Lesson #1 – Branding With A Domain

Branding With A Domain Name

Hello and welcome to Series #2, Lesson #1 of The Laura Method. I am assuming if you are here, you now have a website set up. Congratulations!

It is time to Brand your site and your business. Branding was initially difficult for me to understand. I tend to think in literal terms and could not grasp it all. For this reason, I will go into as much detail as possible, so you start further ahead than I did.

Branding your business is a vital part of who you are. A brand is how your customers will recognize you. It is a domain, a logo, the way you help people, the kindness your present, as well as the knowledge you showcase. Your visitors will remember you and identify you by your branding. You are your website business and your brand.

What Will You Learn By The End Of Lesson #1


  • The importance of branding with a Domain
  • Where you can purchase a domain
  • What to look for in a domain name
  • How to search for a domain
  • Should you buy a .com, .org, or a .net domain name?

The Importance Of Branding With A Domain

There are hosting companies and platforms that offer a free domain to set up your website. One of those is Wealthy Affiliate, and another is Hostgator. There are many more but is a free domain the best way to go?

A free domain is a great way to set up a website and test it out. You can set your design up exactly as you want before buying a domain.

Google states they rank a free domain the same as a paid domain, but that is not what I have experienced. I know that Google ranks more by content than a domain, but they also rank by keywords in a domain. So to choose a domain that has keywords and is specific to your niche will give you a higher branding rank on your website. We will talk more about keywords in domains later in this lesson.

There are reasons to purchase a domain other than ranking.

  • A domain is like a piece of property you own. No one else can buy the domain you have purchased. The domain is yours 100%.
  • Domains increase in value as you add content and increase authority.
  • Some sought after domains increase in value as they set.
  • As we mentioned above, domains on a .com, .net, and .org will rank better.

You are not only investing in a piece of property; you are branding your site with a domain name that your followers will remember and come back to time after time.

Where To Purchase A Domain

In 2020 there were 366.8 million domains registered. You can buy a domain almost anywhere. Since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I purchased mine within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You will want to buy yours where you host your website or where you can easily transfer it to your hosting company.

All domain names have an assigned DNS (Domain Name System.) The DNS is a way for the internet to identify your domain name or, like a giant internet phonebook. Wherever you purchase your domain name will have a tutorial on transferring the name and finding the DNS servers for your domain.

As we move forward, I will be using Wealthy Affiliate as an example to search names and purchase one that will brand your site. If you search on Google “where to purchase a domain,” it will render many places to buy.

Please be aware that a domain name will cost $14.99. Some businesses will sell you a domain at a lower price. There is nothing wrong with this but the price will increase after the first year.

And when you transfer a domain to a hosting platform, almost all hosting companies will require you to pay the $14.99 upon transfer, even if you just purchased the domain name. So if you plan to buy cheap and transfer, it doesn’t really work that way.

What To Look For In A Domain Name

We have a few choices on what to look for in a domain name. Some say to use keywords in the domain. I agree with the philosophy that it will rank better. But you can also choose a catchy name and brand it as you build out your website. Later we will go over how to search a domain with and without keywords.

You will ideally want a catchy name, no dashes, and a short name when choosing a domain. For instance, I had a website once that sold DNA testing. I found the name dnaistheway.com. It is catchy and easy to remember. It is short, and it does not have any dashes. Using your name in the domain is OK but not the best idea because your name may not be a strong keyword.

List of what to look for in a domain:

  • catchy name
  • easy to remember for your followers
  • no dashes in it
  • ideally do not use your name
  • short with one or a few words
  • with or without a ranking keyword

I set up “The Laura Method” with my name. I did this because it is an extension of “Resign With Money,” a ranking keyword.

Nike set up a domain on one word that had nothing to do with sportswear, then branded the name. When I say Nike, what do you think? Sportswear, which is an excellent example of branding your business. Everyone thinks about sportswear when they say, Nike.

How To Search For A Domain

I am going to use Jaaxy to search for a keyword to use in a domain name. But you can use any keyword tool you like. Then purchase your domain where ever you choose.

There are some places to search domain names when you have your keyword where you can use filters to find what you want. I looked at ten different free domain search tools and found one that is uncomplicated and easy to use.

A keyword research tool is to find keywords and a domain search tool is to find .com domains. So you can do this forwards or backward. You can pick your niche, put words into a search domain, and then head over to Jaaxy to see if any are good keywords. Or the other way around.

I am going to search domains first and then go to Jaaxy research tool.

The one tool I will use to find a domain is:


Let’s say your niche is in pets. You want to sell pet supplies or food or something else about pets. I put Pet shop in the search bar and came up with 4244 .com domain names.

As I said earlier, you don’t have to use a keyword if you can’t find one with a .com domain name. But we will search keywords so you will be familiar with the process.

I can also search by length, and it will list the shortest first or place them all in alphabetical order.

domain search 1


Once I had .com domains to choose from, I slid over to Jaaxy and put in “pet shop.” As you can see in the image, it is a keyword, but the competition is high. So at this point, I put in a few of the names I like:

  • Pet Shop Info
  • Pet Shop Consulting
  • Think Pet Shop
  • Pet Shop Team
  • Pet Shop Help

Each of these has a .com domain available, is catchy, and is relatively short without any dashes. But as you can see, the QSR is higher than the average search volume. I chose a difficult niche to search on purpose so you can see what to do in a case like this one.

We are about to go down a rabbit hole that we may never crawl out of, so we need to stop here. We have a keyword, pet shop. We found .com domains, but the keyword is competitive. In this situation, it is time to choose a domain and brand it as you build your site out. So click on the one you like best, hit search, and click on the .com and make your purchase.

To learn more about the AVG and QSR, you can go to my Jaaxy review, where I explain this in-depth.

jaaxy domain search avg and qsr

Should You Buy A .com, .org, or .net Domain Name?

A .com domain is the commercial side of a business for blogs and websites. The .net is the network side of a business such as an internet company. A .org is for non-profit or charitable organizations.

Since you are starting a website business to make money online, the best choice is to purchase a .com domain.

WOW! Congratulations on completing Lesson #1 on Branding with a domain. If you have questions or need help, you can reach me at laura@resignwithmoney.com. Please let me know what lesson in which module you are on when you send the email.

Now onto lesson #2 Branding With A Logo.

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