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Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro – Which One Is Better?

Some might say that Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro is like comparing apples and oranges. But from one who has converted her complete site over to Generateblocks Pro, I found them similar. They both build pages and enhance posts beautifully.

So why the comparison? Because in my opinion, Elementor Pro will phase out because of a few issues, and comparatively, GenerateBlocks is here to stay.

Today, I will clarify why GenerateBlocks is better and let you know the issues facing Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro

I will start with Elementor Pro and focus mainly on the weight of each one on your website.

Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro elementor

Elementor Pro

Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein founded Elementor in 2016. It is a company based in Isreal that offers web development services. Not to mention in 2018, Elementor had 1 million active website installs which soared to 5 million in 2020.

So you see, Elementor Pro is no slouch. As a matter of fact, WordPress .org rated the Elementor Pro plugin a 4.7 out of 5. You ask, why would I believe Elementor Pro is phasing out? Because of the issues, your website will face when you download Elementor Pro. We will talk about those in the Pros and Cons.

I used Elemetor Pro back when it first came out; in addition, I absolutely loved it, but by the same token, times do change. I am not an Elementor Pro hater; I believe there is a better alternative today.

The developers of Elementor Pro are trying to keep up with the times with a recent update as a WordPress Website Builder. With this new update, you can change the appearance of your WordPress Website.

How does Elementor Pro Plugin Work?

Elementor is a drag and drop page builder on which you can create some beautiful professionally designed pages and posts. I created some stunning funnels and landing pages with Elementor a couple of years ago.

When you go into the Elementor Pro page builder, you can visually customize all aspects of your page to fit your needs.

The Laura Method


  • 28 widgets for design
  • Mobile responsive
  • Integrates with most top themes
  • Live preview availability
  • Beginner friendly


  • Increases bloat with un-neaded html code
  • Adds weight to your website
  • Negetive impact on site speed
  • Affects SEO with slow speed
  • Support is slow and often blames the theme
  • Doesn’t always play well with other plugins like WP rocket
  • Type of templates are limited requiring more customization

Summary Of Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is rated high by WordPress .org and has over 5 million downloads in 2020 but is it the best. The developers are working hard to stay up with the times and claim to work well with all themes. Equally as important, it has some incredible features to create stunning pages and the ability to visualize what you are creating.

Which one is better is based on the speed and the weight of Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro. Does it affect the speed of your website? I wrote a review on Elementor Pro back in 2018 when I began using the page builder plugin. Over the course of 2 years, I had every post and every page created with Elementor Pro. In 2018 I was a huge fan of Elementor Pro.

Site Speed

Then as time progressed, I noticed a few issues. Comparatively speaking, my site loading speed was 5 – 7 seconds. That is a big issue because slow loading time will turn away traffic, coupled with the fact that if a site doesn’t load, people will click out of it and go to another site resulting in a loss of revenue.

You may have read other posts that say Elementor Pro is not heavy, and in the light of these statements, I have to say it is true for the page builder itself. But when you start building content with Elementor Pro, it changes your site’s HTML code, which causes bloating. But to say nothing of the fact that if you, like me, have150 pages of content on a website, it will cause a tremendous decrease in page speed. With that bloating, Elementor Pro is heavy and will slow your site speed.

A good user experience is a make it or break it deal with the website, and in the light of my slow site speed periodically, I would find pages broken. Meaning my visitors couldn’t read the content, so again, a loss of revenue.

Often I was deactivating plugins and testing to find the one that did not play well with Elementor. WP Rocket was a huge culprit, but other plugins would not work well with Elementor also. At this point, I had to delete many of my plugins because I built my whole site with Elementor Pro. Moreover, if you deactivate Elementor, some pages will not display properly.

By July of 2021, I had to find a solution to the slow speed and broken pages. Which brings us to Elementor Pro or GenerateBlocks Pro?

Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro GB

GenerateBlocks Pro

GenerateBlocks, designed by Tom Usborne, was released in early 2020.

It is actually a WordPress plugin that acts as a page builder without bloat and heavyweight, and in addition to that, GenerateBlocks functions well with WordPress Block Editor.

How Does GenerateBlocks Pro Work?

GenerateBlocks is an addition to WordPress Block Editor. It is not a page builder, so it will not change the HTML code on your site. It is 4 blocks in which you can build a page or post. Each block has numerous functions to customize each area.


  • Only 4 blocks that can do almost everything
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Will not sacrifice performance and usability
  • Does not change the html on your website
  • Built to integrate perfectly with WordPress
  • 150 (and growing) pre-designed templates
  • Special effects for a professional looking website
  • Easy to learn for newbies
  • Mobile responsive
  • Integrates with all WordPress themes
  • Live preview


  • GenerateBlocks does not have all bells and whistle but you can build almost anything
  • Reports of compatibility and bug minor issues

Summary of GenerateBlocks Pro

In this review I believe I have pointed out that GenerateBlocks Pro has an impressive 5-star rating with 20,000 installs in its first year. It is 4 simple blocks to create almost anything you desire, the only one of its kind apples to oranges page builder on the market. Not to mention that Tom Usborne is brilliant in his design of GenerateBlocks Pro.

It was designed as a lightweight plugin and has stood up to the claim; coupled with no bloating or html code changes; it is perfect for any site.

Although it has some minor glitches when used with some other themes, it works together well with the GeneratePress Premium theme. GeneratePress Premium is on all of my sites and I never plan to use anything different. So if you have glitches consider switching to GeneratePress Premium for a smooth ride.

Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro - Which One Is Better pin

All of my content on my site was created with GenerateBlocks Pro and Block Editor; consequently, my site speed has soared and is now loading at 1.7 seconds. That is a far cry better than 7 seconds with Elementor Pro.

I have not experienced a broken page on any device since I switched to GenerateBlocks Pro, and together with the fact that my traffic is increasing again, I am one happy person.


So which one is better? It all depends on how you feel about your site speed and equally the functionality of your website. My preference is GenerateBlocks Pro over Elementor Pro any day.

Be sure to choose the best one for you that will enhance your affiliate training and not cause more work in the long run.

It will take a small amount of time to learn to use GenerateBlocks Pro, but the results are worth the tiny effort it took me. Check out “GenerateBlocks Pro Review – Can You Build a Great Website,” where I go into depth on the use of each block. It will simplify your learning process.

In my opinion, GenerateBlocks wins hands down!

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

6 thoughts on “Elementor Pro vs GenerateBlocks Pro – Which One Is Better?”

  1. I actually switched a while back from elementor pro to Generate Blocks Pro – and it has been amazing!

    I saw a very noticeable difference in performance, and GTMetrix / PageSpeed scores overall.

    I use Generate Blocks Pro with Astra Pro and feel like my website works good and looks good.

    • So happy I can help. I use Generatepress premium and Generateblocks pro. Together I can build any design I like. I have heard Astro is good but I will never use anything but. Generatepress. It is lightweight and highly affordable.

  2. Hello Laura,

    This morning I was getting frustrated watching Elementor tutorials and stepped outside to think a little and I remembered GenerateBlocks Pro and their premium theme from the past and searched Google to get a comparison of Elementor PRO vs GenerateBlocks PRO and I found your website and boy I am so glad you took the time to write a lot of great eye-opening content!

    I nearly paid for Elementor cloud website plan this morning that has Elementor PRO installed and I would have been miserable with a slow loading website plus learning the complex hard -to-learn Elementor PRO features.

    You are a wonderful woman that is helping people like me by guiding us to go in the right direction.

    I praise you and your awesome work!


    Mark B Smith

  3. Interesting. I am a huge fan of both Elementor and GeneratePress, but I also noticed the speed performance has decrease the more I use Elementor on my site. I am considering changing to Generateblocks…

    • Dalibor, I felt the same way at one time. But the site speed is so important to my business that I couldn’t ignore it. GenerateBlocks is so light. Tom designed it that way. Just 4 simple blocks.


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