Lesson 3: Attract Visitors

Attract visitors? Just what does this mean? How do you get people to come to your site and make a purchase? In lesson #3, “attract visitors,” we will go over what we need to do for the search engines to index and rank your website business.

There are search engines other than Google, but in 2021 Google does dominate the search engines’ market at 92.47%. Because of this, we will focus on Google as our main search engine.

What Will You Know By The End Of Lesson 3?


  • What is ranking and indexing and the difference
  • What is SEO and why is it important
  • How to set up the “All In One” plugin
  • How to connect your site to Google Search Console
  • How to connect your site to Google Analytics
  • Why Analytics is so important to your progress

What Is Ranking And Indexing And The Difference

When Google says they have indexed your site, it means they are aware of it. They have crawled it and have stored the information. The same goes for each page or post.

Ranking a page or post means that Google has crawled your indexed pages and found the information they feel is beneficial to their readers. When you have applied SEO to your pages and posts, it helps boost your work in Google. Google uses the SEO guidelines to rank a page or post.

What Is SEO And Why Is It Important

SEO is search engine optimization. It is a set or group of tasks you do when you create a post or page to gain the attention of the search engines. There is more to SEO than just this, but for now, we will focus on the basics to get you started on your affiliate marketing business.

An experienced person can optimize their site for SEO without the help of a plugin, but for most of us, we need some help. One can use many different plugins, but today we will use the “All In One” plugin. After we set it up, you will have a better understanding of SEO. The remainder of this lesson and lesson #4 is crucial for you to implement the full process of SEO.

How To Set Up The “All In One” Plugin

In the previous lesson, I introduced plugins. Today we will head over to your dashboard and set up a plugin step-by-step.

Begin by logging into the backend of your website. If you set your website up on a hosting platform other than Wealthy Affiliate, more than likely, you know how to log in. I will use the WA platform to log in, but the setup will look the same once you reach your dashboard. If you are on Wealthy Affiliate, you can follow along with me.

Here is an image of the login at Wealthy Affiliate.

back end login

If you follow along with me on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will find the “All In One Plugin” already installed, and you can skip to the setup. But if you need to install it, I will go over the installation here before moving on to the setup.

instalation of AIO plugin

Follow the steps in these images to install the “all in one” plugin. Once it is installed, head back to the plugin tab on the dashboard, and we will begin setting up your “AIO” plugin.

You do not need to upgrade to the pro version of AIO. Right now, we will use the basic free version.

install plugin and activate

When you navigate back to your dashboard, click on the “all in one” and then the “setup wizard. “From there, I will direct you on what to choose.

setup wizard image

As the setup wizard guides, I will list what to choose in each step:

Click on the “get started.”
Choose “Blog”

Leave the home page title and the home page meta description like this.

AIO home page
AIO meta

Under the next section, “Additional Site Information.”
Choose “organization”
Use the title of your site for “organization-name.”
As for the phone #, I leave it blank
You can upload a logo if you choose, but you can also come back later to add this.
Leave the social media as-is for now. It will use the default icons.

This section is where you link your social media accounts to the AIO. checkmark the “use the same username.” This will put the appropriate URL in each one of the social media accounts you choose. Then go to each of your accounts and find the link, and put it behind the URL. Click “save” and move to the next section.


The next section is “Which SEO features do you want to enable?”
Checkmark the first 3
Optimized Search Appearance
Uncheck mark “image SEO.”
Click “save” and move to the next.

The next step is 4 of 6, the “Search Appearance.” I took a screenshot because some of these will need to be changed. Set yours up just like I have this one set up. Then click “save” and move to the next step.

AIO appearance

Step 5 of 6 needs the email address that you want to associate with this website. Enter your email and click “save.”

The last step is only required if you upgraded to a pro version which I do not recommend at this time. Hit “skip this step,” and you are all set.

At the bottom of this final step, you will see a tab that says “set up webmaster tools.” Click on that, and we will begin setting up the Google Search Console for your site.

tools tab

How To Connect Your Site To Google Search Console

Google search console is provided to you by Google as a free service to monitor your website and how it is doing on search engines. Google will index your site and rank you even if you don’t use their free service. But Google search console can help you see if your site has issues and what part of your posts and pages are ranking higher.

When you click on the Google search console block shown in the image here, it will open a full set of step-by-step instructions offered by All In One on setting up your search console. Follow these steps directly as it says.

tab dor google search console

How To Connect Your Site To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool. It is used to track how your visitors interact on your site. What articles and pages do they visit the most. How long are they on your site? How many visitors are coming to see what you are offering? With this information, you can do testing and improve your performance to attract more visitors.

In the same area as the Google Search Console box, scroll down and click on the Google Analytics box. See the image here.

analytics with monster
  1. You will see that your Monsterinsights is “installed and active.” Now scroll to the bottom and click on the blue tab “launch setup wizard.”
  2. Next, you will see a choice of Business, Blog, or eCommerce. Choose the one that is best for you. I will choose a business because an affiliate marketer is a business site.
  3. The next page has a tab at the bottom to connect to Monsterinsights. You do not have to purchase a license or use the pro version for this. Click the blue tab at the bottom to “Connecting to Monsterinsights.”
  4. The next page requires a Google account. If you set up a Gmail account in the above tutorial on Google Search Console, all you need to do is click on the Gmail account displayed, and away we go. If you did not set up or do not have a Gmail account, now is the time to stop and create one.
    Click on the Gmail account name and scroll to the bottom, and click “allow.”
  5. You will see a page that asks you to “Connect Google Analytics To Your Website.” In the oblong box, you will put your website URL like this https://resignwithmoney.siterubix.com: All Website Data. Be sure to copy it directly from your website URL. Do not duplicate the https, and make sure you choose the correct prefix like http: or https: according to what you copied from your website URL.
    At the end of this page, click the blue tab “Complete Connection.”
  6. On the next page, leave the settings as is and click the blue tab at the bottom “Save and Continue.”
  7. Which takes you to Monsterinsights add ons. These are not necessary. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Save and Continue” blue tab at the bottom.
  8. On the next page, scroll to the bottom and click the “skip this step” on the right.
  9. On the next page, click the blue tab “Finish setup and Exit wizard.”

Congratulations! You are all set!

You can view your website analytics by clicking on the “Analytics” tab in your dashboard.

Why Analytics Is So Important To Your Progress

Analytics is the process of using data to predict the future outcome of your business. With this data, you can:

  • Provide new products to your customers based on their interaction with the current products
  • Target a specific audience such as younger crowd vs. older groups, female vs. male and so many more
  • Enhance your customer experience

All of these ways to improve your site will lead to a higher conversion rate and increase in sales. So analytics is important because you want to scale your business and increase your income.

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This completes lesson 3#. We will move onto the final lesson #4. You can use the tabs at the bottom to navigate any of the lessons you wish to review and move forward.

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