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Cash Money Sites – 8 Figure Income Or a Front For Click Funnels?

I received an email about Cash Money Sites. I opened it and proceeded to watch the video. At that moment, I knew I needed to review this program to see if any of us can make an 8 figure income in one year with Cash Money Sites.

Josh was the speaker in the video that was only 8 minutes long. He told me that I would make an 8 figure online income in less than 24 months. 8 figures is, 10,000,000. Wait a minute, that is 10 million dollars in 24 months. WHAT??? REDICULOUS!!!!

Josh makes many outlandish statements, and he does not follow through on most of what he says in the video. I didn’t feel right about what he said. I decided to take a closer look, so I paid the $37 to join and see for myself what the real story is. 

In this post, I want to clear up a few things about Cash Money Sites. I will be covering;

  1. What Josh Says In The Video
  2. What Cash Money Sites Will Offer You
  3. My Recommendations for Cash Money Sites
  4. Red Flags
  5. My #1 Recommendation

Cash Money Sites

Program name: Cash Money Sites

Founder: Jay Gold

Price: as high as $37 plus who knows how much more

Recommended: NO  SCAM?: YES

Cash Money Sites And What Josh Says In The Video

Cash Money Sites is a program on Click Bank. I do not know at this point who owns Cash Money Sites, but Josh narrates the video. Maybe Josh owns this company. 

Here is what Josh tells us;

The Laura Method

  • Cash Money sites is a program of pre-existing cash sites that will be hand delivered to you at the end of this video. He doesn’t explain this any further. I have no idea what a pre-existing cash site is.
  • It will only take you 3 clicks of your computer mouse to make money. OK, 3 clicks on what? He does not tell us. 
  • It is so easy the program is running in the background right now and earning you money because you started the video. How can a program make money for me when I haven’t even signed up yet. I don’t think so!
  • Time is running out, and this offer will not be available for long. We are closing the doors tonight. NOT true, I watched this video three days in a row, and the offer was still open. 
  • Josh is so kind he is going to allow us to copy the website that made him his fortune.
  • Josh does all of the work for his partners like you and me.
  • He won’t promise you a million dollars overnight, but he will tell you that $1000 a day is easy. OK, so that is $352,000 a year.
  • My account that I have not signed up for has made me $135.oo in 5 minutes while I watch the video

Unless you pay $37, he never tells you what you will be doing except to copy his content and paste it. Oh, and he will do everything for you.

Testimonials From Paid Actors Exposed.

The images you see below are the testimonies from paid actors on Cash Money Sites Video. Each one is explanatory.

paid actor Cash Money Sites
paid actors 2 Cash Money Sites
paid actor 3 Cash Money Sites

What Cash Money Sites Will Offer You

I paid the $37 and expected a download of how to make $1000 a day. All I got was a number to call to set up my account.  Boy was I shocked at what I found. Let me tell you about this. 

I called the number, and I was on hold 10 minutes before I spoke with a young fella. It was apparent he was in training because every question I asked, he put me on hold to find the answer. 

what i saw when i paid my mone

I asked him, “what is Niche Ambassadors and who owns this company?”

He told me, “Jay Gold owns the whole thing.”

He told me he was going to “set up my account for me while we talked.” He just needed “some information.”

I told him that I was “expecting to see a download of what to do to earn a $1000 a day.” “What was the account thing all about?”

He then told me,” it was too complicated for someone like me to understand, and he needed to do it for me.” 

Oh, and wait for this one, he then said: “that I needed to sign up for a 14-day free trial.”

I asked him, “for what?”

He again said, “it was too complicated for someone like me who does not understand the internet.”

I asked him, “what happens after the 14-day trial?”

He said, “I would need to pay $97 a month.” This payment was to Click Funnels. 

I gave them a fair review, but I will go back and add some more information to the review. 

Behavior like this is underhanded and deceitful to get me to set up for an account for Click Funnels under the name of Cash Money Sites. 

I then said, “Whoa, wait a minute. I’m not ok with this”. “This is supposed to be Cash Money Sites not Click Funnels.” 

He said, “I will refund your money right now,” and he hung up on me.

Thumbs Down

There are red flags written all over Cash Money Sites From the video to the phone call, I had to make to find out why I paid $37.

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: We are closing the doors tonight.
  2. There is no information as to what you will do to earn $1000 a day. 
  3. Claim you will make 1 million dollars in 24 months and then 1 million dollars in 2 years. 
  4. Claim to make $1000 a day.
  5. Upsells are required after you pay the $37. But the upsells are to set up a click funnels account
  6. It is so easy the program runs itself. 
  7. He stated that I made $135 even before I signed up.
  8.  Claims that we don’t have to do anything except copy and paste everything. 
  9. Josh will give us all we need at the end of the video, but I had to call a number and never received any information.
  10. Paid actors for testimonials 

My Recommendation

Cash Money Sites is 100% a SCAM. As noted in this review, they are using this program to under handily promote Click Funnels.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

4 thoughts on “Cash Money Sites – 8 Figure Income Or a Front For Click Funnels?”

  1. This is such a huge red flag. Thanks so much for reviewing Cash Money. I also received an email about them, but I didn’t join right away and found your review here. It’s a good decision to not fall into their scam. By the way, I”m a little curious here. How can you find or spot if a testimonial is a fake or using paid actors? I usually avoid platform like this if they promise something nearly impossible, but I cannot know if their testimonial video is fake or not.

    • Yes, there are many red flags in this company. It is a scam all the way. One way to verify a paid actor is to go to google images and download the image and see if it recognized them as someone else. 

  2. Hi Laura

    Thanks for the detailed analysis of cash money sites, really impressed that you actually spent the money to find out what the site offers. The “8 figure income” claim was a pretty big red flag right from the outset. It’s a shame that it takes someone like you to weed out these  scams but I can’t thank you enough for exposing them.

    Out of curiosity did you actually get the refund as promised?

    Thanks again 

    • There were red flags all over this scam. But you know I always start a review believing in the person and I am always disappointed when I find out it is a scam. 

      Yes, I did get my refund. I was quite surprised also. 



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