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Canvas Graphic Design Review – Take The Canva Challenge

Is Canvas graphic design program really the best? With all the hype and everyone adding the program as their primary graphic design tool, one would get the impression there is no better. But does it deliver the goods when there are other options to perform graphic design?

In this Canvas graphic design review, I will cover;

Oh, and I have a special challenge for you today.

  • Who is Melanie Perkins?
  • What is Canvas graphic design?
  • Canvas graphic design Review
  • What Does Canvas graphic design Offer You?
  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Price Table
  • The Canva Challenge

Who Is Melanie Perkins?

Melanie Perkins is a technology entrepreneur who is the CEO and co-founder of Canva, not to mention, she created Canva in 2013. Melanie has built her one-billion-dollar company into an empire and is now the second richest entrepreneur woman in Australia.

As of May 2021, Canva is worth $3.43 billion. In addition, it is no surprise to me and won’t be for you either after you see what Canvas graphic design can do in the design world.

What Is Canvas Graphic Design?

Canvas graphic design is an online program that has various applications for home, office, and social media. Also, it is a drag-and-drop publishing tool that can do almost anything you desire. In addition Canva is available for desktop, iPhone, and Android platforms. I mean, it sounds like it can do everything and go anywhere.

canvas graphic design image

Canvas Graphic Design Review

Canva is one of the richest, most dynamic free design programs ever offered in the marketplace.
Unlike most other options, Canva’s free version can deliver everything you need for almost any design project the imagination can conceive.

You can begin your Canva design project starting with blank pages or choosing from many free templates. likewise, their templates come in multiple categories, including social media, invitations, flyers, posters, retail, branding, press kits, to-do lists, photo collages, and an endless amount of other creations.

The ease of use compared to the depth of possibility is absolutely mind-blowing, particularly if you’ve ever found yourself intimidated by graphic design programs.

A giant technological leap from Microsoft Publisher and the next-level design programs like Canva left behind many entrepreneurs and small business operators. Most didn’t want to invest the time needed to master Adobe, Corel, or similarly intensive and highly technical programs.

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Then along came the Canvas design program, hence the ease of use and the design possibilities have blown other programs out of the water. I used to be a huge PicMonkey user until I tried Canva.

What Does Canvas Graphic Design Offer You?

You have so many options to design with Canvas graphic design that one may not know where to start. When you open the Canva program, you will see options such as Templates, features and create a design in the header navigation area.

canvas graphic design navigation

One of my favorite places to start is with a blank page under the create a design. In addition, I can set the dimensions in pixels, inches, millimeters, or centimeters, depending on my project. From there, you can begin adding a background, template, photograph, or another design element like text and clip art.


Once on the blank page, you simply use your mouse/finger to move the components around the page or adjust the color, size, or position.

In the same fashion, the position tool makes it simple to layer graphics, and you can use the color tool to modify the transparency of the graphic.

Not to mention, with “edit image,” you can remove the background, filter any image, flip, crop, and adjust all aspects of the image graphics to meet your needs.

more options for canva

Once you have completed your graphical masterpiece, you choose how you wish to save it in any format you desire. Then download or print.

And this isn’t even half of it with all of the designs you can create and download. Why, you can even make a Facebook post or an Instagram post, or a Pinterest post and load it directly to your social media platform.


  • To begin with Canva has a Freeversion
  • In addition it is super inexpensive
  • Furthermore, it is an easy to use Professional quality
  • The again, you can change from mobile to laptop to complete designs
  • Moreover, hundreds of fonts
  • Then again, 400+ templates
  • Also, 60 million + stock photos to use
  • Additionally, a background image remover


  • However, no object remover tool
  • Lastly, no facial touch up tool

And those are the only two things I came across after using hours upon hours on my canvas graphic design tool making images.

Price Table


$0 month

250,000 + free templates

100 + design types

100,000 + photos and graphics

invite team members

collaborate in real-time

5GB cloud storage

Most Popular


$119 year/5 people

Everything Free has and more

100 mil + photos, videos, graphics, audio

610,000 + templates

100 brand kits to save logos, colors, and more

background remover

magic resize

save designs as templates for team

100GB cloud storage

social media scheduling for 8 platforms


Contact For Price

Everything Pro has Plus

Create a visual brand identity

Full team access and control

Control team uploads

Built-in workflows

Control team editing abilities

Unlimited storage

Single sign-on

24/7 Enterprise support

The Canva Challenge

Canva is so easy to use that everyone can benefit from having it in their digital arsenal. I feel so confident in this statement that I’ll issue “The Canva Challenge.” Start a Canva account today on your PC or mobile device 100% free, and I believe that within 30 days or less, you will find it indispensable.

Are you a stay-at-home mom who manages the household and are highly involved in the PTA? All things considered, how convenient would it be to create the PTA calendar, a fundraising information handout, and a signup sheet all from your phone and ready to send to the group in under thirty minutes?

Or maybe you have something to sell on eBay or Marketplace and want to make a photo collage to make your offer more attractive or offer informative bullet points. Under the circumstances, canva is perfect for that.

Are you a wedding planner who wants to offer custom wedding invitations in various creative options for your clients? You could create endless beautiful and classy looks.

Canva has everything you need to create a unique branded presence on social media if you have a small business or are an entrepreneur.

Canvas Graphic Design Review pin

What if you’re already in the design world and are using high-end software at the office? The Canvas graphic design program offers you a phenomenal mobile sketchbook to work up some ideas before creating your final version.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

One thing to be aware of is the desktop version offers more graphics and tools than that of the mobile application. While not enough to hinder you, there is a difference.


To sum it up, Canva is a rich, dynamic and likely indispensable tool to add to your arsenal no matter the type of design project. Canva is an excellent addition to your affiliate training and desire for design.

The Canva free version will accommodate most needs for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Those with frequent branding, marketing, social media campaigns, and team projects may find Canva Benefits better suited.

Take The Canva Challenge today and send me feedback on what you’ve created and how Canva made it better than you imagined.

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