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Flying Builder Review – Web Page Creator – Do You Need This?

I absolutely love to design web pages. I am not a graphic designer or an artist, but I found that designing was my favorite part of my website business. So naturally, when a new web page creator came out, I was drawn in. But first, I need to do a Flying Builder review to determine if you and I need this to create stunning pages.

We will also explore how Flying Builder operates and what they can offer you. Not to mention is their program suited for you?

Will Flying Builder benefit you, and has Anjani Kumar et al developed a program to help you create stunning web pages?

Let’s take a closer look at Flying Builder. We will cover:

  1. Who is Anjani Kumar
  2. What is Flying Builder
  3. Flying BuilderReview
  4. Upsells
  5. Is Flying Builder A Scam?
  6. My recommendations regarding Flying Builder
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint

Flying Builder

Program Name: Flying Builder

Founder: Anjani Kumar et al

Price:  $17

Who Is Anjani Kumar?

I have absolutely no information on Anjani Kumar et al except that this is the only launch he has had this year and no more scheduled to come.

It looks like he created his Facebook page on July 10, 2020. He published a couple of articles on it back in January of 2021.

He introduces himself and another person on the sales page, but they have only faceless pictures, as is the same on his Facebook page.

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Flying Builder review product

What Is Flying Builder?

According to the sales page, Flying Builder is “the most powerful yet affordable website builder that lets you create unlimited professional websites with just a few clicks within minutes…”

So, Flying Builder is a program that has sections for you to create a website. It is cloud base to make a website and download it in HTML format and upload it where you want.

Flying Builder Review

As I mentioned above, Flying Builder is completely cloud-based. It is not a plugin for WordPress.

Anjani Kumar et al developed a great video on his sales page, but I can’t share it here because it is not a creative commons video. It is copywrited.

You can purchase the basic plan for $17. Then, log in to your dashboard and use the sections to create a webpage or a complete website. Then, you can share the pages anywhere you like and with anyone you like.

What I don’t know is if you have to purchase an upsell to share them. I don’t think so but can’t be sure as this information is not provided.


Have you worked with Blocks in WordPress? It is set up on the same principle. You use sections or premade templates, drag them into an area on a page, and design them. It appears pretty cool. At least to me because I love design. But then again, I love working with WordPress block editor and GeneratePress elements and blocks.

The sales page states you can create a page in minutes. And yes, you can. You can also create a website with any hosting company in under 3 minutes using WordPress and a theme of your choice.

The program seems pretty simple and looks like a great idea. BUT, there are some drawbacks to it.

If you choose to download the HTML page to your WordPress website, WordPress will run it even though it is not a part of your theme, but not all front-end sections will work. This is because WordPress expects a theme for all of it to work.

If you download a single page in the form of HTML that is a template but not a part of your theme, it will not stay on there. When your theme updates, the page will disappear.

The idea of Flying Builder is a good one, but other people have already done this type of thing only in the form of a plugin. For example, Elementor is a page builder that is a plugin to use with WordPress.

So, where does that leave you if you build a page or website on Flying Builder? It kind of leaves you without if you use WordPress.

HTML Websites

Now with that said, some websites are HTML and do not use WordPress. Up until now, an HTML website required coding. With Flying Builder, you have the page sections already coded, and all you have to do is download them to your site.

HTML websites required skilled users to set them up, but Flying Builder has simplified this process. I believe Flying Builder is for the more advanced Website user and for the person who may want to offer programs and sales pages over blogging and affiliate marketing.

This is not always the case, but for the beginner, WordPress is a better option.

OTO Upsells

There is not much information on what each upgrade offers, but there is this image of the add ons and what additions they offer. I’m not sure which ones are in which add-on or upsell.

Flying Builder Review add ons

$17 Flying Builder One Time Fee-

OTO #1-$47 Flying Builder Unlimited

OTO #2-$37 Flying Builder Pro-

OTO #3-$27 Flying Builder Exclusive

To get the complete program your cost is $128. Not really a bad price for a new launch program.


  • Flying Builder appears easy to navigate and use
  • It offers a wide range of sections to create a page
  • It will be beneficial for those who want an HTML site and don’t want to code it
  • The price, even with the upgrades, is reasonable


  • Flying Builder is not for the beginning blogger or website creator
  • It is hard to trust a person when you cannot see a picture of them
  • There is very little information on Anjani Kumar. It is like he was born one year ago.
  • This program does not work well with WordPress

Is Flying Builder A Scam?

flying builder pin

No, I do not believe Flying Builder is a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and Flying Builder is not a fraud. The program offers good content and will be good for some who want an HTML site and don’t want to code it.

My Recommendations Regarding Flying Builder?

Flying Builder is a legit program. I believe it can do what it says. But it is an HTML content builder with sections.

I do recommend Flying Builder for the more experienced internet marketer. I do not recommend it for the beginner. WordPress may be a better option for a person just starting.

Every person who develops new software believes their product is the answer to all of your problems. Anjani Kumar is no different. If you purchase this program, know that it is an HTML page and website builder. It is a solution for some yet not a good solution for others.

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