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Content Artemis Review – Generate Content On Autopilot Or A Scam?

Content Artemis is a new program soon launched by Walt Bayliss, Simon Warner, and JVZoo. Content Artemis is a program that will generate content for your blog, website, or whatever you write for. It states you can create content for your blog completely on autopilot. Today we will do an in-depth Content Artemis review and take a look to see what all the hype is about.

We will also explore how Content Artemis operates and what they can offer you. Not to mention are the statements they make true?

Will Content Artemis benefit you, and have Walt Bayliss, and Simon Warner developed a program to generate content completely on autopilot?

Let’s take a closer look at content Artemis. We will cover:

  1. Who is Walt Bayliss
  2. What is Content Artemis
  3. Content Artemis Review
  4. Upsells
  5. Is Content Artemis A Scam?
  6. My recommendations regarding Content Artemis
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint

Content Artemis

Program Name: Content Artemis

Founder: Walt Bayliss and Simon Warner

Price:  $47

Who Are Walt Bayliss And Simon Warner?

Walt Bayliss is an internet guru. He has been creating programs and building his own internet business for 8 years. Walt has launched numerous programs that help with social media, buying and reselling domains, WordPress plugins, and video software.

Simon Warner has launched numerous programs on JVZoo. I looked up his profile, and there isn’t much on him. His LinkedIn profile isn’t filled out. I don’t have much info on this man.

Each many has launched programs on JVZoo before, and back in December, they launched one together. They have again teamed up together to work on their Content Artemis project.

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What Is Content Artemis?

Content Artemis is software that will generate articles for you. It will put together articles from the internet for you to edit and post as your own. They state that Content Artemis will bring in free traffic completely on autopilot, enhance your SEO, and beef up social media in 5 easy steps.

Content Artemis Review

Content Artemis sounds like an easy way to write a blog post. Let’s see how it works. As stated above, there are only 5 easy steps.

5 Easy Steps To Generate Content

  1. Tell-Use keywords to tell Content Artemis what type of content you are looking for.
  2. Hunt-Content Artemis will search the internet for high quality, converting most relevant images to your keyword along with copy and videos.
  3. Build-You choose from the images, videos, copy and place them into an article you are creating.
  4. Edit-you can then spin the post, edit it yourself or use the copy as is with a reference linked to the article.
  5. Share-you can now publish the finished project to your blog or where ever you choose.
5 steps to content

Let’s take a closer look at these 5 steps. You decide what you want to write about. You plug in a keyword into Artemis, and it finds articles, images, and more for you to put into your own post. You can use it word for word if you link it back to the original article, or you can edit it and use their spinner to re-write the post.

At this point, you can choose images from the posts or choose from the Artemis library to add to your article. You can take comments from the article you found and add them to your post and add call to action buttons within the Artemis platform. You can add quotes from your articles as well.

While Artemis is pulling in information for your post, it also has a life SEO form to the right. It tells you which parts of articles will rank in Google and what is best to use.

Then you can publish to WordPress, Zappier, and social media.

That sounds pretty incredible. Right? Let’s keep going and look at the price and upsells.

OTO Upsells

There is not a lot of information on what each upgrade offers, so I will make an educated, experienced conclusion to help you understand each one better.

$47 One Time Content Artemis Software- You get the dashboard and use of the article generator.

$97 Content Meets Domain– It sounds like this one is so you can post the articles to your WordPress domain.

$197 Content Meets Social– It sounds like this one gives you the ability to post to social media.

$297 Content Meets Agency- As with most software launches, this one probably allows you a license to generate content for others or to resell your content.

To get the complete program your cost is $638. WOW! Now that sure adds up fast from the original $47.


  • You can generate content for your blog with Content Artemis
  • $47 start-up fee is reasonable
  • The software has an image library
  • The software has built-in SEO as you build your article.


  • The images on other blogs that you use from other articles may be infringing upon Copywrite laws. The person who originally wrote the blog may pay a site for using these images, and you do not have legal rights.
  • The upgrades are high.
  • You have to upgrade at least 2 more times to get the full program and maybe a third time.
  • You can easily write an article in WordPress without Content Artemis.
  • You still have to edit the article after it is written
  • You have to also edit the article after you use the spinner
  • You take a chance on duplicate content, which means your post won’t show on Google
  • Everything except the spinner that Content Artemis offers is found on Google search engines when you search the keyword

Is Content Artemis A Scam?

No, the Content Artemis is not a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and Content Artemis is not a fraud. The question needs to be, is Content Artemis ethical? And yes, it is ethical if you follow the instructions closely and don’t use duplicate content and copywriter images.

My Recommendations Regarding Content Artemis?

Content Artemis is a legit program. I believe it can do what it says. But you don’t need it to write an article.

content artemis review pin

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase Content Artemis. You can write an article without it in the same amount of time and with the same effort.

Every person who develops new software believes their product is the answer to all of your problems. Walt and Simon are no different. If you purchase every software that says they can make you big, you have spent a ton of money before you have a chance to make any income. This doesn’t make Walt and Simone bad, nor does it mean they produce scammy products; it simply means that you don’t need this software to be successful.

Content Artemis is targeting the person who is afraid to write or doesn’t like to write. That is almost every new affiliate marketer. Everyone can learn to write a post, and you already have an SEO optimizer plugin on your website, so you don’t need the Artemis SEO builder.

The thing to do is face your fear and follow a few simple steps to write a great article. This is how I learned once I set up my websites.

I do not believe Content Artemis will save you time or create a better article than you can do. When you begin any new venture, there are fears. The very best thing you as an affiliate marketer can do is hit them head-on and learn from those who have gone before you.

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