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China Cash Clone – $100,000 a week plus 785% – Is This A Scam?

China Cash Clone makes some outrageous statements of $100.000 income per week. If you purchase an upgrade, you will earn 785% more per week, which is $785,000 per week. Oh, please give me a break! There is no way to make this kind of money in one week doing nothing, as they stated. 

Let’s take a look at what they say you will need to do to make this outlandish amount of money. 

But before we start, I need to say that this program was launched sometime in late 2018. I am still getting emails promoting China Cash Clone. So people are again falling for this scam. I want to help you keep your hard earned money and not support Daniel Barber. 

Today we will be cover;

  1. What I found in the videos
  2. What China Cash Clone has to offer you
  3. My Recommendations
  4. Red flags
  5. A legitimate way to generate a passive income

China Cash Clone-$100,000 a week plus 785%?

Program name: China Cash Clone

Founder: Daniel Barber

Price: $9 with upsells of $344

Recommended: NO    Scam: YES

What I Found In The Video

The spokesperson for China Cash Clone, I am not sure if it is Daniel or not, states that you can get rich quick by exploiting tactics used in China. 

photo stating rediculous amounts of money income per week

You can make $60,000 in 2 weeks. 

The Laura Method

He does the same old tactic of identifying with you by saying he hates scammers also and later goes into how he was scammed right before he made his fortune. 

All you need to get rich is a laptop, desire, and you will make a fortune. 

His page will disappear soon, so take action NOW! Don’t you want to make an easy passive income online and not waste your life? 

The people in China are getting rich, and you can make $5000 a day. 

You can solve all of your problems with money and make $150,000 a month.

It’s not your fault you have failed. You can have everything you have ever dreamed of. 

Then Daniel tells the usual sob story. He was getting drunk in a bar and gave a guy all of his money. The guy disappeared. So he met another guy in a bar and got rich this time. 

Do you believe a story like this? Not me!

a girl that is giving duplicate testimonies

Look at this girl who is giving testimonies for different programs. Daniel must be paying her to give a testimony. 

a second paid testimony

The second girl has changed her appearance, so she is not recognizable. But if you look closely, she has the same smile and same nose. Facial recognition does not lie. 

I know you might need the money and you may think this is the way to get rich quick but please look at the red flags I will list in a minute. 

These guys are taking your money and walking away. They may be getting rich, but you will not. So let’s take a look at what you will get for $9 and upsells. 

What China Cash Clone Has To Offer – Is $100,000 per week and 785% Real?

I did pay the $9, so I can tell you precisely what you will get with this program. It is not much. It sounds like the upsells are needed to make the real money. Or are the upsells designed to make money for Daniel and not for you? 

china cash clone offers

As you can see in the photo, I have put together the first part of the program is an introduction. It is a brief talk about Daniel and the program. Noting new you didn’t hear in the promotion video. 

The second part is a VIP member workshop offered by John Crestini. I did not sign up for this one. 

Who is John Crestini? 

He is known for his affiliate marketing model to help companies to sell more products. He claims to be an expert in all forms of online marketing. 

John’s Affiliate System has many negative reviews on google. The only positive reviews are paid advertising. 

Let’s move past the workshop offered by John and look at what Daniel teaches us in the third part. 

He talks you through setting up a website. You have to purchase a domain and a hosting company. Then he walks you through. I use the term walks you through it loosely. He has small photos and tells you where to click.

Honestly, if I were new at affiliate marketing, I would not understand what he is telling me to do. But he does tell us in the promotional video you don’t need experience. 

After the set up you can choose from 5 of themes to use. I know a company that allows you to choose from 3000 themes. Five is ridiculous since all of the 3000 is free to use. 

You get instructions of setting up a woocommerce store and choose products and then you are supposed to make $5000 a week. 

He then skips right to how to manage your incoming money. 

The instructions are poor, and he tries to make you believe he is helping you. 

The fourth part is pushing more upsells to generate traffic to your site. You have to have traffic for people to see and buy your products. This upsell is $67.

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: His page will disappear soon, so take action NOW!
  2. A play on your emotion: Tells you that the people in China are making money, so what is wrong with you. Now he doesn’t say it like that, but that is the undercurrent of his words. 
  3. There is very little information about how you will make this much money. In Daniel’s promotional video, he never tells you this is a dropshipping company. 
  4. Numerous claims to earn a high dollar income. And the amounts of money you will make keep changing each time the spokesperson mentions it. You will make tens of thousands of dollars per day.
  5. After the $9 purchase, there are upgrades of $355
  6. You don’t have to do any work. The system does it all for you. But you will need to come up with tons of money to make money. Then you won’t make any money at all.
  7. Fast commission secrets cost $13,000, but we will give it to you right now for $9 and upsells. 
  8. The first upsell is full proof, and you will triple your profits without more work.
  9. Claim to make $100,000 a week plus 785% with upsells.

I do believe this product is a scam. It offers high income, a way to make it, and never delivers on the statements. You will lose money if you sign up for China Cash Clone.

My Recommendations For China Cash Clone

So, in light of my review, Yes China Cash Clone is a SCAM. Daniel does not present to you useful information that you can use anywhere else on the internet. His instructions are subpar.

Thumbs Down

There are numerous red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Daniel’s China Cash Clone.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

4 thoughts on “China Cash Clone – $100,000 a week plus 785% – Is This A Scam?”

  1. This is a really fabulous post, I like to see reviews that expose this scammers that tent to take money from innocent people. We need to be careful of their gimmicks. I’ve not heard of China cash clone and I’m glad I didn’t because I might have been a victim. The cost for the programme is relatively low which might be a selling point too to get customers. I’d rather take your recommendation. Great post

    • Thank you and I to am happy you stopped by to read about China Cash Clone. All the red flags are there. Be safe. 


  2. I’ve never heard about this program but I’ve heard about John Crestini.

    I don’t think he sells legit programs.

    After reading this content, this china clone program is like a sort of John’s programs.

    I really hate scams. I don’t want to invest my valuable money into scam programs.

    I really appreciate you to inform me about this scam program.

    I also know your recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate.

    I signed up this platform a few weeks ago then it’s really amazing.

    There is no shortcut to earn a full-time income online.

    There are so many good training on the platform and I’m learning from it.

    Thanks for the good article 🙂

    • Oh my, Shawn, I dislike scams too. So many people lose their money to them. I know I have lost money before. Now I too am with Wealthy Affiliate which is the best training website building platform in the world. Nice to meet you Shawn and thanks for stopping by.


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