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Elementor Cloud Hosting Review – Is It The Solution?

Elementor has one of the more popular drag and drop editor page builders today and it is loved by many. You can customize all day long to create a stunning website. But what if you want more than just that? If you are looking for a way to make your site even better, then my Elementor Cloud hosting review may give all the answers you need about the recent changes to Elementor. 

CompanyElementor Cloud Hosting
Cost To Start$99
Training IncludedYes
Trustpilot Rating8.6/10 For Elementor Pro
My Overall Rating2/5
A Great Addition To Your Hosting ChoiceThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

Elementor Hosting Is No Surprise

It is no surprise that Elementor launched a new Cloud Website hosting feature. Elementor is an incredible page builder; not to mention, I have created some stunning professional websites with Elementor drag and drop page builder. But that didn’t last long because the weight of Elementor dropped the speed of my website tremendously. 

A page builder adds CSS and JS to a website. If one knows how to code, they can decrease this slightly, but most of us don’t know how to do that. Plugins do add to some of the bloating, but Elementor has so many ways to customize, which makes it hard to decrease the bloating for someone like myself who loves to design.

I literally had to switch all of my posts from Elementor to WordPress Block Editor and GenerateBlocks, which is a lightweight plugin to create pages and posts. I wonder how many others had to do the very same thing to increase their website loading time and what impact this had on Elementor as a whole?

Maybe Elementor Cloud Website Hosting is an excellent solution for Elementor to redeem themselves and stay in the market? With my Cloud Website Hosting Review, let’s see what the features are and if it really is faster with cloud hosting?

Elementor Cloud Hosting Review site

What Is Elementor Cloud Website Hosting?

Elementor Cloud Website hosting is a new service offered by Elementor for creators who design either on a personal level or who create websites for clients. With Elementor, all you need to do is create a website, and they take care of the hosting.

The hosting includes Elementor and Elementor Pro installation as a part of the plan. Basically, Elementor offers a place to host a website and create stunning pages and posts with their well-known Elementor Pro feature. 

With Elementor Cloud hosting, all the consumer does is click a one-time installation and have it all tucked into one plan. Sounds pretty good, right? Because it is a brand new launch, we will detail what it offers to help you make an informed decision. 

What Is CDN Or Cloud Hosting?

Well, basically, you get access to a server warehouse where multiple servers work together. They serve content to users across the globe, which means you can upload files to the server warehouse and serve them worldwide. Bandwidth cost is no longer a concern since the provider handles it. 

 Just upload your files to the server warehouse, and you’re done. That’s why it’s called cloud hosting.

The Laura Method

Hosting With Elementor Cloud: What Can You Expect?

It appears Elementor partnered with Cloudflare and hosts on their so-called warehouse servers, which is a good thing, not to mention Elementors features are comparable with any CDN hosting company. In addition, you can expect a complete hosting platform and service with Elementor Cloud. Let’s take a look at what Elementor cloud offers. 

What’s Included In Elementor Cloud Hosting? Feature List:

  • Cloudflare CDN – Elementor states this allows your website content to load faster and, in less time,
  • Google cloud platform – a suite of servers that mimic Google’s internal structure
  • 20 GB storage – most sites use far less than this amount, so it is ample storage space
  • 100 GB bandwidth – most average sites use 3-5 GB of bandwidth, so this offers a substantial bandwidth, not to mention a cloud server has a higher bandwidth
  • 100K monthly visits – Elementor does not have a plan at this for an extension of this visit limit
  • Pre-installed WordPress – which will help with the compatibility of many plugins
  • Free custom domain connection – use a domain you purchase branded to your site
  • Free subdomain under – a secondary domain for things such as extensive websites or e-commerce stores
  • Daily Backup – automatically saves your site in case you need to restore it
  • Manual backup – you can back your site up on your own in your Elementor dashboard
  • 100 emails sent from your website daily – this does not include email hosting
  • SSL certificate – Elementor will protect your site with encryption against cyber-attacks

Pros And Cons

Lets take a minute to look at the pros and cons of Elementor Cloud Hosting.


  • You can move your WordPress site to another hosting platform if you choose
  • Elementor does backup your site
  • You can use your own domain
  • There is a 21-day free trial
  • Once a year pricing includes Elementor Pro 
  • Premium support 24/7


  • You cannot migrate other sites or a previous domain into Elementor cloud
  • There is no staging availability with Elementor
  • Your plan only includes one site hosting and requires the purchase of a second plan for subsequent sites.
  • Transferring your website to another host involves the purchase of an Elementor Pro plan or transfer all content over to WordPress Block Editor
  • Some plugins are not compatible with Elementor; here is a list.

Why Did Elementor Create Cloud Hosting?

As most of us know by now, Elementor is a heavy page builder and slows the loading time of a website. And with the rollout of WordPress Block Editor and GenerateBlocks, which are very lightweight, Elementor may have had some issues competing. A fast website is an answer to traffic and Google ranking. 

In other words, and in my opinion, Elementor Pro was in a world of trouble if they did not figure out how to make the loading time faster while using their pro page builder. So, instead of creating a new page builder or a different solution, they chose to offer hosting. 

Not a shabby idea for a gorgeous page builder such as Elementor Pro. Although cloud hosting is fast, will it be fast enough to save Elementor? I believe it will take time to know the whole story.

Elementor Cloud Pricing

I did a comparison of cloud servers and hosting. Elementor hosting provider, which includes the Elementor Pro plugin, is in the same basic price range as many other companies and reasonably priced, but it is only for one site. 

The price is $99 a year, including Elementor Pro and a 21-day trial period. In addition, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


On Product Hunt Elementor has 2 very positive reviews from real users about how incredible it is to have a one-stop place to do it all. I don’t see anything that talks about the speed at this time. 

Elementor is a beautiful page builder with easy drag and drop features. To have a faster site and still use Elementor is a plus.

Elementor hosting offers the same basic features that most cloud hosting has but includes the Elementor Pro, which is a good feature. 

BUT I do see some issues, and one is; those using Elementor now are not allowed to transfer their site into Elementor Cloud Hosting, which means they will still have a slow site or have to rebuild a site. Starting over is never fun. 

elementor cloud hosting review pin

It doesn’t appear to me that Elementor has thought this solution through well. Only one site for $99 a year is not a deal-breaker. Not when GeneratePress combined with GenerateBlocks and WordPress Block Editor offers basically the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention GenerateBlocks is a lightweight plugin that works seamlessly with Block Editor.

Elementor uses the number 10M downloads on their new site to promote Cloud hosting. 10M is the number of sites built with Elementor Pro, not the number of sites built on their hosting platform. 

One May Want To Wait

One may want to wait to jump right in until we see:

  • Just how fast the cloud hosting is
  • If they offer reliable cloud services, and
  • How it can fix the bloating caused by Elementor. 

My guess is it will help, but how much I cannot say.

In the end, the decision will be yours to make. I hope I have given you the information required to make a well-informed decision. After all, this is your business, and you will manage it to make money. 

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

2 thoughts on “Elementor Cloud Hosting Review – Is It The Solution?”

  1. I genuinely don’t understand why people keep saying Elementor is a heavy, slow loading page builder. Maybe it was 4 years ago, but not at all now. Having a decent hosting solution, a decent caching of code/images, etc, will help tremendously, but that’s true whether you use Elementor or not. I recently signed up with their cloud solution and am really impressed. I think the Elementor hosting product makes a lot of sense if you’re heavily using Elementor Pro in your workflow.

    • Hi Bill, Actually, all page builders slow down a site to an extent because of the CSS and JS it puts on a site. But Elementor was heavy on my site. I am happy to hear that you are impressed with Elementor Cloud services. I hope to get more positive comments like yours that say it is a good service. But how is your loading time with the new cloud hosting?

      When I used Elementor Pro, I absolutely loved what I could design with it, but sadly I had to switch out. Also, I like the idea Elementor has with a bundle package with hosting. One day I may go back if it is as fast as they say and when they come out with better pricing for multiple sites. A package for one site at $99 is not cost-effective for me.

      Thank you again for your positive feedback on Elementor Cloud Hosting.


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