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ClickVio Review-Can You Make $100,000 A Month Or Not?

My ClickVio Review is a new launch by Neil Napier that promises to enhance your current email marketing campaign. His pitch states, “BRAND NEW Email Marketing Tech That Powers Up Any Autoresponder.” Can you make $100,000 a month, as Neil says or not? Statements like this one always send up some red flags for me. I decided a good review is in order here.

I took a good long look at the program and all it has to offer. In this review, I will go over all of it and my recommendation of thumbs up or thumbs down.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what Neil is selling. In this post today, I will cover;

  1. Who is Neil Napier?
  2. What is Clickvio?
  3. My Clickvio review?
  4. Upsells
  5. My recommendations regarding ClickVio
  6. My #1 recommendation


Program name: ClickVio

Founder: Neil Napier

Price:  $27 for personnel and $37 for commercial with numerous upsells

Who Is Neil Napier?

Neil Napier is an internet software developer. To date, he has launched around 65 programs, from emails to funnels and social media scouting plans with many in between.

Neil says he began using the internet to generate an income out of a necessity to make money. He started with one ‘side-gig’ that turned out to be very profitable, so he continued to launch new programs.

Neil states his launches with JVZoo have made the amount of money, as noted in the screenshot below. Now, this does not state that you will make money from Clickvio but that he and his affiliate marketers make this type of money.

money statement for neil

In my research of Neil and my ClickVio Review, I do believe he is legit. Neil is the vendor of these products, and Alex Costan is the product creator of ClickVio. However, I am not saying that this program is a good deal for you. We have yet to make that determination.

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What Is ClickVio?

clickvio pic and pitch

Ok, so ClickVio is an enhancement to an email autoresponder. The new way of doing email marketing is the MLMJ method. Neil states you get more messages sent to the recipient’s inbox. But in his further sales talk, he states that it is dependent on how good of a reputation you have. Although the MLMJ method may give more inbox messages, there is no guarantee. Neil does say that in his video.


LMLJ ( Mailjet Markup Language) is an email format that codes the emails to be more mobile responsive. He talks about how it is harder to code emails nowadays. But I don’t code my emails. I use a drag and drop email autoresponder.

Yes, MLMJ is a newer way to compose emails but is it worth the money Neil will charge you? We have yet to determine this.

In my autoresponder, I do have the option to use templates for emails, but I don’t use them because email recipients don’t have time to weed through all the photos and fancy templates before they get to the point of your email. Most will click out of the message before going to all the trouble of dealing with a bunch of garbage.

My Clickvio Review?

In this Clickvio review what did I find out Neil has to offer you and what is the price tag for a DFY email program?

This program includes the items listed in the screenshot below.

list of includes for ClickVio

DFY Emails And Templates

According to the image above, you will get done for you emails and done for you marketing templates. Anything DFY or done for you is never a good sign. You will have to take each email and template and change it to fit your niche. So why not just use an autoresponder like AWeber and set up your own emails.

I mean, there is free information all over the internet, and on Aweber, you have live chat and extensive tutorials on how to do this. Once you learn how to do it, you will have this knowledge for a lifetime. I know it takes time, but all new things take time to learn. Why pay money to get (done for you) emails and templates that don’t fit your needs?

Social Media Widgets And Templates

Okay, so this might be nice to have, but you can go to any social media platform and follow the tutorials on setting all of this up and put the money for this program back in your pocket. You can even go to YouTube to look for information on how to do this. There are some excellent training videos for free on YouTube. You don’t even have to go through this Clickvio review to find the information you need. But do continue because there is more to come.

I just bet the information Neil gives you is not any different, and you just might have to pay more to get some good templates and emails. We will know more about this when we get to the upsells.

Free Bonus Contacts

Oh no, not free generated email contacts. This isn’t good. If you want to have an engaged audience, you need to build your list of people who want to opt-in to your mailing list. You don’t want to become the dreaded spam mailer by sending out messages to people who never asked for them.

Free Training Session

Now here is an outlandish statement. You will get training on making a 6-figure income a month just because you use this email system. Can you make $100,000 a month or not? Promises like this are usually so exaggerated that it is not at all possible. Remember, if it promises big money on a DFY system, it is not true.

basic pricing options for clickvio

These prices aren’t too bad, but let’s look at the upsells first. You may need to pay more to have the complete system. Kee reading this ClickVio review to see the findings and recommendations.


clickvio upsells

It looks like right off the bat, you will need to pay the $77 instead of $27 or $37 if you are running an online business, but it is not all obvious. I will list each upsell with a description of what you are paying for.

Clickvio Unlimited (0T01) $97 (don’t know if one time or lifetime)

With ClickVio Unlimited, you will get higher numbers of DFY emails and templates. You will have a bonus training on collecting emails for overnight success (another concerning promise) and extra elements such as banners, invoices, bonus boxes, testimonials, and email signature.

Spyvio Agency License (OTO2) $297 (100) $497 (1000) $997 (unlimited)

I’m not real sure what this is except the rights to sell this product and have an agency website.

Clickvio + Spyvio Business (OTO3) $77 (looks like it is in addition to the $97

This one is the business part of Clickvio and the right to sell it combined.

Meetvio All Inclusive (0T04) $197 per year or $497 one time

Webinars live, hybrid, evergreen along with video meetings all unlimited.

Funnelvio Unlimited (OTO5) $297 one time

Unlimited, sites, funnels, pages, traffic, and smart academy which might be the Meetvio, but I am not sure.

image of all upsells

My Recommendations For ClickVio

clickvio review pin

I am going to have to give this ClickVio review a thumbs down.

Everything you get in this program except the MLMV you can get with a regular autoresponder. You can go to YouTube and learn all Neil is attempting to sell you.

Also, emails don’t need to have full photos and high-end templates. Short email campaigns will convert as well, if not better.

I am an affiliate marketer. I drug my feet forever because of the fear of not knowing what to say or the best way to set up my email autoresponder. At that time, Neil may have enticed me to jump on the “shiny object” wagon with him. But today, with the knowledge that I have, I can see Neil’s program for what it is.

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