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Commission Max Review – 60 Second Traffic Or A Scam?

Commission Max is a new program soon launched by Mahmoud Alwaqfi and JVZoo. Commission Max is a program that will generate content for your blog, website, or whatever you write for. It states you can create content for your blog completely on autopilot. Today we will do an in-depth Commission Max review and take a look to see what all the hype is about.

We will also explore how Commission Max operates and what they can offer you. Not to mention are the statements they make true?

Will Commission Max benefit you, and has Mahmoud Alwaqfi developed a program to generate free traffic?

Let’s take a closer look at content Artemis. We will cover:

  1. Who is Mahmoud Alwaqfi
  2. What is Commission Max
  3. Commission Max Review
  4. Upsells
  5. Is Commission Max A Scam?
  6. My recommendations regarding Commission Max
  7. My 4-Step Blueprint

Commission Max

Program Name: Commission Max

Founder: Mahmoud Alwaqfi

Price:  $12.90

Who Is Mahmoud Alwaqfi?

Mahamoud has been a digital marketer for 7 years. His interest lies in affiliate marketing and list building. He believes that people have problems, and they want to find a solution. He developed Buyerx as a solution to their problem.

Mahamoud says the very system he will offer you is working for him, and he wants to help you with your success, which is exactly what he said in one of his other releases Buyerx. I did an unfavorable review on Buyerx when it was launched in November of 2021.

commission max review

What Is Commission Max?

Commission Max is a program that claims that you will get Free “Viral Visitor” to the tune of hundreds in 60 seconds. It states that it is “free traffic to get high-quality buyers leads.” The sales page states that Commission Max a new system that pays “him” $10,000 a month. I don’t know who the “him” is referring to. It is not clear.

The Laura Method

statement on commission max program

Commission Max Review

The commission Max sales page begins with a video of a person reading the sales page to you. It doesn’t tell us any more than the sales page does.

I read this sales page 3 times, top to bottom. I could not find how the program works. It promises free traffic with a click. But then it says you will learn how to get free traffic with the training. So the question I have is it a program to give you free traffic, or is it a program to teach you how to build your list? I could not find an answer to this.

He speaks a lot about why you have not made money and what this program can do for you, but we never find out how it works.

2 click away
PDF statement

Both of these statements are screenshots directly from the sales page. See how they contradict each other.

It also states that you will have traffic in 60 seconds with the click of a button, but he says it takes a bit of time to get started at the bottom of the sales page. He also states that you can purchase upsells, but on the sales page, he does not tell us what is in the basic plan and what is in an upsell.

The sales page is contradictory and vague. The information he gives us is all over the place but nothing concrete. There are photos of income people have made but no names and no proof of income. Just pictures could have been taken from anywhere and not necessarily from people who have made this money.

You are given 5 free Bonuses when you purchase the program.

  • Money Making Machine-a training on how to set up a money machine-REALLY?
  • Own passive income training on how to make money from a bunch of avenues
  • Facebook messenger bot-training on how to use Facebook to earn money
  • Ready for 10 websites-up to date list-not sure what this means
  • ClickBank and affiliate marketing tutorial-training on how to make money

All of these bonuses are bogus. You can find any of this information on the internet and train yourself probably better than he can.

OTO Upsells

Wait till you get a load of these upsells. No information, absolutely none!

$12.90 One Time- The basic package is sold for $12.90, but in another place, he states it is $11-$22-no information provided on the contents

I’ll take a moment to explain what an upsell and a down-sell is. An upsell is an addition to the basic product that you will pay more money for. A downsell is when you say no to an upsell, and you are offered a better price. With a better understanding of this, we will move on.

Upsell-VOL 2 $14-$17 The downsell to Volume 2 is $11-$14-no information provided on the contents
Upsell-VOL3 $20-$25-The downsell to Volume 2 is $15-$20-no information provided on the contents
Upsell 4 are the RESELL RIGHTS $37– no information provided on the contents


  • The basic package is cheap
  • Claim to generate traffic in 60 seconds
  • free traffic to get high-quality buyers leads.”


  • The sales page contradicts itself over and over
  • No information on how the program works
  • No information at all on the upsells
  • The only video on the page reads the sales page to you
  • No information on where the traffic is coming from and is the traffic suitable for Google
  • States traffic in 60 seconds but later says you have to work a bit
  • Pictures of income without proof
  • Never before seen method to generate traffic-everyone on the internet is making this statement right now. It is the going phrase to make money.
  • Bogus bonuses

Is Commission Max A Scam?

commission max review pin

I am leaning toward a YES on this question. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and commission Max never does tell us what this program is. YES, it is a scam because you do not know what you are paying for or what you will have to do to get FREE traffic.

My Recommendations Regarding Commission Max?

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase Commission Max. Some types of traffic will harm your business, and no one is telling you what type of traffic you are getting.

The sales page contradicts itself over and over. It makes me wonder if Mahmoud Alwaqfi doesn’t know what he is doing or simply trying to make money from a scam.

I get so tired of these programs preying on the “newbie.” The person who is struggling to make it. Someone comes along and offers you the sky for money. It is getting old real fast.

The Laura Method

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