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Flix Review – Has Jason Fulton Released Another Scam?

What a wonderful promise Flix makes to us. You can make $340.70 per hour and 19.2K a month. And you don’t have to do a thing. You can purchase an upgrade for only $297, and the system will do it all for you. Times are hard right now. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, with the reputation of Jason Fulton, the person producing Flix, I am not so sure it all sounds good. We will do a Flix review to find out if it is and what this software is.

Are the income statements true, and can you legally steal videos from someone else to make money?

Will Flix benefit you, and has Jason changed his ways?

Let’s take a closer look at Flix. We will cover:

  1. Who are Jason Fullton and Seun Ogundele?
  2. What is Flix?
  3. Flix Review
  4. Is Flix A Scam?
  5. My recommendations regarding Flix
  6. My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: Flix

Founder: Jason Fullton and Seun Ogundele

Price:  $19 with upgrades to a total of $547

Who Are Jason Fullton and Seun Ogundele

Jason Fulton is well known for his release of affiliate marketing scams. I have written a couple of reviews on his work over the past two years.

Jason has a Facebook page associated with his sales page. But I would not count on reaching him. I attempted to do so a few months ago regarding another scam I wrote about that he produced, “Fusion.” He never did respond to my message.

This time he is partnering with Seun Ogundele. I didn’t find much information on Seun except that he did release 11 Warrior+ programs in 2019.

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What Is Flix?

Flix is a new software that allows you to legally steal viral videos produced by someone else. In the introduction video, it states the software is completely on autopilot.

Flix allows you to upload or import videos. You can search videos with the most watches and use them if you like. You can add your links to someone else’s videos. It is suggested that you remove all links and put your own information on the video someone else made.

The software then allows you to add your own ads to the video. In other words, you steal a video from someone else. Change all the links. Call the video your own and add new ads to your stolen video. You put google video ads on your new video and get paid for each time someone watches your ad.

After you monetize your video, you need to share it on social media platforms in hopes that you have a large enough following for people to see it and click on the ads.

Flix Review

The Flix sales page makes many statements of high income that is quick, easy money. He is targeting beginners who need money fast. I believe these are false statements.

lazy pay day

I have reviewed other scams produced by Jason Fulton. Each one states a money-back guarantee, but when you ask for your money back, Jason is nowhere to be found. He literally does not respond to your request.

One scam I reviewed, “Fusion” by Jason Fulton, has 15 comments stating it is a scam and how they cannot reach him.

I believe that Flix is no different than Jason’s other releases because he states that you are legally stealing. Stealing is never OK legal or not! It will always come back on you in the end.

On the sales page, he compares Flix to Uber because Uber does not own their cars. But wait, did Uber steal those cars to make money? No, they hired drivers who legally own the cars.

There are people on Youtube making high-dollar incomes with their videos. The keyword here is “their videos,” It is not OK for someone to steal those videos to make money for themselves. This is exactly what Flix is offering you.

fast easy money

Can you make fast, easy money from software that steals videos from others? Or can you make $340.70 an hour with Google Adsense ads?

fast easy mone a day

Google has rules that state you can not use material that is an infringement on copywriters. You will get yourself in trouble.

 Simply put, you cannot run AdSense ads alongside copyrighted content that violates copyright laws or alongside links to such content. See the Google Adsense post here.

What’s copyrighted?
Generally speaking, any original creative work that appears online is protected by copyright law.

I imaging Flix is using creative commons videos. These are videos that you can share. But you cannot take their links off and put your own links on along with your own ads. WRONG!!!!



The Basic Flix is $19 – I cannot find what is included in each package, but I can give it an excellent educated guess. It appears the basic package has limits on how many searches you can make. So upgrades are offered.

Upgrade #2 $47 – Unlimited upgrades, which I believe means many more searches and downloads.

Upgrade #3 $297 – Done for you – I assume that Flix has set up a system to do it all for you like all other software. You just make money.

Upgrade #4 $47 – Automation – Not sure what this one is since they said it is all on autopilot with the basic plan.

Upgrade #5 $67 – Unlimited buyer traffic – looks like you get traffic that will click on your video ads.

Upgrade #6 $97 – License rights – the right to sell the Flix Software


  • The basic price is only $19
  • I cannot find any other PROS for Flix


  • Jason Fulton has previously released scams – poor reputation
  • You are stealing someone else’s work
  • You are infringing on copywrite laws
  • Google adsense has rules that do not allow copywrite infringement so you will not get approved to use Google ads
  • You don’t know where your buyer traffic is coming from – Google does not approve of spammy traffic
  • A big Red Flag is the completely Done-For-You statement
  • There are pictures of incomes earned but no statement of finance: no names or people who earned this money.
  • Huge Red Flag is the income statement of $340.70 per hour and another someone made $19.2K in one month
  • Claim of quick easy money
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Is Flix A Scam?

I am going to have to say. Yes, this is a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and Flix is offering you the software you will not be able to use. You have to have a large following on a social media platform to reach people. We have no idea if the traffic you can buy is spammy. Google will not approve you to use their ads because your work will violate their standards.

You cannot use Flix to make money, and Jason does not stand behind his products.

Really? This much money for stealing videos and infringing upon a copywriter. It simply is not true!

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