also write up to 30 articles a month. 

That’s a savings of $520 a month. So is worth it? I have to say YES, 100%!

Now with that in mind, isn’t perfect. You will need to check for plagiarism to be on the safe side, and it does generate some irrelevant content at times. But when you backtrack and change the first sentence of the paragraph, it will regroup and create more relevant content. 

However, it’s still one of the most user-friendly and best ways to speed up your research and writing process.

I would love to hear your take on AI writing, particularly, so please share a comment with us below. 

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