Protected: Lesson 5 Content Writing – Final Touch

Lesson 5 is the last module in our “Content Writing to Rank” Lessons. Putting the final touch on your work is the perfect beginning to a beautiful day. So let’s get started.

What Will You Know By The End Of Lesson 5


  • Spell Check – Grammar
  • Proofread
  • Double-check areas
  • Publish
  • Check List
  • When not to publish a post

Spell Check – Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar, spell checker, and plagiarism checker. There are others, but frankly, I have not found one that compares to Grammarly, so this is the only one I will recommend.

It is an easy app to use, and they do offer a free version, but this is one of the times I will recommend the paid version, which is either $30 monthly or $144 yearly. The free one misses too many mistakes.

A post with good grammar and spelling is critical to creating authority and trust.

Grammarly is a straightforward app to use. Simply download from here. Also, you can look at my Grammarly review here.

Grammarly will help you:

  • Add punctuation
  • Rephrase sentences
  • Set the right tone
  • Enhance word choice
  • Check plagiarism


Grammarly premium has a plagiarism checker. I cannot stress enough how important it is not to copy another person’s work, yet sometimes I will write something that I did not know I plagiarized. Grammarly will find these sentences for me, and I can change them.

Here are a couple of images to see what Grammarly looks like and how it can help.

grammarly app image
grammarly icon image


Once you fix the grammar errors and check for plagiarism, it is necessary to proofread your post. I do this from the preview mode because I see it as my readers would. Looking at the actual post from the preview mode is eye-opening. It is easier to catch any mistakes.

Double Check Areas

It is time to publish, but first, we need to double-check a few areas from the right “page tab.” Some of these areas cannot be changed after you publish.

Such as:

  • Is your category set to the area you want and uncategorized unchecked?
  • Is the date and time to publish as you want it?
  • Is your permalink set with only your keywords?


Don’t really publish the post you just wrote; instead, write one that you will publish and as I mentioned earlier, use this one as a guide.

Hooray! You did it. Everything is set, and you are ready to hit the publish tab and rank right up there with the big boys.


I have created a checklist to follow that will help simplify the process of publishing.

Blog Checklist

When Not To Publish A Post

Believe it or not, there is a time never to publish a post. When you are tired, never publish. I learned this from experience, and inevitably when I finish a post late at night or in the evening and publish, I tend to miss something. I suggest always waiting till the light of day when you are fresh, double-check it, and then post. It can save a lot of hassle in the long run.

WOW! You have made an incredible journey and learned so much. Now apply what you learned and rank your posts. Ranking is money in the bank. You can refer back to any of the training as you need.

I am here for you if you need my assistance.

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