Lesson #2 – Branding With A Logo

Branding With A Logo

Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners, which means that a logo is a visual way for people to remember your business?

When you hear the word Mcdonalds’ what is your first image? The golden arch is the picture that pops into your head. It is no different with your logo. When people think of your business, you want them to identify with your logo.

What Will You Know By The End Of Lesson 2?


  • Why do you need a logo
  • What to look for in a logo
  • Where to design a logo
  • What sizes do you need for a logo
  • Where do you put your logo

Why Do You Need A Logo?

  • It is your business face – You want to make a good first impression. When someone lands on your site, you want your logo to catch their attention.
  • Creates business identity – A well-designed and chosen logo will give you an identity. Your followers will see the logo and remember who you are. Whether your logo is for Facebook, your site, or another social media, you want people to recognize you.
  • Promotes loyal followers – Followers want to be loyal, and your logo will help them return again and again.
  • Offers a professional front – a logo will show that you are reliable and competent. It helps to build authority.
  • Creates Trust – We create trust when we are consistent. A logo will build trust.
  • Establishes your reputation
  • Sets your business apart from others – gives you a unique design to set you apart from other companies that are similar to yours. People navigate toward a logo they recognize and pay attention to.
  • It speaks stability – A logo says you are here to stay. You took the time to brand your site with a design, and you aren’t going anywhere.

Now that about sums it all up. There are so many reasons to have a logo for your business.

psychology of color wheel

What To Look For In A Logo?

  • Good color design – the color of your logo can cause actions and reactions in your followers. You may want to design your logo to match your website colors. A study on The Psychology Of Color In Marketing And Branding states that 85% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product, and 80% believe color promotes brand recognition.
  • Simplicity – a simple logo has long-lasting effects on the brain. It is easy to identify and associate with a business.
  • Memorable – make your design unique to stand out against the competition.
  • Square or rectangle in size – a square logo speaks of conformity, stability, equality, and reliability. All the things you want your business to be. A rectangle produces trust and dependability.
  • A design that can stand alone – I will use my logo as an example; I chose a money bag and put it at the beginning of my “Resign With Money” The money bag can stand alone as in the first image and is recognizable.
  • And keep in mind that one day you may want to put your logo in print or on a T-shirt. Make it simple yet impactful.
favicon logo for RWM
RWM logo 2

The second logo is like the first one, but I designed it for a different site. If you notice, each logo has different font and coloring. The colors work well with the type of site I am branding.

NOTE: The grey background is not a part of the logo.

heart red insp logo
white insp logo

Where To Design A Logo

There are many free places to design a logo for the beginning affiliate marketer. You might want to consider paying to have one created. One place to find logo designers is on Fiverr. It is a freelance platform to find people to do all types of work—just something to consider.

I designed mine on Canva.

I use Canva for almost every design I need, such as designing social media posts and pins, feature images for my website, screenshot resizing, and thousands of other template needs.

You can use the free version, but I do use the pro version. The templates are easy to design and set to the colors you need. If you don’t find a template, you can import a logo symbol into Canva and design it. See my Canva Review for more information on Canva.

Here is a list of Free logo design companies. Some are free to design only then will you need to pay to download the logo. Others are free, but it will cost to upgrade to purchase a high-resolution image.

  • Canva is more than just a logo maker;  it offers a free version to create a logo.
  • Logo Maker – free to create, pay to download
  • Free Logo Design – free to create and download but pay for high-resolution
  • Looka – free to design and download, the upgrade version offers more options

I only listed 4 here, but if you don’t like any of these, you can search for “free logo makers” on Google and come up with many more.

What Sizes Do You Need For A Logo?

Before I get into the size, I want to talk a bit about a vector image. A vector image is the best type for a logo because the picture resolution remains the same when you scale them to a different size. Meaning that the image will not appear blurry when enlarged.

A vector image is a series of points, lines, and curves that allows a smooth appearance no matter how much you scale it up or down.

5 Places You Can Get Free Vectors

  1. Openclipart
  2. VectorStock
  3. All-free-download.com
  4. Freepik
  5. Pixabay

There are many, many more free places to get vectors. Search for “free vectors” on Google to find more.

What size logo?

When designing a logo, it is important to make a few different sizes. You can store them on your desktop for future use. I have 3 sizes listed in bullets at the bottom that are the most important. When you make your logo in vector size, it is scalable to any size and will prevent you from making 15 different sizes.

Keep in mind the size in pixels of an image on a mobile phone. Mobile phones are between 320px to 500px wide, and you want your entire logo to show on mobile devices. So one size can be 320px wide by 70-100px high.

As for your website, you can use this same size, so it is mobile responsive. And if your logo is square, you will need 160px by 160px.

A favicon is a square image in the photos above that I used as an example. It is the one you will use for branding on social media and your website also.

OK, now for social media sites. I believe the favicon is the most important size. I make posts for each social media in the designated size for each platform and put my logo on it. So I will not list a ton of different sizes for each social media platform.

Here are the sizes that you will need.

  • 320px by 70 – 100px high (mobile responsive) (for a rectangle logo)
  • 160px by 160px (square for website)
  • 32px by 32px (favicon)

Where Do You Put Your Logo?

Everywhere, absolutely everywhere. You are branding your business with your logo. The more you put it out there, the more likely people will remember you by your design.

  • On your website header
  • On every photo you post to social media that pertains to your business
  • On every Pinterest pin
  • On every FB post
  • On every TikTok video
  • In other words on all social media platforms that you manage for your business
  • On emails, you send out for your business
  • On your feature image on every blog post

Just One Last Thing

When you make your logo, also make one in black and white or black and also in white. There may be places where your colors will not show up, and you will need to use black or white.

Oh and, I keep remembering things; remove the background of your logo, so the logo itself is the only thing you are posting. You can do this in Canva if you are using the Canva graphic designer or there is a free background remover I use a lot also, Remove Image Background.

Have fun making your logo and finding places to brand your business with your new logo.

Let’s move on to our next lesson, #3, “Branding With Trust And Authority.”

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