Dex Media Reviews Uncovered A Scam

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DexMedia reviews. Let’s talk about how I uncovered a scam and how to spot this one. From my experience, I realized DexMedia was a scammy company. I had a website where I put my poetry and blogged. But I had no idea how to reach the world.

I searched for 2-3 years for a way to improve my ranking on google with improved SEO. SEO was something I didn’t understand, and I didn’t know how to get my posts ranked number one on google. All I ever wanted to do was reach the world to help others with inspiration and self-improvement.

I did find some companies that promised to help, but none were as harmful to my well-being and self-confidence as DexMedia was. It is important to note that DexYP is the new DexMedia. Today I want to give you a better understanding of their mission, what they offer, and why no one should ever use this company to better their business.

DexMedia Pursued Me

DexMedia pursued me. I received numerous calls from this company. Or should I say they harassed me unmercifully? They promised various SEO enhancement but did not follow through on any of this. Not only will we talk about this scammy company, but I will also give you an alternative.

When the representative called, I asked specific questions about how they could help me rank on Google to reach more readers. The representative gave me all of the right answers and said I could have a 6-month contract at half price rather than a one year contract at full price.

dexyp formerly dexmedia

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Even at the discounted price and the shorter contract, my affiliation with DexMedia was a BIG mistake, and I have to say that my Dex Media is a scam.

DexMedia slotted me into a part of their company called Thryve. I still do not understand what the difference is with this part of the company and the actual DexMedia, now known as DexYP.

DexYP Mission Promise

“At DexYP, our mission is to help America’s local, independent business owners thrive, as we have for decades. Because they represent the backbone of America’s economy and the heart of its communities.”

Does this mission state what this company does? It says it helps local businesses, helps independent business owners, and helps businesses thrive. How do they help? I don’t know because it is not clear.

Their webpage goes onto say they;

  • Run and grow your business from anywhere
  • Maintain and cultivate your online reputation.
  • Drive traffic to your business
  • Promote your business online, where customers are searching.
  • Easily drive traffic to your business’s website.
  • Show up in more places where more people search.
  • Help search engines focus on your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization

Now, this sounds good for a website owner who doesn’t understand the internet. DexYP targets people who do not know any better.

More Promises More Lies

button downloading lies
  • All-in-one management software, built for small business
  • One software to manage customers and contacts
  • One software to manage Social media
  • One software to manage Text and email marketing
  • One software to manage Payments
  • One software to manage business

They led me to believe this company had software that would do all of these things for me. Read further because this was not true.

What DexMedia Did That Was Harmful.

What this company did to help me is precisely NOTHING.

They promised to call e to get more information on my website so the company could set up all of the services needed to help my site. They would set up an automated email, manage my social media, send text messages to customers and followers, and optimize my website.

I was under the impression DexMedia would handle the management of my site. So a month into my membership when I received a phone call, imagine how shocked I was when DexYP informed me that I would have to manage my site myself.

DexMedia lied to me and led me to believe they were a website management company. I already had an email management system that I did myself. Why did I need another?

The email account they offered did not work. I could not send text messages to my followers. Finally, I called the company but did not receive a call back from them.

But they did place me on the yellow pages as a website without a phone number. What good did that do? NONE!!!! It harmed my site. The yellow pages now link to my website 348 times a month and hurt my ranking.

And they did register me as a business with Google. What good did that do? NONE!!!! I have spent months trying to convince Google that I did not set this up.

Dex Media Reviews Uncovered A Scam


DexYP has 71 reviews on YELP. Out of 71 reviews, 69 people made statements about DexYP that went like this. I do wish I had checked these reviews before signing with them.

  1.  DexYP is a total SCAM
  2. DexYP is not just bad. They are horrific
  3. DexYP is absolutely horrible
  4. DexYP call constantly, make promises, and deliver NOTHING!
  5. DexYP is a big scam
  6. DexYP has the worst customer service ever
  7. DexYP gave absolutely zero results from any of their marketing
  8. DexYP will never let you out of a contract

I could continue to list complaints, but I believe this is enough to say this company does not follow through on their promises.

My Recommendation


First of all, I don’t like to use strong recommendations about a company unless it is the truth, but this company looks good in print, but they do not follow through with their promises. Their reviews are horrible and repeatedly state that this is a scam. 

DexYP requires a contract. If they were a reputable company, they would not need a commitment to keep you on as a customer. It appears this is how they continue to make money without delivering on their promises. DexMedia is a horrible idea!

After my experience and this review, I can only say, please, please do not use this company. They will not help you with anything to promote your online business.

I wish I would have found Wealthy Affiliate before I made a BIG mistake with DexMedia. I could have saved a lot of wasted time and money.

A Better Way

After I had signed a contract with DexMedia, I continued my search. I had been scammed more than once in my search. So when I ran across Wealthy Affiliate, who also promised to help me imagine how skeptical I was.

The review I read said I could check it out free, and I would not need a credit card. So with repetition, I moved forward. I was pleasantly surprised. I stepped inside a platform that would change my life forever.

You, too, can have an affiliation with a company that follows through with their promises? They boast extensive training and 24/7/365 day support. You can set up a website free and make it search engine optimized to reach the world while you learn how to monetize your site to make money. Above all, you own your site; you control the outcome and success of your business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a world-class, time-tested platform with step-by-step training that empowers you. No contracts, earn as you learn, grow, and become confident in your online business.

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Have you had any experience with DexMedia? We would love to hear your story. Please leave all comments and questions in the comment section below.

P.S. I wrote this article nearly two years ago. I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate and highly recommend this platform to learn all you need to know to begin your online journey.

DexMedia still sends me a bill each month. It is a credit of $102, but I can not collect it. They set my name up as my website URL an don’t my real name. When I attempted to get my money, they would not release it unless I had an I.D. stating I am laura57. Well, of course, I don’t have I.D. saying that because that is not my name. It is the name of my website.

I have written to them numerous times with letters that are kind all the way to horribly nasty, yet they do not respond and continue to send the bill once a month, stating they owe me $102.

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

12 thoughts on “Dex Media Reviews Uncovered A Scam”

  1. Great review. People should know that this sort of scam is very possible and that can occur to everyone. I still can’t believe what people will invent to fraud other people. I am online for so many years and I was scammed a lot times with kind of programs. People should pay more attention where they give their money.

    • Thank you Daniel. I too have been scammed by many companies and if I can help others bypass any of these companies then I have accomplished much. 

      I have trouble believing companies like this are still in business with so many bad reviews. 


  2. Hey Laura and Dave:

    Thanks for the heads-up about Dex Media Reviews.  (Sigh!)  The scams do proliferate, don’t they?  

    I’m sorry for your trouble.  When promises are not kept, it leaves such a bad taste behind, it seems to me.  It’s fortunate that you’ve found a better way with Wealthy Affiliates.  At least you know that there are good guys out there….

    • Hi Netta, I just want people to know and use my review to not make the same mistake I did. And yes it took me years to find Wealthy Affiliate. I am so happy to be affiliated with a company that is honest and trustworthy. i just hope it doesn’t take others as long as it took me to find Wealthy Affiliate to begin their business. 

  3. I love these sites that sniff out the scams.  You can buy services to help with SEO but they tend to be pricey and usually reserved for much bigger companies.  The fact of the matter is you are right.  Getting into a great company like Wealthy Affiliate will train you slowly and properly how to use proper SEO on your websites.  Thank you for the great review and exposing a scam that can hurt so many desperate people.

    • Hi Dale, I know you are right. We don’t have to pay for SEO. We just have to understand it and apply what we learn. I have made the mistake of paying to have my website optimized more than once. I just don’t want others to make the same mistake. 

      At wealthy affiliate the training teaches all we need to know. 

  4. It’s so sad how these scams are reaping what they would not have cultivated. I still remember, back in 2015, I ended up strangled in an with debts that led me to sell my only car by then. I learnt a lesson of my life, there is never a short cut on getting rich, you have to work hard. I was lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate, with it I found accommodation and the community is just but a family of like minded people. I have achieved great things, which I had never dream of. But its out of hard work not get rich quick.    

    • So many companies on the internet now promote get rich quick schemes. Nothing in life that will make money is quick and easy. We get out what we put in. With that said yes this company is bad news. I hope others do not fall into the same trap I did. And I hope it doesn’t take them years to find a place like Wealthy Affiliate to help them learn all the ins and outs of internet marketing. 

  5. This is one reason why I read reviews on almost everything. Usually the reviews will tell you any and everything you need to know about a company, product, service, etc. 

    I’m glad you created this post to let potential customers come by and see that they may be getting involved with a scam.

  6. Very good article. thank you for sharing. Articles like these are important especially for people that are starting out in affiliate marketing. exposing scams like this one will help so many people from making costly mistakes. I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion the best platform in the market. 

    • Thank you. When ever a company says they will do it all for you it is probably a scam. Affiliate marketing is a business and no business is built in a day or by turning it all over to someone else. 

      I am hoping people will see how much I trust and love Wealthy Affiliate. It is an incredible community with unparalleled training. 


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