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Echo Review – Tsunami Cash Flow Of $1201 A Day Or Not?

Echo by Shawn Josiah just launched and immediately set out to establish itself as different by touting the ability to generate mass traffic with almost no effort on your part. This echo review will give us a better understanding if it is a scam or not.

Shawn’s sales page starts by describing it as ‘one-click software’ which ‘delivers a tsunami of free buyer traffic. I will compliment him on using the word ‘tsunami’ as it evokes an amazing mental image of a colossal crash wave that will wash you in. 

Even more exciting is the fact that echo requires no experience, or even a ‘complete beginner’ can enjoy the benefits of a tsunami of cash. 

Let’s take a closer look at Echo. We will cover:

  1. What is Echo?
  2. Echo Review
  3. Red Flags
  4. OTO Upsells
  5. Pros
  6. Cons
  7. Is Echo A Scam?
  8. My recommendations regarding Echo
  9. My 4-Step Method
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What is Echo?

So how exactly does echo turn your dry beach into a tidal wave of cash without you having to create even a single piece of content? It does so by allowing you to “siphon” from viral videos that are already generating high volume traffic in what the creator is dubbs as “repurposing.” 

So, in short, it directs the traffic to you, and you are ripe, waiting for links, thus generating income without the need for you to do anything more. But does it work? In a word, “yes.” But a single word isn’t really an acceptable answer. Allow me to explain. 

Echo Review

As described, the product software will, in fact, bring a flood of traffic, and maybe your offer is so delicious that the unique visitors will gobble it up like Thanksgiving dinner. The demo is comprehensive and clearly shows the functionality to be as promised. But there are some “coast guard warnings” about the cash tsunami you expect to have you swimming in success. Before you throw on the trunks and grab your boogie board, consider these. 



Red Flag Warning #1

As of launch day (at the time of review), after paying for the software, the link provided was 404. According to Echo, they scheduled the site for maintenance. Very possible but odd on launch day to do that. 

Red Flag Warning #2

The Laura Method

Just because that video is crushing numbers on YouTube doesn’t mean it will do that for you. Just because the video makes money for the creator does not guarantee that it will make money for you.

Red Flag Warning #3

The testimonials on the site are AI-generated. In other words, not actual people. A couple of ways you can validate this statement are 1) compare the names and faces associated with the testimonials to the names and faces on Shawn’s previous launch, You will find the same faces but different names. Or 2) an even easier method is to do a reverse image search, and you will discover that image on dozens of other sites. 

Red Flag Warning #4

If you could click one button, do nothing else, and a tsunami of cash would flood your beach, it seems like every stockbroker on the planet would quit their job and surf this ocean of money being generated by someone else’s creative property. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t make money. Maybe even a lot. But even with the best MMOs, you typically need to put some serious hours in to start swimming in the Benjamin Ocean. 
And finally, 

Red Flag Warning #5

While it is fairly common to see a discounted cost on an initial offering, dropping from $297 per month to one time $17 seems like a pretty significant loss for a product that will deliver a tsunami of cash every day. 

OTO Upsells

Of course, like all programs such as Echo, there are upsells. Here is a rundown of what each upsell will offer you.

$19 Basic Program- In my assessment, it appears you get the basic plan to bring in free traffic using other people’s videos.

OTO #1-ECHO Unlimited $37- You can remove the FE limits, access additional features, have unlimited Echo sites, and increase your results by 100X.

OTO #2-DFY Campaigns $297- A fully DFY hands-free program. Echo provides the products and five campaigns in 5 niches. Echo manages all aspects of the sites for you.

OTO #3-High Ticket Maximizer $97- Make $1K in commissions with the simple pre-selected high-ticket programs.

OTO #4- Traffic Booster $167– Echo will tag your websites onto their space to drive more traffic to you. You can use their traffic (a look-alike system) to make high-paying commissions.

OTO #5- Reseller License $297– Sell Echo as your own and make 100% commission.

OTO #6- Passive Income Masterclass $47– Another DFY offer to generate passive income with a masterclass.

OTO #7-Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass $47 – You get another masterclass to learn how to create money from multiple streams.


  • Introductory price is only $17 with the promotion
  • Echo can siphon viral traffic from existing videos
  • It does not require you to create content


  • On launch day it rendered a 404 error and would not open the site
  • Testimonials seem AI generated
  • It takes from other’s hard work to generate you money
  • See the list of RED FLAGS above
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Is Echo A Scam?

I do not believe Echo is a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer. Echo does offer a program to set up. But I don’t think you can make tsunami cash from Echo.

My Recommendations Regarding Echo

I do not recommend Echo. The offer did not work on launch day. There are promises of high income with little to no work with statements that lead you to believe the package has everything included. While the upsells are high to the tune of $989. There is an ethical question to this program. Is it OK to use the work of another to make money for yourself?

The Laura Method

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