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Five Minute Profit Sites – $519 A Day Or Not?

What is Five Minute Profit Sites, and how can they help you? Or can this program help you? Can you make $519 a day pasting and clicking and working 23 minutes a day?

These are just 2 of the questions we will answer as we review Five Minute Profit Sites. Five Minute Profit Sites is a company that is promoting only ClickBank products.

So let’s get started finding the answer to our questions. Today I will cover;

  1. What I Found In The Video
  2. What Five Minute Profit Sites  Has To Offer
  3. My Recommendations for Five Minute Profit Sites
  4. Red flags
  5. My #1 Recommendation

Five Minute Profit Sites

Program name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Founder: Sam Smith is the spokesperson, but we never find out who the founder is.

Price: Free that costs $37-upsells to $480

Recommended: NO    Scam: let’s look at the review

What I Found In The Video

The video uses high power converting words like highly profitable, shockingly profitable, and I’m deadly serious.

Five Minute Profit Sites program

She claims that Five Minute Profit Sites is a secret gold mine and you will be exploiting a cash cow.

Sam, the spokesperson in the video, goes through the video showing us how much money she and you will make. I find this rather comical because there is no concrete evidence that says it is her account. It can be the accounts of anyone. But she expects you and me to believe it just because she says it.

The Laura Method

The video claims four reasons you should sign up today so you will not hate yourself. 

  1. Unusually high conversions. They have a special relationship with click bank, so they can pay out more than most programs can.
  2. Genuinely low refund requests-she says they have invested heavily in customer support to decrease refunds. I am not sure how she can say this because ClickBank gives the refunds, and the program does not talk to the person requesting the refund.
  3. Recurring commissions-They can’t explain how it works because it is top-secret.
  4. Evergreen offer-she promises to be at the top of the marketplace for years. No one can guarantee that.

What Five Minute Profit Sites  Has To Offer

You will receive a free license to build a done for your website in under 5 minutes. A claim that it is 100% legal and ethical. I have my doubts about the ethical part. But in the end, when you click on the free tab, it will cost you $37.

You will set up a done for your website in 5 minutes and 17 short clicks. Then you will partner with Five Minute Profit Sites.

In the video, she tries to make you believe she is doing you a big favor by building a website in under 5 minutes. You get to choose a domain from their dropdown menu, which means they own the domain and the website. It is not a .com domain but one set up as a subdomain. 

All you do is copy and paste, copy, and paste. You find people who want to buy a product direct them to your site, and you get paid. “It’s so easy,” But where do you find these people. You have to upgrade to learn how to find traffic, and then you have to pay for solo ads.

Most people fail, but we have the tools you need to succeed and make consistent money. The tools they have will make them money, but it will not make you money?

Sam says there are three challenges with Affiliate Marketing.

  1. how do you build a website
  2. how do you find affiliates with a product
  3. how do you find people to buy your products

None of these are challenges when you have the correct training and support. Five Minute Profit Sites wants you to believe these are what make it difficult because that is what they say you get for “free.”

Again she repeats it is so simple, and all you need is 23 minutes a day.


5 minute upsells
  1. FMPS Faster Profits Upsell– $197. You get the same thing as a basic package but one-on-one support.
  2. FMPS Double Your Profits Upsell– $ 187. More niche choices but still what they choose.
  3. FMPS Traffic Tsunami Upsell– $97. Training on how to find more traffic to your promotion page.

Five Minute Profit Sites is offering you a website under their domain and a niche they control for free that will cost you $37. How does this sound legit? 

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: Don’t share this video with anyone, or it will disappear.
  2. Everything she says is “RIGHT NOW!” You have to act now, or the offer will disappear
  3. They are doing you a favor by building a website for you. 
  4. The video has no proof of income. It just has numbers and a person telling you people are making 5 and 6 figure incomes in one week.
  5. It uses the word exploit, which to me is the same as unethical.
  6. States you will make fast cash and insane amounts of money, $60,000 in one week.
  7. She keeps repeating, “If you’re lucky to get your free software,” yet it states the license is free. 
  8. Throughout the entire video, she tells you it is a free license, but when you click the open button, it requires a payment of $37.
  9. The video is “top secret,” and you can not share it with anyone.
  10. You will not own your business. It is a subdomain under this company.
  11. Just copy and paste. Everything is done for you.
  12. Upsells that offer what the basic program should offer.

Five Minute Profit Sites program is a scam and reeks with Red Flags pointing to danger.

I have written many reviews on programs that are a scam. Be sure to take a look so you don’t lose your money to one of them.

My Recommendations

Usually, I will not call a company a scam if they offer useful information that one can apply in another business. But this time, I am appalled at how they try to convince you how much they will help, but they are not offering anything that you cannot find on the internet. So with this said, and in light of this review, then YES, I will call this company a SCAM, and I do not recommend Five Minute Profit Sites.

Thumbs Down

There are numerous red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Five Minute Profit Sites.

The Laura Method

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12 thoughts on “Five Minute Profit Sites – $519 A Day Or Not?”

  1. Hi Laura! I’m wondering if up-sales are still the way to go whenever you offer a product online. It seems so salesy to me. My first experience with an up-sale was with Blue Host. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer having all the information out front before making my decision. 

    It’s also how the product is presented. I’ve tried to copy how I was invited to become a WA member. That’s how I like to be sold, you know? Anyway, Five Minute Profit Sites…sigh…what can I tell you? Even the name sounds scammy. Will these people ever change? 

    It would also be so easy to blame all those folks searching for MMO opportunities. Really, they should do their due diligence!  But then I remember when I first started looking for ways to make money online. You, know those early days where you had absolutely no idea what you were doing? And, oh yeah, they got me a couple of times.

    It seems WA members have become literal MMO whistleblowers. Which is fine by me. It has to start somewhere. 

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing!

    • Luis, I know what you are saying about the upsells. Godaddy did that to me when I had my site hosted with them. I think these scams do the upsells because they believe they already have you hooked. Then they tell you that you can’t do what they want unless you pay more money. I too, have been taken with scams. We learn the hard way. 

  2. I wish I can make $519 and only work 23 minutes a day, I would be a happy person. But, I know that is too good to be true. It is another red flag with Five minute profit to not provide what will be in the package. I am entitled to know what I am buying so I can make the decision if I want to buy it or not, what if I already have a similar product? 

    Most of the time the all done for you will not make any conversion because there are other people who have the same looking site as you, just not unique. This is a gorilla marketing and I really hope that these people will stop.

    Thank you for the warning, I will keep this name in mind. 

    • I think that as long as there is a market for gorilla marketing, there will be scams. I hope people will do research and not fall for these programs. 

  3. I am really glad that I took the time to research Five Minute Profits Sites before I spent any money on it.    Your review saved me a bunch of frustration.   I have not tried it but I agree with you.  There are so many red flags that I can’t help but think that it is a scam.     

    It almost sounds like it could be a text book example to teach students about the different types of red flags.  

    The comments that were made about not sharing this video with anyone adds additional support to it looking like a scam.  Normally, programs want you to share the video with your friends and other people so they will sign up also.  The more people that sign up, the more money the owners would make.  

    In this case, they probably don’t want people to share it with anyone because the person that it is shown to  would probably talk the original viewer out of making the purchase.   

    Thank you for looking out for everyone by alerting us to the problems here. 

    • You know that is probably true that they don’t want you to show it because someone will talk them out of purchasing the product. Also, I think these people say this to make people feel like they are unique. Scammers try every trick in the book to make money. 

  4. Oh this one’s got a lot of secrets and promises! But I have to say this site is dangerous especially for newbies who would think that building a website is hard and that Five Minute Profit can make everything done easier for them. The upsells are super crazy expensive when if fact you can learn and do it for free with legit affiliate marketing companies like Wealthy Affiliate. Another thing that ticked me off is they’re letting you build your website under their domain, so how is it possible that a member can earn everything on their own (if there’s really an earning that you can get)? Lastly, I don’t believe it’s possible to earn such a huge amount in a week especially for newbies. This business takes months to thrive, and that is if you put a lot of effort. It’s possible but not within weeks or first few months! Thanks for exposing another scam. I hope people won’t fall for this.

    • Yes, this product does offer a lot of empty promises. That is what scammers do. I review these sites all the time, and most are the same. All of the red flags are there. But people need money fast, so they believe what these guys say. It is so sad to see others lose their hard earned money. 

      If they would take time to create an online business with Wealthy Affiliate, they will have all they need to make money online. 

  5. I think you’re right to call it a scam Laura,

    $519 in five weeks would be believable, but in a day? Wow I have yet to find any Work From Home programme that actually delivers that promise as it’s not as easy as it sounds. The $480 upsell is quite pricey and to bombard that on us while giving a free registration, that’s just selfish on them. Thanks for exposing them and saving the little people like us the trouble of going through such a pitfall. Keep reviewing these scammers and make the internet a better place! 😀

    • Riaz, you are right in what you say. It is ridiculous. I will continue to expose scammers. Thank you for reading and be sure to share if you know anyone thinking about joining Five Minute Profit Sites. 

  6. I was not familiar with Five Minute Profit Sites but am always looking for ways to earn money online.  I will make sure to stay away from this one.  The need for urgency is always a caution for me.  And when they talk about a free license which then in turn costs $37 makes one scratch their head for sure.  Not to mention that by copying and pasting a person can earn $60,000 in a week!  Let’s get real!  Thanks for the review.

    • Oh, Mike, I agree with you. So many red flags that show up on most of the scams. People can not make that kind of money for just copying and pasting. Thanks for stopping by. Stear clear of scams and be safe. 


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