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Four Percent Success Challenge – 197 dollars month?

Four Percent Success Challenge is a company by Vick Strizheus. Vick has made a 2 hour and 15-minute webinar to tell you about his product. He has spent the last 14 years learning how to help people make money with affiliate marketing. He says that with all he has learned, he is the master of traffic generation. 

In this post, I want to talk about Vick and Four Percent Success Challenge.  I will be covering;

  1. What Vick offers in the video.
  2. What Four Percent Success Challenge has to offer you.
  3. My recommendations. for Four Percent Success Challenge
  4. Red flags.
  5. My #1 Recommendation

Four Percent Success Challenge

Program name: Four Percent Success Challenge

Founder: Vick Strizheus

Price: as high as $197 + $197 a month

Recommended: SCAM-NO  Recommended-NO, I will explain as we progress.

What Vick Offers In The Video.

I am going to give you my honest review of the Four Percent Success Challenge and then tell you why I don’t recommend Vick’s company. Please bear with me to the end. 

photo of Vick

Vick presents a 2 hour and 15-minute webinar. He is an exceptional speaker and an excellent motivational speaker. 

I do have to be honest; the video webinar was way too long for me. I have a hard time sitting unless I am actively doing something. But he did a fabulous job with his presentation of Four Percent Success Challenge. 

Vick gave us motivation, stories, testimonies, history, and a reason to love him. I picked up from Vick that he loves what he does and he does want to help you improve your life. I am the same as Vick, and I enjoy inspirational and motivational presentations. 

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What Four Percent Success Challenge Has To Offer You

I think I have made it clear that I like Vick and I do believe he is sincere. I am an excellent judge of character.  But please read to the end. Just because I think Vick is trying to help does not mean I recommend Four Percent Success Challenge. 

Vick starts with an agenda he will follow throughout the video. 

  1. He will help you find products that people want to buy.
  2. He will teach you how to create a million-dollar marketing system.
  3. How to get quality traffic fast.

He is straightforward with you on some aspects of Affiliate Marketing when states that he does not guarantee you will make an income because it all depends on how much you want to work.

 Vick worked and figured out how to make money online since 2005. He started with nothing and borrowed to make money. He developed other programs for funnels and made nothing until he realized that to make money, he had to create a system. It is this system the Four Percent Success Challenge that he says you can use to do your online business. 

He then says that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money, and his reasoning is in this screenshot I took from his webinar.

why affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is you partnering with a company that sells the product you are marketing. Vick suggests you affiliate and market with high-dollar products, and your income will increase. Vick is right about Affiliate Marketing, and he teaches well. He is a very motivational and inspirational speaker and believes that half the battle to success is in the mindset. In his webinar, he gives you his eight favorite ways to find products to promote, his million-dollar system, and ways to find traffic to reach people.  Then at the end, he tells us what we will get and eventually how much it will cost.

Four Percent Success Challenge what you get
the price Four Percent Success Challenge

Vick doesn’t tell you that it will take time to create your business, and you may not make money right away. He also doesn’t tell you that on top of the price, you will need to pay for more things once you join — things like advertising and autoresponders. 

You will pay $197 upfront and $197 a month. You are led to believe you can earn while you learn, but you are not told that it may take time to earn money. So for those who scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with this money and don’t make any money for six months, it will devastate them financially. 

Vick does elude to this fact in some statements he makes, but for a newbie, they will not catch the undercurrent. 

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: Vick does put the pressure on at the end of his webinar. He continually states that this is a one time offer and will disappear after this webinar is over. 
  2. In his webinar, he does not show comments to the viewers. I am not sure he really had any comments. But what was I to think when I couldn’t see their comments. 
  3. He does the typical scam speech of this product is worth $22,000, but today if you act quickly, I will give it to you for almost nothing. 
  4. He is not straightforward about how much time it will take you to earn an income online.

Four Percent Success Challenge is not a scam. Vick does offer useful information on how you will make money, but he is not straightforward with us about how much time it may take to earn this money.

After listening to the webinar for 2 hours and 15 minutes, I believe Chris knows what he is talking about, and he can, without a doubt, teach you to do what he does. 

BUT I can not recommend this product because of the expensive price tag.

In light of my review, I do believe this would be a good program for someone who has lots of money to invest, and Vick probably can teach you well, but it is way too much money. 

I find it sad that you have to pay money to become an affiliate of this program. Almost all affiliate programs are free to join and promote their products. 

My Recommendations For Four Percent Success Challenge

I do not believe Four Percent Success Challenge is a scam. But I can not personally recommend this program. See below for my reasons why.

Thumbs Down

There are very few red flags in the promotion video of the Four Percent Success Challenge which are listed above. 

The Laura Method

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6 thoughts on “Four Percent Success Challenge – 197 dollars month?”

  1. Hi. Thank you for your post.

    My only critic is your red flags don’t just apply to Vick and his Four Percent Group. That’s business almost everywhere online. Pressure sales to some degree, evergreen webinars (don’t show comments), products being worth a lot more than they sell them for. If you know online business then you know these are things that come with it. That means we need to make decisions on people we trust. We’ve always known that.

    And the reason he can’t tell you exactly how much time it will take you to earn online is because everyone works and operates on their own timetable. For what takes one person 3 months to find success can take someone else 3 years. In fact, anyone who can tell you how long it takes is the scam in my opinion.

    I’d also add that the Success Challenge (SC) is something people can buy and own for a one time price of $1497. That means after 2.5 years Wealthy Affiliate (WA) actually becomes more expensive (unless you take WA for their discounted yearly price). You can’t pay to own WA. But after that long most people should be making way more than that on their own with the right training. So I agree, the SC is more expensive (and no free option) but unless you’re going through it right now, then you wouldn’t know there is no longer a close comparison between the two. The SC has become more like the BMW or BENZ to WA’s Honda. I have both btw.

    • Hi Ross, So lovely to meet you. I took a look at your website, and I understand better what you are attempting to convey with this comment. You promote SC for a fee. As you well know, after reading this post, I did not call this program a scam, but I do not recommend it because of the high price tag. As you said, a person can buy the program and own it for $1497.00. At Wealthy Affiliate one does not need to buy the program. They pay a fee each month of $49 to learn. With Wealthy Affiliate, a person will own their website and their domain. At any time they choose they can transfer both to new hosting without paying a dime.

      With SC a person will pay for the program one time, but with WA a person will pay the same fee collectively in 2.5 years after extensive training with live webinars, continued blog training and training set up by the co-founders Kyle. In other words, the training never ends, and the platform is evolving daily to stay up-to-date.

      There is continued support from the community. I have not found support as I have at WA anywhere else in the world.

      I appreciate your critique.

      Thank You

      • I been with Wealthy Affiliate in the past and find no value in the program. I agree with Ross and also did my own review of The Four Percent Success Challenge. I believed Vick is transparent, honest, and real.

        In less than a week, you learn to do affiliate marketing and I didn’t do that with WA. No matter how expensive it is, it’s a small fraction compare to my college tuition. Fortunately for me, I got in early and by paying the lifetime membership, I no longer have a monthly recurring dues like WA.

        • Rodney, You clearly did not read my review on Four Percent Success Challenge. I too stated that Vick is a good guy and he does know what he is doing. I could not recommend Vick’s program because of the $22,000 price tag. If you really did pay the price tag for a lifetime membership of $22,000 then more power to you. But I do know that if you put effort into the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you would have found value.

          I did the math, and a person can stay with WA for 37 years at $49 a month for the same price you say you paid for Vick’s program.

  2. Hi Laura
    Your review is so great, and as an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate, I agree with everything you have written here.
    For $49 per month, anyone can learn everything they need to know about becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I feel it is wrong to charge $197 every month for who knows how long,

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free, and within 2 days, I became a premium member, and a year later, I am still blown away at all that we have available to us. We have access to incredible learning and resources to guide us. So wonderful.

    Affiliate Marketing takes time and loads of hard work but it is worth it if you learn from the Best and Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST, and I hope you help many people along the way Laura
    Thank you

    • Vicki, I agree with all you have said. The Four Percent company is a good one but why not learn from an incredible company like Wealthy Affiliate for a more affordable price.

      I too feel blessed to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate and this incredible platform.


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