Dan Ashendorfs Commission Clone Does It All- Scam Exposed

Dan Ashendorfs Commission Clone Does It All. This is a scam exposed. Dan’s program is to launch soon. The program sales page states. You can steal legally and ethically. When did stealing in any form become OK?

I took a good long look at the program and all it has to offer. In this scam review, I will go over all of it and my recommendation of thumbs up or thumbs down.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what Dan is selling. In this post today, I will cover:

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  1. Who is Dan Ashendorf?
  2. What is Commission Clone?
  3. Commission Clone Does It All-Words Of A Scam
  4. Upsells
  5. My recommendations regarding Commission Clone
  6. My #1 recommendation

Commission Clone

Program name: Commission Clone

Founder: Dan Ashendorf

Price:  $17 with numerous upsells

Who is Dan Ashendorf?

Dan Ashenforf is called an internet savvy marketer. He is also described as “a no BS kind of guy. Forthright, honest, dedicated, and fun.” Dan is also described as a genius. I do believe he may be a genius. After all, it takes a good brain to set up software that takes your hard-earned money yet constantly gives nothing in return.

OK, so this is all good, but how can a man be described like this when selling software that appeals to our population’s less active side? One that entices people to make money with only 60 seconds of work or 30 minutes per day?

commission clone legally steal someone elses work, really mockup

What is Commission Clone?

Commission Clone is a software that allows you to steal the work of someone else legally. You pay your money and click the keys on your computer, and the software does it all for you.

You can make affiliate commissions and drive traffic to your funnels with Dan’s software.

Commission Clone Does It All-Words Of A Scam

Now let’s dive deeper into the Commission Clone scam to see if it is Ok to steal someone else’s work and use it for yourself legally.

The sales page states that you can:

  • Commission Clone Does It All-In other words you don’t have to do any work to earn money.
  • Make money from other people’s hard work-So you get to steal the work of others that are successful and ride on their coattails.
  • Affiliate commissions from passive traffic-you make money from the traffic you do not create or work to earn their trust.
  • Traffic is 100% free-The traffic is free because you stole the work of others who worked hard to build their business.
  • Only work 30 minutes a day-REALLY? Big bucks for 30 minutes of work per day. Give me a break!
  • Begin in just a few minutes- it is all set up for you, so all you have to do is click buttons. Now that would be nice. If this were possible, we can all quit our jobs and click a button.
  • You get a commercial license during the launch duration-the catch here is “during the launch period” then what will you have to pay?
  • No results-they pay you $100-Not real sure, but in my experience, you will never get in touch with them to get your $100.

There only 3 steps to make commission clone work for you.

  1. Commission Clone sets your password and user ID. Ok, so they have full control!
  2. Automated cloning of other people’s hard work. They say it is legal, and I am sure it is but is it ethical?
  3. Then you sit back and rake in the money while Commission Clone Does It All for you. Life does not work like this. You cannot make money by doing nothing!
Commission Clone-Legally Steal Someone Elses Work-Really? in 3 easy steps

The sales page states that you don’t need anything to make money, and they list all of the things you don’t need. So, in other words, you pay your money and then give them full control of your investment. You give your power over to Commission Clone who does it all and a person you do not know. WHAT??? Are you sure you want to do this?

  1. No list
  2. No website
  3. No selling
  4. No autoresponder
  5. No monthly fee
  6. No store
  7. No to anything else that requires work

Now, does this sound too good to be true? It should because there is no such thing as no work and big bucks unless you are robbing a bank. But even robbing a bank requires planning and implementation.


The basic package of Commission Clone is only $17, but they state you will receive bonuses that total $24,997.00 only if you ACT NOW! Lots of pressure sales and outrageous claims.

The upsells begin from here.

Commission Clone-Legally Steal Someone Elses Work-Really? upsells3

The total for the whole package is $499. With the beginning package, you get the basics and upgrade to the unlimited to increase actions (whatever that means). Then upgrade to the done for you package to get landing pages emails and more bonuses. Oh, but that’s not all; if you want the free traffic, you upgrade another $97, and it just goes up from there.

My recommendations regarding Commission Clone

I give Commission Clone three thumbs down. I would go so far as to say it is a scam, not just a bad program.

They offer very little in the basic package and require many expensive upsells for you to get what they promised.

Commission Clone promises you can make money with as little as 30 min of work per day, and you can set the whole program up in 30 seconds.

Any done for you program that does not give you a clear picture of what you will do to earn your money is a scam.

I have reviewed many scams, and one of the worst that I did over a year ago is still going strong. James Wendell, a scam still taking people’s hard-earned money a year after “My Traffic Business,” was launched.

150 thumbs down
150 thumbs down
150 thumbs down
comission clone pin

My #1 Recommendation To Earn Money Online

At the top and bottom of this article, you see a box. Suppose you want to learn more about setting up a business online; just click the green button for more information on my simple 4-step formula.

If you have had experience with this scam or another, leave your comments and questions in the comment section below.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Commission Clone Chart

Commission Clone


Dan's Strong Reputation


Legally Steal Others Work


Commission Clone Does It All



  • Dan 's Great Reputation


  • Steal Someone's Work
  • Only work 30 min a day
  • They Have ID/Password To Your Site
My Simple 4-Step Formula

How to earn money online and work from home.

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