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Cash Sniper-What Is This Feeling You Get When It Is A Scam?

Cash Sniper. What is this feeling you get when you realize you have been taken? Is it a scam? You will understand that sinking feeling in your tummy if you sign up for Cash Sniper. 

In the video presented to you by Ray Parker, he makes some outlandish claims to mega profits by doing nothing. 

He states that in one week 3 people have made $27,000. I mean REALLY?? Is this ridiculous or can you make that kind of money in one week? 

So maybe someone can but what about this statement? One guy claims he is a millionaire after 5 months with cash sniper. 

I don’t think so but let’s look deeper into cash sniper. 

As we move through the information on cash sniper, I will 

  1. tell you what I found in the video

  2. let you know how cash sniper works

  3. my recommendations along with the red flags
  4. my guide to making money online

Cash Sniper

Program name: Cash Sniper

Founder: Ray Parker (if he is a real person)

Price: $9

Recommended: NO, NO, NO and not only NO but ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

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Let’s Talk About Cash Sniper-Is It A Scam?

Cash Sniper is a Clickbank offer.  It is a system that declares you can make mega amounts of money within an hour after signing up.

The guy in the video says you make a few clicks and eludes that you can be a millionaire in 5 months.  

I believe this offer is appropriately named. Cash sniper. It explains what this feeling is when you lose all of your money. You feel like you were blindsided by a sniper. 

a rifle sniper in a field

What I Found In The Video

I listened to the video all the way through, and these are the claims Ray and his hired actors made. 

You can view the video, but I don’t want you to waste your time so I will list the things he says here below. 

  • One paid actor stated that in 7 weeks he earned enough money to buy and pay cash for a house. (do you believe this?)
  • Another paid actor states that in 5 months he is a millionaire. (If this were true we would all be millionaires.)
  • It only takes a few clicks to get $100,000. (There it is, “just a few clicks” to get rich.)
  • You can make a 6 figure income a month. (that is $100,000 or more, a month?????)
  • Treat yourself with you millionaire income, get a luxury sports car, go to the Bahamas, live the life you deserve. (playing on your desire to have everything.)
  • Claims 3 people made $27,000 in 7 days
  • Customers make a purchase, and you get a profit. He never said what you have to do to make a profit.
  • You do nothing just get paid and watch the money roll in( Nothing??? Really????)
  • He says it is a legit platform, but he did not say what is in the platform.
  • He says for you to forget about other scams. He wants you to feel comfortable eluding that this is not a scam. (He is trying to build trust when he hasn’t earned it.)
  • No experience needed. (of course not.)
  • You will be a self-made millionaire

Fire Shot photos

Back To The Video And Ray’s Story

  • Ray tells us about the usual sob story all scammers eventually tell. 

Here is his “Oh poor me” story. 

He was working all the time as a chiropractor, and he was happy. One awful day I was in a car crash and unable to work. My wife called all of my clients to tell them I could not work. I worried about money. My wife was also sick and could not work. I have three daughters I have to provide for them. I suffered every day, but my wife told me not to worry.

One day I heard a   knock on my door. I was stranded and couldn’t move. It was Paul Trevor, one of my patients. I took care of his sciatica. He came to help me by telling me about Cash Snipper. He said he made 1 million a year and worked 15 min a day. It only takes 30 minutes to set it all up, and you only work 10 minutes a day.  And never make less than $25,000. 

Oh, boy is this ridiculous or what?

  • The system is a secret, and he can only tell a few people. (I agree. It is a secret what you will be doing.)
  • Need act fast, or you are out of luck. (pressure sale)
  • Affordable at the cost of $9 (with hundreds of dollars of upsells.)
  • Make thousands of dollars risk-free or you will get your $9 back………..LOLOLOLOL (this is funny because you will get your $9 back. But how many people will go to the trouble of asking for $9 back?)
  • It is automatic, and all you do is click. (there it is again. Just click.)
  • Hurry don’t wait. (pressure!!!)
  • If you don’t want to do this then pass it on and let someone else have this or take action right now. (no one wants some else to have what they passed up. Playing on your emotions.)

How Does Cash Snipper Really Work?

little white fella with question marks over his head

Throughout the video, Ray keeps saying it just takes a few clicks to start earning money. But when you get inside you have to set up a bunch of things to begin a Shopify account. 

The videos alone take more than a few clicks. And nowhere does he tell you that this is a sales page where you have to sell products through drop shipping. 

How ironic Ray would say you can make money with just a few clicks when the instructions and videos are much more involved.  

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is where you sell a product that you do not own or keep in stock. Someone orders the product and you have a third party person ship it to them. 

Sounds pretty good right? For some, it can be good and work out well. But that is not what we are looking at with Cash Sniper. 

Cash Sniper claims you get paid right away with only 10 minutes of work a day. NOT TRUE!

You have to set up a shopify store and manage it on the internet. This takes time and work and knowledge. 

The treaining Ray provides is incomplete and subpar instructions.  You would be lost in a sea of nothing if you were not familiar with all of these terms. 

If you are familiar with all of this you would be working many hours to set it all up. 

Cash Sniper-What Is This Feeling-Is It A Scam?

So, in light of this information, yes Cash Sniper is a SCAM.

Thumbs Down

There are numerous red flags. These red flags tell me it would be in your best interests to stay far away from Ray’s Cash Sniper system.

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: this video has limited access and will be gone tomorrow (NOT right I checked)
  2. A play on your emotion: He talks about a high-income lifestyle and how he couldn’t take care of his family if he didn’t earn money this way. 
  3. Everything he says is “act now or lose the opportunity” You have to act now, or the offer will disappear. Someone else will take your offer. 
  4. There is Very little information about how you will make this much money except a “few clicks.”
  5. Numerous claims to earn a high dollar income 
  6. After the $9 purchase, there are upgrades that cost wayyy too much.
  7. The instructions after the $9 purchase are for a Shopify account which takes a lot more than 10 minutes a day.
  8.  Claims to get rich quick with little to no work required. Do you really think this is possible?
  9. States you will get a full refund of your $9. Oh Please!!!!
  10. Paid actors that can be hired in places like Fevrr. 

My Recommendation

I do believe this product is a scam. It offers high income, a way to make it and never delivers on the statements. You will lose money if you sign up for Cash Sniper.

You may be thinking that to lose $9 isn’t that much. But the upsells are in the hundreds and Scammers like Ray are very persuasive. Soon you will be missing a lot more than $9. 

Don’t find yourself wondering what is this feeling when your stomach is sinking. 

The choice is ultimately yours, but all of the red flags are present.

My #1 Recommendation

At the top of this article, you see a box with an eBook. Suppose you want to learn more about setting up an honest business online; just put in your email address and download my book. I talk all about affiliate marketing. Once you finish that, I will break it all down for you and send you weekly emails with information on how to get started. You can earn a passive income online from home.

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When you sign into Wealthy Affiliate Platform, I will receive a notification and send you an email. You can reach me by responding to that email. On the inside, I am your personal mentor and here to help you succeed whenever you need me.

If you have questions or thoughts on Cash Sniper is it a scam please take some time to leave a comment below in the comments section. I would love to hear from you and provide the answers to your questions.

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6 thoughts on “Cash Sniper-What Is This Feeling You Get When It Is A Scam?”

  1. Cash sniper is every definition of true scams. In my opinion, a platform like cash sniper only exists because it plays with your emotion and your lack of knowledge of making money online. After these crooks get your money, they probably shut down the LLC and move on to another new ‘GET RICH QUICK SCHEME’ and start ripping off the next new victim again. My advice to everyone is to do your research before joining anything, trust your gut feeling, Do you think this guy will share the secret to you just because of the goodness of his heart? Thank you for the review, I will make sure to warn all my friends.

    • You are so so right. A lot of these scammers set up new scams frequently to convince new people to spend their money. There is no secret to a scam. They want your money and will go to any length to assure you to give it to them. 

      thank you for sharing. More people need to see the red flags of a scam.

  2. I’ve heard about it and I would never try it. That much money in such a short time, sorry, that is a red flag, period. I still have to find something like that that is genuine that earns that much money in a short time. Don’t waste your time on this one, there are many other better platforms, and they cost less, and are far more effective. Thanks for sharing this guide though! 

    • I don’t think you will find a platform that will make you a millionaire in 5 months. But you are right; there are good website building platforms that are legit. One of these is Wealthy Affiliate. But you will have to do some work, and it is not a “click a few times,” and you are rich. When you create an online business, the rewards are phenomenal. 

  3. How exhausting. Oh my goodness. I thought  I would not stop scrolling and reading. So much content and s much drama. We live in a generation filled with scammers. It is extremely sad to see how many liars(scammers) are out there.I don’t understand why people seek the easy way out. 

    • Oh Linda, I agree with you. Why don’t people create an honest business with integrity? Most of these scammers are the same people with a different name attempting to take your money. 


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