CTFO CBD Oil Review

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With all the rave about CBD oil, the world is looking for the best place to buy this hemp oil. Regulations on the manufacturing of CBD oil is not well outlined. So, to find a company that offers quality oil along with an exceptional program is difficult.

In this article, I will talk about my CTFO CBD oil review and why I have found this company to offer an exceptional product and program.

CTFO CBD oil review

CTFO is short for Changing The Future Outcome.

CTFO has a strong vision, mission, and values. Fully listed on their website. I will list a few.


CTFO provides tools to empower people in business, health and serving others; demonstrating the Good News with quality, integrity, and generosity.

Mission and values

There is nothing to lose!!!!! And everything to gain!!!!

How you choose to purchase these products is entirely your choice. But I did find CTFO to be an honest and trustworthy company that stand behind their mission and values. The products are pure and thoroughly tested. CTFO operates within the law.

CBD is known for its health and healing properties and has a benefit for almost every individual. CTFO offers CBD products at very comparable prices and a discount if you join free with no strings attached.

If you choose to make a passive income or go all out and make a living with retirement savings, CTFO offers a plan that is unmatched by any other.

UPDATE, 1/22/2019

CTFO continues to have a free plan of which I am a member, but it now offers a PRO and a PREMIUM plan which you can view when you click below. 

CTFO founders care and want to impact every aspect of your life positively:
CTFO would like to offer you an honest and trustworthy high-quality product to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Along with their statement that “God is at the center of all we do.”

What is CBD oil?

What can CBD do for you?

a man with a diagram of what can CBD oil do for you


How do you get CBD oil

This offer is where CTFO sold me on their superiority for service. Not only do they offer pure CBD oil but this company cares about their customers and their affiliate partners. CTFO does operate based on their values, mission, and visions.

CTFO offers two ways to purchase CBD

  1.  You can log onto their site and buy any product shipped directly to you. You are allowed to set up an auto shipment or choose to order as you desire. No catch, No gimmicks.
    CTFO offers a large variety of pure CBD oil products and a few non-CBD products. The products are thoroughly tested and contain NO THC.
  2. Your second option is unheard of in the industry of affiliate marketing and second party sales.
    CTFO has set up a copywrite plan for you to become a distributor for their CBD products. It is FREE to join. Offering the products is FREE. NO Gimmicks – NO Gotchas – No Credit Card Required.

    There are absolutely:
    NO Sign-Up Fees!
    NO, Join Fees!
    NO Website Fees

    Update 1/22/2019

  3. (unless you choose to use the pro or premium plan, I do not)

    The payout system pays you on four levels. It is a method I have never heard of, and as I said above is so unique that the company has copyrighted the process.

    CTFO vows to always provide the fairest, most lucrative, unique, and powerful business opportunity ever created.

CTFO offers a 60-day empty bottle money back offer is a good one time per product, per order, per Associate/Customer

CTFO Compensation Plan

What I like

What scared me

  • They offer a no-risk plan.
  • It is FREE
  • They have a 4 level payout plan
  • As an associate, I get a 20% discount
  • High-quality CBD products and a large variety
  • No overhead
  • At first, it came across as a pyramid business
BUT,  in reality it is completely FREE.

Do you have questions for me? How do you feel about CBD oil? Please leave all questions and comments in the comment section below. 

P.S. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate one of the most respected web hosting platforms in the world. I am a CTFO associate as a free member and as an affiliate marketer. I use these products because I believe in CTFO. Learn how I make money online. 

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

19 thoughts on “CTFO CBD Oil Review”

  1. Hi Laura,
    I hv read Several of your reviews I’m going to join the wealthy affiliate and try the seven day free and then sign up for the premium membership you said it takes about six months to acquire a salary what type of salary do you see in six months I mean are we looking at $500 1 100 just would like to see in six months just curious

    • I am so happy you have enjoyed several of my posts. I would love to have you join me in Wealthy Affiliate. I would also love to give you a guarantee of an income in a certain time frame. BUT there is no guarantee.

      Your business is directly related to the effort you put into it. If you work 10 hours a week it will take longer compared to a 40 hour work week.

      What I can tell you is when you become a premium member I will do all I can to help you help yourself become successful. I will give you my knowledge as your coach and mentor to help you succeed.

      I can also say that I looked long and hard at companies to train me in affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best.

      Also right now you can become a premium member for $299 which is a 49% discount. This is only offered one time a year on Black Friday. The offer is to end tonight at midnight but I am going to let you know that I did find out it is extended until midnight on dec 5th.

      I know you can do this because I did. And I am here to help you. Here is the Black Friday link for you to get started. I will grab that link and reply a second time with it.

      Thank you

  2. Well I have to agree, it seems way too good to be true, but I’ll still check it out anyways. If it’s really free, I suppose there really is nothing to lose… 🙂

    • Anton, you have an incredible blog website on CBD oil. Mind if I share it? The world needs this info you have. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you.

  3. I’m new to CBD oil  but from your article I can learn that there are very helpful products to take away. I’m surprised there are as many different products on health, nutrition, anti-aging, for pets, etc, as possible. This is amazing!

    I have a friend who is diabetic an I wonder if you have any remedy for him from CBD?

    • Hi and thank you for stopping by. I don’t believe they know enough about what CBD can do to help different diseases. they do know it helps epileptic seizures but unsure about further treatment. I am excited about the future possibilities.  

  4. I have never heard of CBD Oil before…

    But it sounds brilliant.

    I have been suffering from lower back pain for 35 years and never found a really good product to help give relief.

    It sounds as if it could be a solution. what do you think?

    I really liked that you not only researched the oil, but that you also contacted the company directly to get all the information you needed.

    That is a step that most reviews don’t do, so I think that is excellent for you to do that.

    I live in Thailand at the moment so will see if I can get locally.

    Your site is really nice and I wish you and Dave happy results!


    • Hi Tim, 

      I have talked to some people who say the CBD has improved their back pain and changed their lives. 

      Be very selective in the CBD oil you choose. Make sure it is pure hemp oil. So many are selling less than standard products. 


  5. Hi Laura, 

    Thanks so much for sharing this very informative article! 

    I have often heard about CBD oil but I was not that familiar with the health benefits. You not only took the time to educate about the health benefits but also looked at an ethical company that was producing CBD oil. Their profit sharing plan also looks interesting and I’m sure that for the right person, it’d be very attractive. 

    Thanks again Laura. 



    • Shane, Thank you for stopping by and reading up on CBD. It has so many benefits. I know the medical profession does not know all of who it can help. 

      I am so excited about the potential of CBD that I can’t help wanting everyone to have some oil. 


  6. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  I actually have been reading into CBD oil recently and i have became an affiliate through them as well.  I have bad anxiety and i heard it helps with that a lot and pain.  It looks like a really good product!

    • Justin, 

      I have see CBD oil do wonders for anxiety when take 2 times a day. It really lessened the severity of the episodes. Since you are an affiliate of a CBD program you should try some. 

      Let me know how it works for you please. 


  7. I have heard a lot of my friends who are in various athletic sports tell me about the benefits of CBD as far as helping their body in recovering from strenuous activity. 

    One thing I would like to know is that because the products at CTFO contain no THC, does this mean that I can take their CBD products and not be impaired or affected when driving? Or should one stay away from operating a motor vehicle when taking CBD?

    • Jessie, this is a really good question. CBD or hemp oil is not a psychotropic. This means that without the THC it does not impair the senses and a person does not get the sense of being “high” like they do with THC. 


  8. Laura, I read your CBD oil with interest. I began using CBD oil about 4 months ago myself and found that it has truly helped get rid of my sciatic nerve pain. My hip was hurting so much I couldn’t find any position that was comfortable. But once I began using CTFO’s oil regularly, it has disappeared. I can’t tell you how much relief I have had – the pain had been so bad that my life was getting to be unbearable. Now it’s like I have a new lease on life. I love my CTFO oil and use it regularly now. Your article is right on with the benefits that can be had using CBD oil, especially the products from CTFO. I also use their facial products and love them too. Great article. – Shirley

    • Shirley,
      As a nurse, I do believe CBD is a big medical breakthrough. And CTFO produces pure CBD with extensive testing on the quality. I just ordered my facial and CBD oil. I am so excited about the results I will see. I have autoimmune diseases and I believe this may be the breakthrough I have been waiting for.

  9. Hi Laura
    I have been reading so much about CBD oil products and having read your article, I know feel 100% confident about buying these products as I suffer from arthritis and need relief so I’m going to go and take a look
    Thank you

    • Vicki, I do believe they will help your arthritis. They have done wonders for me. I use the cream on my “mouse finger” that has developed arthritis from too much scrolling. It takes the pain away within 5 min. I have my drops on order and can hardly wait to see the amazing results from those. Let me know how they work for you.


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