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DFY Suite-Auto Generated Backlinks-Is It Good To Buy Backlinks?

I have discovered a new program called DFY Suite-auto generated backlinks released on JVZoo. The creator Joshua Zamora says it is a completely done for you social syndication system.

Let’s take a closer look at this program to see if it is beneficial for you to purchase. 

I will be covering;

  1. What I Found In The Promotion
  2. What DFY Suites Has To Offer You
  3. Upsells
  4. My Recommendations
  5. Red Flags
  6. How To Create Your Own Online Business

DFY Suite

Program name: DFY Suite

Founder: Joshua Zamora

Price: $34.95 (introductory price) which is now $50 with 4 upgrades that total $159. The upgrades may have also increased. 

Recommended:  NO   Scam: NO

What I Found In The Promotion

Joshua Zamora has a decade of experience in developing software and programs for online marketing.

He is known for programs such as SociFeed, SociRobot, Big Content Search, Tube Sniper Pro, and Seamless SEO. 

I did extensive research on the programs mentioned and have found only positive reviews of his work. 

The Laura Method

Joshua Zamora photo

Joshua does speak to us in a video and also has everything he states written out below the video. I like this because we can see it first hand as well. It is easier to determine what the program goals are. 

However, Joshua does not make it clear right away what his program does.

He talks about free targeted traffic from Google and has set up his program to exploit Google. 

Joshua throws some keywords into the mix that will confuse you at first. He offers free webinars on the subject of keyword research but attempts to make us believe his program is targeting keywords. 

In a way, DFY Suite does target keywords, but this is not what the DFY Suites program will do for you. 

He has developed a 3 step system that will make social syndication simple. About halfway through the presentation, he lets the cat out of the bag with his statement “Login and hit submit, and we will build free leads.”

What DFY Suites Has To Offer You

To review this program, I first needed to understand what DFY Suite was offering you. I discovered they are setting up backlinks for the URL you submit. 

It used to be that high numbers of backlinks to your website/ post was a good thing. Even sleazy backlinks were thought to be an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. 

Google changed the type of backlinks needed with the release of the Penguin update. 

Since this update was released, Google will consider sleazy backlinks harmful to your site or post. You have to be very careful about what type of backlinks you connect to your site. 

Joshua created a program whereas you put in a URL in the appropriate slot, choose how many backlinks you want and the time frame you want them delivered to your site or URL. 

DFY Suite will then automatically generate social links and wiki links for your site. 

The downside to this is, you have no idea what type of links you will get. 

Joshua may have a way to generate only acceptable links, but he does not make this clear. 

word google with penguins around it

A wiki link is not always appropriate for your site, according to Google. 

Wikipedia is information on sites people own. They can go into the wiki area and change the way their data is displayed. 

The original link may have been appropriate for your site, but when the owner changes the information, it is no longer a good fit. Google will notice this and downrank your site. 

We also do not know if sleazy links such as pornography are a part of the backlinks he generates. 

I pondered this concern for a couple of days. I did join DFY so I can give you an accurate review. I wanted to put a URL into the generator to see what type of backlinks I received. 

But I was not willing to have my website compromised, so I did not check it out.  


The initial price for DFY Suite is a promotional launch fee of $34.95. With this, you get free bonuses that would typically cost $197 a month.

Your bonuses are:

  1. Keyword Bootcamp training for $97 but free
  2. Live client attraction
  3. Optimize blueprint $37
  4. Hands-on live training session $197

DFY Suite operates on credits. For each backlink, you request you use one credit. When you upgrade, you receive more credits which Joshua says will increase your ranking and the speed of rank.

Joshua states, “If you pay more money, you will never miss out on getting your content ranked every month.”

#1 Pro version 100 links per URL but if you pay $1 now you extend your credits up to 300 URL links(done for you suite)

#2 upgrade $67(done for you indexing)  indexing to build links to rank you faster.

#3 upgrade $47- (my video spy) faster results in 24 to 48 hours with video ranking faster results-earn $166 in 4 days.

#4 upgrade $37 (done for you niche sections.) You will receive premade videos that you can use on youtube. You get five dozen niches and can sell each one for $5oo apiece

Red Flags

  1. DFY (done for you) starts with the name of this program. Anytime I see a program that says they will do it for you; I get red flags flying in my brain.
  2. He is not straightforward on what his program offers until you get 1/2 to 3/4 the way through his promotion. This is not always a red flag. Some will keep you in suspense to keep your interest. 
  3. After the $34.95 purchase, there are upgrades. Upsells always set me on edge. I believe you have to opt for free or for a one-time fee and you need to be upfront about the cost. In my opinion, it is sneaky to quote a price and then say you can’t do the work properly unless you upgrade. 
  4. Joshua does not give a clear picture of where he is creating his backlinks. He does say wikilinks, but we do not know if they are legit links or sleazy ones.

DFY Suite is Not a scam. Joshua appears to have a good reputation and does offer useful information. But one should never purchase automated backlinks for their website. You have no idea what links you will get, especially with this program. 

When you have a website that you have worked hard to create are you willing to take the chance on auto-generated backlinks?

You can get your posts and website ranked #1 on google with proper keyword research. You don’t have to pay Joshua money for auto-generated backlinks. 

Wouldn’t you rather have control of your business?


  • Joshua has a good reputation
  • DFY offers some good information


  • We never have a clear picture of where the backlinks come from
  • Many upsells to get the full program
  • Someone else does all the work for you-RED FLAG
  • You don’t own your website

My Recommendations

After my review I am not going to recommend DFY Suite although Joshua has produced reliable programs in the past. I know that backlinks are an important part of SEO ranking. 

What I don’t know is what kind of links is Joshua’s program building. He doesn’t tell us much about this. In light of this lack of information, I can not recommend his program. 

Google tells us to be very careful with sleazy backlinks and links that can be changed by the author. Also, some websites and informational sites do not want their sites linked to just anyone. They frown upon links created without their permission. 

I do know that no one should ever purchase generated backlinks. If you get the wrong links, it will mess your site up. Once Google gets wind of negative backlinks on your site, they will not rank your website. 

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

12 thoughts on “DFY Suite-Auto Generated Backlinks-Is It Good To Buy Backlinks?”

  1. Knowing what I know about SEO and backlinks, every time I see any software program promoting that it has a “done-for-you” system in help to increase SEO in any way, whether it be from traffic or backlinks, I also see Red Flags waving in my brain. The best way is still the “do-it-yourself” way.

    Both generated traffic and backlinks used to be easily obtained through techniques that are considered Black Hat SEO now. Google did lots of coding to their ranking algorithm and in the Penguin update both of these tactics were basically flagged as bad for a website.

    Both backlinks and traffic are still important for a website’s success in the SERPs but only if they are obtained through the natural organic process of SEO. By using low competition and highly searched keywords and sharing on social media, will benefit one’s website content. Thanks for this post and exposing DFY Suite.

    • You are so right. It used to be an acceptable practice to generate traffic and backlinks. But Google’s updates has changed everything. 

      I could not take the chance on my site. I worked too hard to create it to give it away to a “done for you system.”

      It is more work to obtain backlinks through organic traffic, but it is well worth the effort. 

  2. Hi Laura, 

    I have the same red flags in my head upon reading what he has to offer from your post.  I hate upsells too because I like to know upfront about what I am getting into.

    It is best to learn to create backlinks the proper way. You talk about Wealthy Affiliate. Do they teach their members to develop a website and optimize it the appropriate way?

    I have been searching for a platform to transfer my websites to that is trustworthy and honest. 

    • I am happy that you also see the red flags of DFY. 

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate does teach one to create a website the appropriate way. It is a platform for newbies and experienced affiliate marketers alike. 

      You can step inside and have a look around without any obligation or risk is you like. Here is the link for you to check it out.

  3. There are many many ‘done for you’ products out there and most of them are scammy to say the least. This one seems to fit that criterion very well. Back links are tricky nowadays and not knowing the quality of those back links is a game changer for me. Plus the request for payment to promote his software – pulease! I agree with you that this should never be promoted. The bottom line is that there is no short cut provided by software to get high ranking on google. WE all just have to be patient!

    • Oh, Robert, you are so right. A short cut will inevitably be a mistake. We have to do the backlinks the old fashion way and patience is so important. All good things come to those who wait. 

  4. Hi Laura. Thank you for you honest review on DFY . I have noticed this product around for a while now and, as the owner of several websites, my email box has been inundated with offers such as this for backlinks. You’re correct in saying that Google now frowns on back links and they can actually cause your rankings to slip. Regardless of that, the temptation is always there to find a way to up your rankings and for people with a little less experience this could seem like just the answer. It’s thorough reviews such as yours that will help those people make a more informed decision. Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim, It is that “shiny object syndrome” that will set us back and pull our work apart. No get rich quick or a done for you system is ever right. 

  5. Done for you is, of course, something that everyone would like to jump on but it’s not ideal, especially for people who are just starting.
    But I have to be honest; I did want it to work for me. I have a website and can’t get it to rank. I thought this system would help.
    After reading your review, I have to agree that the first downside that I can find with this platform is the name. And I am happy to know that auto-generated backlinks are not suitable for ranking.
    I am so glad I looked at your detailed review. Thanks for the help.

    • John, I am so happy to help. I am also glad you checked this program reviews before you applied it to your website. 

      You say you have a website you can not get ranked? I had this problem also until I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. They taught me all I need to know to rank #1 on page 1 of google. Here is the link to check it out if you like along with more information.    https://resignwithmoney/signin

  6. Hello, thanks for reviewing this DFY suite auto generated backlinks. To be honest, I found this to be a very brilliant initiative program but with a little loose end. The fact it is a done for you program in the first stance has damaged the credibility in some ways because most DFY don’t always end up well. Also, the upsells and the fact that the creator is not supplying adequate information enough. As good as this might sound, I’m not sure I would want to get myself involved with what I don’t have the full information on.

    • Shelly, this is a wise decision on your part. If it is all done for you then it has to be a problem somewhere. It takes work and persistence to create an online presence. 


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