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Commission Hero Review – [Not Recommended] – Red Flags

Ouchhh!!! It almost sounds ominous to one who knows the red flags of scams. The fact that you are checking out this Commission Hero review before you dive in is incredible but is it enough to protect you against all of these “make-money-online” scams?

Many are manipulated and coerced into spending their hard-earned money. Yet some still check things out and still get stung by the big scam bug. But if you don’t know about the pesky red flags of a scam, how can you protect yourself? 

I will take a few moments to show you the red flags of a scam and how you can spot them. Now, some may offer a free trial, but they have a hidden agenda, and once you pay your money, they don’t stand behind it. Often there are tons of strings attached. Once we have gone through these in detail, I will also show you the most effective program with the most reasonable price and lowest risk.

Warning: Learn the RED Flags of Schemes and Scams Online In This Commission Hero Review

Even with all of my experience, I have been taken by one or two scams over the years. With that in mind, here are some of the things known as ‘red flags’ you can keep an eye on. I bet you can better protect yourself against the dreaded scam industry when we finish.  

1. Companies That Don’t Offer A Clear Picture Of The Program. 

This is a biggie! I mean, why can’t they give you a peek at the inside or maybe even a free trial? Or if they offer a free trial in the form of a money-back guarantee, then don’t stand behind it. If they only talk about a millionaire lifestyle but never tell you how you will make money, well, then it is a scam. What are they hiding? It has to be something, and most likely, it is the fact that you won’t accomplish any goal with their program.  

2. Companies That Don’t Show The Pricing Upfront. 

Many fly-by-night programs will hide their price or try to snag you in on a low fee and then hit you with upsells. It is time for great concern if you run into this because it is probably a scam. Or if the total price to get the complete program is $1000s, and up, it is time to run. 

Reputable companies are upfront with their pricing and have the price or a pricing table in plain view. Not to mention it does not take thousands of dollars to teach someone how to make money online. They are lining their pockets and running an unethical business. This type of practice will come back to bite you in the end. 

Poor Reviews On TrustPilot

There are poor reviews on TrustPilot that mention how this program makes millions while no one else does. NOTE:

Commission Hero Review trust pilot testimony

3. Companies That Use Hyped Sales Pages.

It is a huge red flag if you visit a “sales page” that tells you a sob story and only gives you income figures without information on who made it. In other words, do the income statements have a person’s name on them? If not, they are definitely hiding something like the program will not help you. Or they take you down a long road of wanting more money while saying the more you pay, the more you make. Or they will do it all for you like a DFY plan. It’s HUGE and a clear indicator of a scam. 

4. Companies That Don’t Have A Clear Outline Of Objectives. 

Objectives tell you what you will see on the inside and what to expect. However, hyped-up sales pages will give you a list of what you don’t have to do like, you don’t have to work, it is all done for you, you make money while you sleep or at the grocery store, you make money while you travel and play and drink. You don’t need experience, or you don’t need a website. You need to know what you will learn spelled out for you in plain English, and all of the trumped-up lines are there to trick your mind. If they can’t give a free trial, as I mentioned above, then at least make it all clear and upfront.

The Laura Method

5. Companies That Tell you How Much The Developer Makes. 

If you see a sales page that tells you how much money the program developer makes over and over throughout the page, then beware. It is a manipulative ploy to make you think you will make this kind of money. BUT the truth is you will not make anything or have the tools to create a reputable business of your own. Not to mention, they use terms an inexperienced person can’t understand but never give a clear understanding of what these terms mean. These may be lies, just all lies.

6. Companies Who Make It hard To Contact Anyone To Receive Full Support. 

If you look on any department store page, you will find a way to reach the company. If the sales page does not offer this, they are hiding something from you. Check it out for yourself. If you find an email address, send them an email, sit back and wait for a response for about 48 hours. If you don’t get one, they are not a responsive company that will offer help throughout the program.

7. Companies That Don’t Offer Direct Access Through Communication To The Owners. 

Reputable companies care about you all the way to the top. Find out who owns the product or company? Has the owner made himself or herself known to you and offered their direct help? Can you directly communicate with them? If NOT, then Red flag #8 says to run for the hills because the program is likely out to take your hard-earned money. In light of this, stay away from any program where the CEO has an ungrateful attitude.

8. Companies That Just Give You Information And Hype With No Real Way To Create A Business. 

If they are just filling you with information and ideas, you can glean from the internet on how to create a business, then stay away. To put it differently, a reputable company will give you the tools needed to create a business as well as the support you require. Without the proper tools, you will have a tough time making a go at an online business. Don’t be taken in by a company that offers information but has no real way to apply it. 

 “Commission Hero”

Is it possible it has many or all of these red flags. I am so glad you followed your gut and checked it out before jumping in because this program just might be one of the ones to stay clear of. 

OK, now that I know you can protect yourself with the red flag list, I want to show you a company that fills all the bells and whistles and is not a scam. A company that stretches itself to meet the need of its affiliates to create a business online. Your success is my top goal; therefore, I will introduce you to the best and set you up for success.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate, The Company Who Has Stood The Test Of Time And Helped Millions…

welcome to WACommission Hero Review

First things first, before we get rolling on why Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to begin, I want to let you know that I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a few years now. Here is a company that taught me all I know and have become successful. I am a supporter (not in a monetary way) but mentally and emotionally because I believe in Wealthy Affiliate so much that I have entrusted my career to them. They work hard and care about their members and for these very reasons I recommend them to all of my friends and family. Now that’s HUGE!   

Now, this may be your first time learning about Wealthy Affiliate, so please let me set your mind at ease. Allow me to point out how they shrink all the red flag rules of a scam. They absolutely rank at the top of one of the most recommended platforms in affiliate marketing.

1. Companies That Don’t Offer A Clear Picture Of The Program. 

This is a biggie as far as Red Flags go. WA lets you step inside and check things out for a whole week, a 7-day trial. Imagine how shocked I was when I filled out the information and no one, I mean no one, asked for a credit card number. Actually, this is the #1 reason I want to tell you about Wealthy Affiliate. What can you expect from a 7-day trial? Here is a list you get free when you sign in. It’s called a starter membership. 

  • One Free Website ready for you to create an income (Includes hosting)
  • 10 video lessons to get you started on the training
  • 7 Days of expert help and mentorship
  •  Direct communication With the founders’ Kyle & Carson
  • Keyword and Market Research Tools
  • Almost full access to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Access to millions of like-minded entrepreneurs  
  • 100’s of resources for training waiting for you to tap into
  • And Much More!

2. Companies That Don’t Show The Pricing Upfront. 

There is no hidden agenda here because Wealthy Affiliate is upfront and willing to tell everyone how much it costs to join. As a matter of fact, there is a pricing table right on the pricing page after you log in. But let me give you the prices here as there are 3 levels available for all. The FREE membership is the Starter one. Then there is a premium for $49 a month or the Premium Plus+ for $99 a month. These are the prices without any upsells and no requirement to upgrade from any memberships. 

3. Companies That Use hyped Sales Pages. 

There is no hyped-up sales page on the Wealthy Affiliate page. In addition, there are no statements of how much you or the owners will make. It is just plain and straightforward; you join to learn how to set up a niche website and create a business online. In other words, you learn and apply what you learn and keep learning with all the support and classes available. You are the owner of your business and are in control of your paycheck—no hype and no Red Flags here. 

4. Companies That Don’t Have A Clear Outline Of Objectives. 

Wealthy Affiliate has an unmistakable outline of the objectives as soon as you click on the site. You don’t have to log in to see what they offer. There are extensive objectives and information on education, hosting, websites, domains, the community, and even success stories from other members

5. Companies That Tell You How Much The Developer Makes. 

I have never, I mean never, heard Kyle or Carson brag about their income. Both are humble people who focus on how they can help you create an online business. However, I have heard them say that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Yet they do say that you create a business you own, and they provide the tools necessary for you to accomplish that. Also, it is well-known within the platform that creating an online business is not instant, and a realistic outlook is needed because it takes time to learn along with perseverance. 

6. Companies Without An Easy Way to Contact Them And Receive Full Support. 

Kyle and Carson put their email address everywhere. As a matter of fact, you can go to the website and fill out a form without signing in if you want to reach them. And they are responsive to your questions. Actually, I will give you the email addresses right here, and you can check them out: [email protected] and [email protected].

7. Companies That Don’t Offer Direct Access Through Communication To The Owners. 

Now, this one is the coolest because you can find one of them interacting on Live chat with the community every day. Transparency is the key to trust, and they are the most transparent CEOs I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. And I do trust them, or I would not recommend this company. You can even access them during your 7-day FREE trial period because one of them will send you an email when you sign in. All you have to do is reply to that email just to say “hey” if you like.

8. Companies That Just give you Information And Hype With No Real Way To Create A Business. 

In my reviews of companies, I have run across a ton of these. Written information that takes you nowhere. But not at Wealthy Affiliate because you have video training and the ability to access the community and your mentor anytime you need help.

To create your first online business, you need the tools to complete the task, and at Wealthy Affiliate, you have it all. A platform to create a website, state-of-the-art hosting, research tools for marketing, continuing education that is up to date, a platform to learn to write and publish your work, and so much more. Along with that, you have access to expert advice and support at all levels.

So you see, there are no Red Flags for Wealthy Affiliate. There is only honesty and transparency that creates trust. Not to mention I have never found another platform that offers a 7-day Free trial, and you don’t even have to give a credit card just in case. Most other companies are afraid to give you a free trial because, in the end, you will see their hype and inability to follow through.

No-Risk, No-Obligation only you learning and applying what you learn along with support and your mentor. Oh, and did I mention everything you need is in one place to create the business you desire. 

Go Ahead And Check It Out Here! You Have Everything To Gain, And No Credit Card Required! 

To Succeed, You NEED The World’s Most Current Training.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the education is constantly updated and brought to you by highly experienced super affiliates as well as those learning just as you will. It is like a university education because you have new and innovative training videos every day. Your training experts have had success over and over and learned all the ins and outs to share with you. They have the key to success and want to share it with you. 


Commission Hero Review expert training and classes

Before I started Wealthy Affiliate, I searched Google regularly, trying to learn. The thing is, I never knew when someone was telling me the truth or trying to just sell me something. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, the training videos are from trusted experts who have proven themselves with time. Not only do you get access to all of this, but you will see the strategies and techniques the winners are using to make money online.

commission hero review pin

There are training experts in every field of affiliate marketing, for instance, YouTube, Bloggers, Generate free traffic, all types of social media, and even 7-figure online earners.

Someone is offering a new class almost daily, teaching in their field of expertise. You cannot find this anywhere else in the affiliate marketing world. 

All I want you to do today is take a step in the direction that will benefit you. A step to the Starter membership that is free can set you on the right path to creating an online money-making business. There is nothing to lose because, after the 4th of 10 lessons, of which you can take on the Free starter 7-day trial, you will have a chosen business model and a website all ready to move you forward. Yes, that’s right, all by the 4th lesson, you will have all the basic steps in place that are the foundation of your online business. 

Start Your Online Training Here And Learn What You Need To Succeed 

Wealthy Affiliate is like a University setting only with more support and step-by-step guidance. Yet you will have all of the tools anyone could ever need and a group of millions who have gone before you as well as super affiliates in affiliate marketing who are passing their skills onto you. 

Without a doubt, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and have placed a comparison chart for Wealthy Affiliate and Commission Hero here if you are interested. 

Commission Hero Review comparison chaert

I wish all the best for you. I hope this review helped explain why I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my trusted platform to continue moving forward in the online business world.

The Laura Method

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